He won’t let us say ‘terrorist?’  Elizabeth H has gotten even more insipid and mindless since the last time I listened to her pablum.  Does she really believe that crap or is she just pretending to  be totally stupid? 

I have lost some respect for Barbara Walters.  She should not have commented about her colleagues.  They spoke for themselves.  Not sure she  wasn’t as out of line on all fronts as the other 2.

Whoopie and Joy walking out?  Who cares.  I don’t care one way or the other.  They came back. 

My problem is that they didn’t cut his mic about 3 minutes before that.  O’Reilly was everything I was taught about the MCP.  MCP = male chauvanist pig.  (expression from my youth)  O’Reilly disgraced himself long before he even got to the mosque. 

How dare he sit there and tell them to be quiet and listen so they would learn something!  What an arrogant ass.  “Listen to be because then you will learn.” 



30 Thoughts to “Pinhead or Patriot? What’s all the drama over with O’Reilly?”

  1. marinm

    I find that tolerance and diversity only cut one way on The View or any other biased left-wing tv shows.

  2. I am curious why we always have to add left or right to all discussion.

    I would hardly call Elizabeth Hasselbeck a liberal.

    Did O’Reilly’s tone shriek tolerance to you, marin? When a man tells a woman basically to shut up so she will learn something…it brings out the Lorena in me. I don’t think I am that unusual.

  3. Wolverine

    Elizabeth really was not too far off the mark. She was probably harking back to about March of 2009 or so, when DHS Sec. Napolitano announced that the phrase “war on terror” or possibly even the use of the word “terrorism” itself was being replaced by “man-caused disasters.” That caused a lot of yucks and was fodder for commentators and comedians. Haven’t seen that lately. They seem to have put it back in the old drawer I think. But, yes, indeed, they did try at one time to kill the word “terrorism.”

  4. Actually I don’t think any announcement was made. I believed there was a reference to man made disasters by a communication from Napolitano.

    I believe that was another case of a story being made to discredit Obama Elizabeth was way off since no president ever said I will not LET you…do anything.

    Talk about something getting a life of its own. That makes NO sense to me.

    I just prefer to deal with the truth rather than stuff people make up and embellish.

  5. Rick Bentley

    “Elizabeth H has gotten even more insipid and mindless ”

    She’s no brain surgeon, but she is a fighter … I like her.

    O’Reilly was very aggressive with yelling and body language – not good with women. The walk-off was silly though.

  6. Rick Bentley

    It is kind of funny how mad he got them though, which is his whole schtick.

  7. So where have you been hiding out, Rick?

    Maybe they walked off to keep themselves from doing O’Reilly bodily harm?
    Whoopie could hurt him, I think.

    Actually, the walk off was silly, but harmless.

    O’Reilly should drop the trying to piss off people schtick. He really has some fairly common sense things to say if he wasn’t trying the bully thing.

    Did you see the PBS thing on God in America? I was looking for you to get your opinion of the series.

  8. I think people either love her (EH) or hate her. I just think she is a nitwit. If I were a conservative I would want someone with a brain representing me. Sort of like if I were a liberal i would reject Alan Colms immediately. What a milktoast. I would want Alan Kingsley or someone like that.

  9. marinm


    EH is the token -R to add balance to the show. The show is so far left that even my wife won’t watch it (I’m slowly eeking the left out of her.. muhahaha!)

    O’Reilly was there to promote his book and if there was no furor, no story, no nothing he would’ve gotten little publicity and the show could continue to say it was ‘balanced’. Instead he was the talk of the town for atleast 2 days and the vid clip earned a spot on the blog. His mission was completed.

    O’Reilly wasn’t any different than how he is on his own show.

    1. Most of the time O’Reilly has better manners. Operative word, most.

      I don’t think showing a conservative as a nitwit adds balance any more than picking one who is just nasty like Ann Coulter.

      Perhaps that is why I just don’t like the show. Where would you place Barbara Walters, just out of curiosity?

  10. marinm

    She’s an old school journalist — while she may personally lean left she doesn’t let it show. If she reports something I tend to listen.

    That’s the reason she got irked off with the walk-out. It’s just her journalist qualities coming out.

    1. @marin, her old school tendencies should have also prevented her from criticizing them…and perhaps O’Reilly also.

  11. marinm

    Perhaps. But, thats a failing in her and not O’Reilly. He’s just enjoying the free press.

  12. Wolverine

    Moon, your denial to the contrary, it did happen. In her first testimony in front of Congress, Napolitano did not use the word “terror” even once. In a public communication with Speigel Online, she explained that this was a deliberate effort to “move away from the politics of fear toward a policy of being prepared for all events that can occur.” That certainly sounds to me like a policy decision not likely to have been made at her level alone. The ridicule and scoffing which followed seems to have killed off the idea, but it was certainly tried on for size. That a connection between the Oval Office and a member of the Cabinet concerning a very controversial policy statement cannot be made says nothing. it happens all the time in presidential administrations. Plausible denial.

  13. Repeat, she shouldn’t have criticized her colleagues OR O’Reilly like that if she was really doing old school journalism. That isn’t how people with manners used to do it. @Marin

    Wolverine…what did I deny?

    No one said not to use the word terrorism.

    Who cares what it is called? Why do you care? I can say terrorism and you might choose something else. Why is the word ‘terror.’ something we HAVE to say as a nation?

    If the Obama administration choses different words to convey that kind of evil, so be it.

    The word terrorism was becoming meaningless because it was overused, just like the color coding. People were becoming immune.

