Well, that didn’t take long.  I try to change the top thread once it gets to 100 comments.  Easier to manage. 

We have quite a conversation going on about money…more specifically, retirement money.  There seem to be no easy answers. 

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199 Thoughts to “Open Thread Sunday, October 17”

  1. Cato the Elder

    Deep value investing is, in my opinion, the hardest style to master because very few people actually have the stomach for it nor do they understand how to hedge risk in a value portfolio. I know I sure don’t. Most people punt the ball before the value is realized.

    I just don’t understand how you can be long of BAC here. That report was OK, not terrible just OK. I know it looks attractive here in that you get to own a name like BAC at under .6 book but who really knows what book value is? And the headline risk – oy vey. You value guys have b@lls of steel.

  2. Morris Davis

    George S. Harris :@Morris Davis Moe–you said “teabagging”–Rez is gonna really be upset

    Then Rez must have gone through the roof when Meagan McCain said “nut job.”

  3. Rough week on iconic 50’s parents. Tom Bosley is dead at age 83. I guess the days aren’t so happy today. I hope the Fonz says something decent.

  4. I definitely don’t have b@lls of steel. I got rid of BAC because it made me feel nasty. I got rid of GE because it made me feel sad. I came by it in the low 30s and it languished around in the teens after it turned to …slop.

    Tell me a good reason to buy it back. It was also tainted with financials.

  5. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Oh, Moon, I wanted to let you know, I’m going to beta-test 4.2 for Ipad here in the next few days. Multitasking, Folders, AirPrint, AirPlay. I’ll let you know how good it is. I remember you’re a fellow Ipad’er. I just love the darn thing!

  6. Morris Davis

    Looks like Justice Thomas’ wife has 2012 Tea Party candidate potential.


  7. @Slow,

    How did you get to do that? Green with envy here. Yes, fellow Ipadder. I don’t like typing on the damn thing though.

    Multitasking would be nice. Will they give it to you after testing?

  8. Nettie Stevens

    Hope to meet you and Elena at the opening tomorrow at 9:30!

  9. marinm

    Watching local Fox5 and they’re talking about KK and an interview and split screen debate format and I have to say that the owner of KK came off very well. I don’t know the gentlemen that was debating the co-owner but ‘tool’ came to mind. His arguement was weak, emotional, and lacked a logical flow.

    The owner came off very well and kept on pressing the point – visit the store to see that it’s not as bad as you think it is. He refused to visit on principle that they sell adult DVDs. I think he’s never on the internet considering that aside from a few online businesses the biggest cash engine on the internet is adult porn. *shrug*

    I’ll go back again out of principle. 😉

  10. Cato the Elder

    I don’t know. If it were me I’d tone down the window a bit. As in, remove the reference to lotions, adult DVDs etc..

    This fixes two problems at once. One, you don’t hear static from people who are disgruntled about how their kids are asking them “mommy what’s an adult DVD?” so you disarm the critics and two, I guarantee you that “no one under 18 permitted” will generate sufficient traffic from cusiousity seekers. Really, no more needs to be said 😉

    Not to mention the display of goodwill would have an even more disarming effect and cement your reputation as go-along-get-along.

  11. George S. Harris

    I know it’s yur blog, but perhaps you should start another blog that is exclusively about money. That way those of us who are too dumb to understand it wont’ have to wade through the discussions with Cato. 😉

  12. George S. Harris

    @Cato the Elder
    Have you actually been by the store or looked at the window display? Have you checked to see how many kids ACTUALLY walk by the store? Have been by twice and can count the kids on one hand–window display is tasteful–much better than the place on Route 28 and at least one other business owner says it ain’t a big deal. As soon as all the Baptists get their supplies, things will quiet down. And when you open your own store, you can put whatever you want on the window.

  13. George S. Harris


    Sounds good to me–goodbye.

  14. I guess we can never know too much about money. It only takes up a little sliver of the conversation. I try to vary the topics on the threads and the open thread is fair game.

    You all got ahead of me tonight. You had the channel 5 segment sliced and diced before I could even post it.

  15. @Morris Davis

    Dedicated post on this subject. (Leave it alone, Ginni) How dare Mrs. Thomas call someone after 19 years and start stirring stuff back up.

    She has been pushing the envelope anyway. Supreme Court wives (and husbands) are supposed to be politically neutral. Mrs. Thomas has deep tea party roots. I don’t think there are written rules but she is breaking with tradition and certainly compromising her husband.

