Are the Good Old Days Really that Good?

An icon from the past, more specifically, the 50’s,  has died.  Barbara Billingsley, better known as June Cleaver, mother of the Beaver, died at age 94.   Often people long for the good old days, the days before families had a car for every person, a TV in every room, ipods and ipads.  But were the good old days all that good and were they good for everyone? 

Were the good old days good for blacks, gays, women who wanted careers, girls who wanted to study math and science, and people who wanted to use birth control to limit the size of their families?  Were the good old days good for European Jews who had lost their entire families in the previous decade or those who were shut in behind the Iron Courtain?  Were things good for the kids who dived under their desks  during air raid drills, and  who lived in fear of being vaporized in a dust cloud if the wrong person pushed the button?  

Hind sight is always better than foresight.  Compared to the 40’s I guess the 50’s looked pretty good.

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 Jerry Mathers (The Beaver) speaks about Barbara Billingsly on the Today Show.