Time for the weekend.  KK’s opens.  Stop by and welcome the ladies to the ‘hood if you are in the area.  I would hope that the City Council would stop by and speak, introduce themselves, as they would do any other store opening in the area. 

I think everyone will be greatly relieve once the store opens and we see that no one has cloven hooves, horns or a tail. 


Well, except for this young lady who is just in town for the weekend, getting ready for the big day in 2 weeks:

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  1. Cato the Elder

    George S. Harris :Doy ou suppose the institutional investors that Cato works with are the same guys that have caused the market to yoyo all over the place and, in turn, causing may people to lose so much of what they invested? No wonder he keeps his $$ off shore!

    Probably. See, this is how it works. I provide a product that institutions find valuable, which makes me the seller and the institution the buyer. The buyer and seller come to a mutual understanding of the value (this is called price discovery) and enter into an agreement of their own free will (with no government coercion) using their own capital (with no government subsidy). This is a quaint little concept known as Capitalism.

    I know this is a bit difficult to grasp, since then don’t write about such things at the Huffington Post and it’s not described in Das Kapital, but you should Google the term sometime because a lot of folks think it works well.

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Perhaps an Adam Smith cartoon book would help?

  3. @Need to Know
    Who is the targetted group? Retirees or people who are retiring way down the road?

  4. Slowpoke, no point in being snide. I know we aren’t all as brilliant as you are….but not everyone is at your skill level of investment.

    I would rather ask questions than be the financial know it all.

    This is a discussion.

    Having said that, there are an awful lot of folks out there that will not save voluntarily. What will become of those people? Do we leave them out on the plains to die?

    I believe you are thinking way too middle class here. There are enough people right not raking and scraping to make ends meet. Now how are those people going to save for retirement? How many people have had to rely on their retirement for right now? Will they have funds for later? It really isn’t all that easy for many people.

  5. Cato the Elder

    Wow. I just got an email from a friend of mine with a bird’s eye view of the forclosure mess, and what he’s saying would boil your blood.

  6. Cato the Elder

    Basically he’s saying that the forclosure mills the banks hired created fraudulent paperwork to create a chain of title where there was none, and that the problem is widespread.

  7. Where are Lafayette and Cargo to comment on this?

    The banks need a national butt whupping. Who was it that wanted to protect those blokes last summer?

  8. ok, I have finished reading. It seems to me that the Obama administration is trying to find ways to make the 401k and IRA work more like a pension fund.

    If you say that Obama is trying to steal your 401k, then people aren’t going to like that.

    It boils down to the fact that something eventually has to give with SS. People oppose working longer. People oppose reducing benefits. People oppose converting 401Ks. People oppose raising the cap on ss contributions. So…..what’s left? It seems to me that all ideas being explored are good things. Which benefits Americans the most?

    When did Americans stop having pensions? Pretty much when the 401k started up. I question how much most Americans really know about their 401k. Until I got fairly up close and personal with mine, I sure didn’t know as much as I know now.

    Most Americans know very little about their investments and access to help with the plans is often limited. Help doesn’t necessarily mean that the person who works with you is all that knowledgible. Yes, Americans love their 401ks….even though many don’t understand what the hell is going on.

  9. George S. Harris

    @ Cato

    Your smart ass comment is just what I needed to end my day. I suppose if I could buy you for what you are worth and sell you for what you think you’re worth, I could make a small fortune.

    “I know this is a bit difficult to grasp, since then don’t write about such things at the Huffington Post and it’s not described in Das Kapital, but you should Google the term sometime because a lot of folks think it works well.

    @Cato the Elder
    Your friend must be a slow reader–this has been in the papers for several days. The banks have always cared about one thing–MONEY. They have never cared for their customers. I don’t know why anyone would use one–have used a credit union for more than 50 years and have never been screwed by them.

  10. Cato the Elder

    @George S. Harris
    Ha. I am an arrogant SOB, that’s true. Just throwing some friendly elbows here skipper, don’t get your boxers in a twist.

    I guess what surprised me was not that fraud was being committed with the false paperwork, but that it was being done by just about everyone. If this is the case then every single swinging foreclosure is questionable. Bailout part 2 coming soon.

    You probably use the same credit union I do – NFCU. Can’t say a single bad word about them – in 20 years they’ve never said no or done anything remotely shady. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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