Open Thread Friday, October 15

Time for the weekend.  KK’s opens.  Stop by and welcome the ladies to the ‘hood if you are in the area.  I would hope that the City Council would stop by and speak, introduce themselves, as they would do any other store opening in the area. 

I think everyone will be greatly relieve once the store opens and we see that no one has cloven hooves, horns or a tail. 


Well, except for this young lady who is just in town for the weekend, getting ready for the big day in 2 weeks:

“Last Miner Out Hailed As Shift Boss Who Kept Group Alive”

It is impossible to watch the miraculous recovery of these miners and not be affected. 

The entire world watched, from North Korea, to Iran,  from East to West, we were all transfixed,  waiting, and hoping that the ending would be joyous.  And it was.   So many people worked together to bring these men back to the surface, out of their would be dark and dreary underground coffin. 

Their survival is a testament to the human spirit, to working together, to caring enough for our fellow human being, even though, they may be a complete stranger.