  16. Wolverine

    If any of you want to read something really uplifting, I suggest you Google in “George S. Harris” and look for a piece he wrote entitled “Phoenix Rising.” George, all I can say after reading that piece is that you are married to a woman with amazing resiliency — but I guess I don’t have to tell you that.

  17. Thank you, Wolverine. I appreciate you calling our attention to something uplifting.

  18. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Yeah, you get to keep the software (it’s 4.2 beta 3). Now I’ll have to wait to get an eprint-enabled HP printer in order to print from the iPad. Multitasking works well, and folders are nice, not that I was really out of space on my iPad anyway. Up to 20 apps in a folder.

    1. So do you like it better? Will people buy the upgrade or will they have to replace their ipad?

      I have a 32 mB. I had planned on a 64 but got talked down to a 32.

  19. Cato the Elder

    I hope one of the remaining “surprises” Steve Jobs has for us in 2010 is iPad 2.0. Getting one with a retina display and front/back cameras would be all kinds of awesome. Unlikely I know, but a heck of a Christmas present.

    1. @Cato, I would just like to be able to transfer data more easily. I am going to ask for the usb port on mine.

  20. Cato the Elder

    I tried to link you something but I think I ended up in moderation. Anyway, google ipad camera connection kit and hidden usb capabilities. It may work for what you want to do.

  21. punchak

    George S. Harris :@Moon-howler I know it’s yur blog, but perhaps you should start another blog that is exclusively about money. That way those of us who are too dumb to understand it wont’ have to wade through the discussions with Cato.

    I made this same wish a while back; not another blog but why not discuss financial intricacies under a title other than “Open Thread”. Please!

  22. @Cato the Elder

    Actually where you went was worse than moderation, Cato. You ended up in the dreaded spam, with all the dog spam. I rescued you.

  23. As for money talk…money is fair game. Politics are fair game. News in general is fair game. Cato is a member of the Howlings community. Formerly is also someone who weighs in on financial matters. Bob Pugh also gives us some insight.

    I don’t know enough about finance to run a blog on it. I could tell you that money is green and that’s about it.

    We just went through a huge financial crash in fall of 2008. National debt is a driving political motivator these days. Current legislation has dealt with finance reform as it deals with banking and foreclosures are on the front page.

    I can’t see this as a topic I will censor. Sorry. Perhaps those of us who mention the economy on any level can put up a warning $$$$$ sign so those who don’t like reading about finances can just skip the comment.

  24. Slowpoke, how did you get selected to pilot software?

  25. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    You have to be a developer. But bear with me….you can be a developer too! My understanding is developers have to pay Apple $99, and they get access to beta software. But these developers also get a bunch of slots they can “sell” to others. So all these developers are selling these slots for a nominal fee, which is usually $6. So if you go to http://www.macgeekblog.com and check out the second entry, you see where for $6, you can get your UDID (Universal Device ID) registered from your Ipad (takes 24 hours or less), then you can access the beta software. You back up your iPad, and restore it with the beta code, then restore your apps and settings over top the 4.2 code. I registered last night, about 12 hours later, my UDID was registered, and this morning I was able to download the code and do the restore. Everything went smooth. This is the legitimate way to do this, there are not-so-legitimate ways as well. When the install is finished, it checks your UDID against Apple’s registered database, which is why you need to register your udid first. I haven’t run into any problems with 4.2 so far today. iPlay and iPrint are not totally functional yet (no printers on the market yet from HP) and iPlay will work with iTv, the new one. Transferring files still requires iTunes which is my biggest beef. The typing is my second biggest beef. I look at this platform and think “my god, what potential”, but it’s unrealized right now. I look forward to improvements, though! To get your udid, you click directly on your iPad’s serial number in iTunes and it toggles between Serial # and UDID.

  26. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I haven’t heard that anyone has gotten storage to work through the USB camera kit (which they have at the Gainsville Best Buy now). As far as I am aware, just headsets and things I don’t find useful. BUT, nobody’s checked it yet with 4.2 software. There are all kinds of little hints about potential future capabilities in the iPad. The biggest hints are to front and rear cameras (so somebody can watch me pick my nose whilst iPading), but these Camera Kit USB things are some other hints.

  27. @Moon-howler #83

    I’d be glad to help out with the financial discussions. I enjoy reading Cato’s comments but my approach to investing is more similar to some of the others who comment here who focus on fundamental analysis and a value-oriented approach. My only restriction is not making investment recommendations on a blog. The regulations governing Registered Investment Advisors, which is what I am, are very strict about that. I have to be careful in the radio show also not to say anything that might be considered specific investment advice for any individual rather than general educational information.

