10 Thoughts to “More ABC History: Hands off, McDonnell”

  1. Lafayette

    Geesh, am I back in Mrs. Geris’ Virginia History class at Sudley University? 👿
    Moon, as for your test…BRING IT ON!!!

    Well, I still want to know when the privatization happens, can I open a liquor store on Battle Street next to KK’s? 😎

  2. The test has been posted. Getting my red pen out but no ms. geris.

    You and I can go in to business together, Lafayette. We can be the Bitches of Battle Street.

  3. Lafayette

    I can’t stop laughing. I love the name or “BOBS”.

    I’m feeling a little under the weather today, but I’m ready to take the test. I will submit my answers via email. After a quick scan, I believe the final question is the $300M+ question.

  4. I think you are right but one of our very own supervisors has weighed in also.

    I have uploaded the answers. I feel certain you will get an A++++++++++++++

  5. Being a BOBS might soften the blow of McDonnell selling our liquor stores.

  6. Lafayette

    I did indeed get the A+++++++, as I added some bonus “fluff” to the answers. Ms. Geris would just have to continue to chew on the end of her red pen. 🙂

    Well, well, well…glad to know we have one supervisors that’s weighed in on the issue. Give me a break.

  7. I did not like that when I heard it. It spent quite a bit of poltical capital on MY mind.

  8. So was that a fair test, Ms. Lafayette? I wonder if our supervisors could pass it? How about the governor or the AG?

    All answers were provided from the ABC website. It just took a little studying VA history.

  9. Lafayette

    It was a very fair test, imo. I’m not going to speculate on the possibility of other’s ability to pass the test. 😉

    Studying Virginia history, hahaha! If you are a Virginian by birth and were educated in the Commonwealth Va history is drilled into your head in the 4th grade. At least, that’s how was in my day. Oh, and were being taught Prince William County History as well. I still wish that our students were taught county history. The Commonwealth is very rich in local history and it should still be taught. By this I mean more than our local history that also our US/VA history. The pirate stories from the other end of the county certainly could capture the 4th graders’ attention, even if Ms. Geris was the teacher.

  10. So far Lafayette has the only A.

    Meanwhile, McDonnell continues to try to give away our ABC stores.

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