There is all sorts of local news, none of it quite worthy of its own thread.

PF Changs is coming to Woodbridge. It will be located in Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center. This is planned for the spring. Good job at attracting new business to PWC. Those of us in Manassas will most likely continue going to PF Changs at Fairfax Corner. It is a lot closer than going to Woodbridge. Actually all sorts of new stores are coming to Woodbridge.

We can’t get over there though. People on this side of the county can’t figure out the names of all those fancy new roads. For instance, when are you really on the Parkway? If you are out at the corner of Sudley Manor Drive and whatever that big road is right past the overpass, what do we call that road? Is it the Parkway or does it have another name? If you stay on that road, You might end up at Independent Hill. Hell, that isn’t the Parkway. The Parkway goes to Potomac Mills.

That tangled web of connected roads is a freaking mess. No one knows where they are. A friend of mine got slammed by an unlicensed driver and couldn’t tell the 911 operator where she was. She said the Parkway. Actually, she was on Dumfries Road. Whatever happened to the Kathleen Seefeldt Highway? Dumfries Road, THE Parkway. Enough!!! Name the sections of highway something we can all agree upon. I don’t care if they name one of the stretches the Corey Stewart Expressway, just name it something that is distinctly different from its other tentacles.

The piece of highway that is out near 66 needs its own name also. The Parkway just doesn’t cut it. Perhaps the Board of Supervisors really doesn’t travel about or attempt to put location into their GPS in PWC. (It won’t know either)

We have four sections of road that need their own names:
1. Route 66 to Dumfires Road. (Parkway West)
2. Dumfries Road in Manassas to Dumfries Road in Dumfries
3. Old Parkway from Davis Ford Crossing to Route 95 in Woodbridge
4. The highway that connects 1 & 3

BOCS, if you are reading, please! Name the roads after yourself. I don’t care. Just name them something so we can all start calling these roads the same thing. If we have a wreck or have a situation where someone must know where we are, give us a name or something that can be used to convey our location.

10 Thoughts to “The Roads with NO Name to No Where: Welcome to Prince William County”

  1. George S. Harris

    Your forgot to mention that part of whatever that road is nominally Route 234–the road that crosses the Occoquon at Lake Jackson is also called something like the Ronald Wilson Reagan Memorial Highway or Parkway, courtesy of Scott Lingamfelter.

  2. Big Dog

    Then there is the Kathleen K. Seefelt Parkway that runs from I-95 to Manassas.

  3. You are right, George! I did forget that. Am I nuts or do other people have this big blank expression on their face when asked about those roads?

    The county really needs to end the confusion.

    Big Dog, that name is of long standing, other than it isn’t used and I am not sure appears anywhere.

    George and Big Dog have both confirmed that it isn’t just me. These roads need real names.

    Not sure why we need a Ronald Reagan anything. What does he have to do with Prince William?

  4. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Moon, I couldn’t agree with you more on this topic!

  5. I hope someone who can make this change picks up on this thread. I am so tired of never knowning where I am.

  6. Mom

    If the road is an endless circle with intersections that all dead end, it Board of Supervisors Boulevard.

  7. So what should we name the various roads? I think the Kathleen Seefelt Highway is named, and I am not sure where Ronald Reagan really is. Does anyone know?

  8. Big Dog

    In tight times we should start to think of selling naming rights for roads,
    like sports venues, — The Pepsi Parkway?

  9. That actually isn’t a bad idea. I mean who cares in the long run. Once a pavilion is named Jifffy Lube, there is only one direction. UP!

  10. Big Dog, Are there localities where this is happening? The only downside would be how much advertizing would be allowed and what kind. I sure wouldn’t want billboards.

    (See Rock City)

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