  28. Cato the Elder

    Sorry folks, like most people I tend to flap my gums too much when I talk about something I love. I’ll try to dial it back. While I’m here talk about the little engine that could (or more accurately the little bears that couldn’t). This market just will not quit. BAC back from the dead and if this action continues into the close it will have put in a very powerful reversal formation on the chart.

    @Slowpoke Rodriguez
    Do they have any receivers on the market yet that support airplay?

  29. @Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Too cool! I got the invisshield thing last summer and it sounded so complicated to install I was afraid to do it. Have you done it?

  30. Cato, no apologies necessary. I just wish my skill level was stronger. I often am not sure what you are saying which makes me ask 40 million questions. 😀

  31. Cato the Elder

    Ok well that didn’t last too long. I gotta rant about something then I’ll shut up for the next couple of hours. NFLX misses estimates and goes *up* 10% because of some happy talk about how they’re reducing subscriber acquisition costs and keeping the same guidance? Folks, at 165 a share you’re paying 44 x what the company says they’re going to earn in 2011 for a company that rents DVD’s that doesn’t control any of their own infrastructure costs and has a business model that has no barriers to entry for competition and only has roughly 280 million of cash. Compare this to AAPL at 310 which is 16 x what the company says they’re going to earn in 2011 and holding 24 billion on their balance sheet and tell me which one you’d rather own.

    Stuff like this reminds me of the dot com go go days. I can almost guarantee that this buying going on is 100% short covering. A high confidence short position using a tight stop can be established at 170 for those who dare.

  32. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    @Cato the Elder
    I have the new apple tv ($99) that either does right now support airplay or will very soon (I see a menu option for it). I have heard that iPad 4.2 beta 1, 2, and now 3 have each had different levels of airplay supported. Actually, it’s supposed to be disabled in beta 3. My interest in AppleTV has mostly to do with jailbreaking it and eventually playing all my divx/mkv stuff with it. I use the seagate AgentTV right now, but I wanted to play with the Apple Gadget.

  33. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Moon-howler :
    @Slowpoke Rodriguez
    Too cool! I got the invisshield thing last summer and it sounded so complicated to install I was afraid to do it. Have you done it?

    If you are referring to the screen protector, I don’t have one. I tried one once on an Ipod and it just reduced the experience for me (condoms anyone?) I am just very careful not to scratch my screen. I don’t mess with jailbreaking my iPods or Ipad. I may mess with my AppleTV

  34. Bob, thanks for your help too.

    Cato, I actually understood most of what you said. Either you are improving or I am.

    On the other hand, maybe I should just go to Charlestown….

    Slowpoke, my screen protector is still in the tube it came in…funny you should have made that comparison. The first week I had the ipad my gkid left it on the sofa and the dog jumped up and toe nailed it. After that, the rules tightened and I watch that screen like a hawk. I know someone else who just got the protector. I iwll see what kind of luck he has with his…..

  35. To everyone else, don’t hate us because we are geeky. :mrgreen:

  36. Slowpoke, do you use mac or PC? My brother and stepson are both apple people who barely will speak to pc users. I was an apple person many years ago and I put my bad hands inside it and fried a motherboard. It cost me as much to replace the mb as it did to get a pc. I bought the pc and never looked back and had a lot more software and many more people who could help me. (people used to drool if I asked how to do something on my mac) To get what I want in a laptop would cost me almost double to get it in a mac.

  37. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I was a strict PC guy since 80386 processors (1988). I always looked down my nose at Mac. I don’t remember what set it off a couple years ago but I got a MacBook and never looked back. I still work with PCs a lot, but for my personal machines, I like Mac. The only way I can say it is that Apple executes better. Even MS Office works better on Mac than on PC. Just like with the phones. I love my droid X, but there’s just something about an iPhone. They just execute better.

  38. Wolverine

    O.K., Punchak. They heard you. Instead of speaking Wall Street “Vulcan”, they are now speaking Mac and PC “Klingon.”

    Actually, Cato has been kind of good for me. Through my genealogical research I discovered that I was a blood relative to a guy who is a top cheese in one of Wall Street’s biggest hedge funds. I’ve never met him and maybe never will. But, if I ever do, I may be able to communicate a little bit with him…thanks to Cato.

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