    You have heard my story about the granddaughter not wanting to get out on the terrorist level at the hotel. She thought her grandfather had said terrorist when in fact, he had read ‘terrace level.’ Now that is just sad.

    Mountain. Molehill [best Jon Stewart voice]

    Conservatives are losing their point of view because they are getting bogged down over crap like this that is in the world of who cares. The Obama hatred is becoming obsessive.

  14. Wolverine

    That no announcement was made. The Spiegel Online thing was certainly an effort to confirm and explain policy. And it wasn’t a story made up to embarrass Obama. It happened. Just trying to set the record straight. You can either take it as an administration attempt to set policy or a recognition that Obama had pretty poor control over his own cabinet. Either way not impressive. Beyond that, I never watch TV, much less “The View.” So I don’t know what else Elizabeth has said.

    I disagree with the overuse of the word “terrorism.” It is what it is. None of us should have a problem with speaking precisely. Crime is crime. War is war. Terrorism is terrorism. There was no controversy with regard to this until the current administration created one. It made Obama look foolish at a time when one of his most critical missions should have been to convince the populace that he was as tough on the likes of al-Qaeda as any other president — something I really wanted him to do despite other differences with his agenda. Imagine if, instead of calling me a “former counterterrorism officer,” you had to call me a “former counter man-caused disaster officer.” Even the terrorists would laugh.

    Speaking of Jon Stewart, I have been thinking of suggesting to Jon that he buy advertising on this blog. Either that or pay you a retainer. You certainly do contribute to a widening of his audience.

  15. Rick Bentley

    Been staying busy, MH. Sorry, didn’t see the PBS series.

  16. Rick Bentley

    “I just think she is a nitwit.”

    I can’t disagree … men are more forgiving of that in a woman than other women, I think.

    She is a fighter. The day before her first day on “The View” she was in a freezing, rainy Redskins Park – very bad conditions – cheering for her husband, who was our starting quarterback that day.

  17. Elena

    Barbara should have schooled O’Reilly. Geez, the man came from Inside Edition while Barbara was interviewing the Shah of Iran

  18. Elena

    Bill O’Reilly was rude and disrespectful to the hosts. If HE had a guest on that told HIM to “be quiet and listen and you will learn something”, Bill would have lost his mind. WHAT a pompous A$$.

  19. Emma

    Ordinarily I might agree that O’Reilly was out of place, but all of those women act like silly little ninnies, and I have no doubt their petulant little walkout was entirely planned and staged. There’s a reason that show is called THE View. Despite Elizabeth H., there really is only one view, and from what little of that show I have endured, as a woman I would be embarrassed to ever admit I watched it on a regular basis. Even Judge Judy is a more intelligent show.

  20. Rick, see, we missed you. The pbs thing, God in America, is now on the pbs website. Very good. I wanted your opinion.

    Wolverine, I don’t share your opinion about saying the word ‘terrorism.’ No one ever said not to do it. There are just other things that crop up that aren’t terrorism…like airplane crashes (the one after 9-11 that we thought for a while was terrorism), the gulf spill, bridges falling down, those sorts of things that create havoc, are man made as opposed to nature, and do not involve terrorism.

    That was just a big deal made out of nothing at all. I can’t stress how much distain I have for partisan politics. Another big whoop was made over the warning about returning vets having a higher than usual incidence abnormal behavior. That certainly has been true and also much of the informaton came from looking at past history.

    I wish we could work towards bettering the country rather than dividing it.

    Is anyone entering the contest to interview George Bush? i thought about it.

  21. DB

    Honestly, I only saw the clip on the today show and didn’t quite know what to make of it. I did however have my opinion of Matt Lauer sniffing with derision that “serious journalists would leave an interview” or some sort of blah blah from him. As if his effemenite, leg crossing, soft-ball questioning self, ever reigned as a serious journalist.

  22. And I don’t think Whoopie or Joy think of themselves as journalists. Matt Lauer is so….pita.

  23. Second-Alamo

    His only error was in thinking he could educate or convert anyone on the set. He let his frustration in that attempt make him angry enough to start pushing. He knew he would face absolute opposition, and should have stuck to a game plan to deal with it.

  24. SA, do you agree or disagree that he was obnoxious telling Joy B to be quiet, listen to him so she would learn something?

    He would have never got to the discussion about the mosque if I had control of his mic. I honestly don’t care what people think about the mosque. Opinions will vary.

    But the arrogance of the other statement speaks volumes about what NOT to say living in the 21st century. 🙄

  25. Rick Bentley

    “He let his frustration in that attempt make him angry enough to start pushing. ”

    Yes. He is a reasonable man, only occasionally pushed to anger by others. Same deal as when he couldn’t read the copy right on Inside Edition – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tJjNVVwRCY

  26. The huge fight he had on camera with Geraldo comes to my mind. Both of them were out of control and equally so.

    I can relate to his frustration in the video. That’s a little different from telling someone to basically shut up and listen to him so they will learn something. One is bad temper and frustration. The other is total rudeness and arrogance.

    How long ago did that video take place?

  27. Rick Bentley

    He was being funny with Behar, I don’t take that coment at face value. Rudeness and arrogance are what he does, what people gravitate towards him for.

    1. I didnt get the impression he was being funny. I thought he was deadly serious.

      I also feel that O’Reilly has moved away from being outlandish and has a more serious message. I hope I am right. He needs to let the rudeness get handled by those with more of a propensity towards it, like Limbaugh.

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