Illegal Immigrant Blimp: Your Tax Dollars at Work

From Gainesville:

The illegal aliens cross over at night through the mountains rather than the more direct route through the desert. This blimp has infrared detection so can see people at night in the dark – and radio down to troops on the ground their position. The blimp is unmanned and remote controlled, according to people here. Second picture I took using the zoom feature of my regular camera to get a more closeup view. This is from the hotel parking lot at 6:45 AM before I left for work. This blimp is a good 20 miles away from where I am.

Blimp in center over peakClose up of blimp

Obviously this blimp is an example of your government at work. Blimps aren’t cheap. Our government is using all sort of technology to curtail illegal entry into the country. Millions of dollars are spent on this endeavor annually. Yet the sound byte remain the same: Do your job

The sound byte is an election tool. People that continue to believe the government is doing nothing are being duped by politicians who simply want their vote. Too many people have fallen for this trick already.

CAVE MANager Paul Lotsof Speaks Out on SB 1070

Reprinted with permission from The Cave FM located in Southeastern Arizona. Thanks to Gaineville resident for sending me up with the editorial and to Paul for giving me permission to use it. We aren’t hearing as much about old SB 1070 as we were. Perhaps because like its cousin, the PWC Anti Immigration Resolution, it because a neutered house cat. And after all, its all about winning an election.

The Logo of Cave 97.7 FM

Editorial for Oct 23-25, 2010

I’m CAVE MANager Paul Lotsof. Many years ago I was living in California and had some dirty clothes to wash. I put them in a basket and walked into a laundromat in Rialto. I found a washing machine and put my clothes in it, poured in some detergent and inserted some quarters. Not wanting to read the religious literature that is found in all laundromats, I just sat and stared at the washing machine while it did its thing.

A few minutes later, two police officers walked into the laundromat and headed to the rear of the building where they had a brief conversation with someone. Then the officers walked up to me and started asking questions: “What are you doing here?”

“I’m washing my clothes. What does it look like I’m doing?”

“How long have you been here? Where do you live? How long have you lived there? Where do you work?” The questions went on and on. Finally when I was able to get a word in edgewise, I asked the officers why they had singled me out for questioning. Their answer was that someone had complained that I appeared to be suspicious and they had to respond to the complaint. Eventually the officers decided that it was perfectly legal to wash clothes and they left.

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What Provoked Ginni?

About 10 days ago, Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas called Anita Hill and left a rather bizarre message on her answering machine.  She called at 7:30 am on a Saturday morning so it sounds like she wanted to leave a message and deliberately called when she didn’t think she would get Ms. Hill live.

Those of us who remember  Anita Hill’s  role in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings knew at the time that there was something going on that wasn’t quite what it should be.  Word around Washington travels fast and without mercy and the word on the street wasn’t good for old Clarence.  Washington, however, isn’t known for its right or wrong as much as it is for its can you prove it or not.  Thomas was confirmed by a 52 to 48 vote and the rest was history, or so we thought. 

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Just who does Jon Stewart think he is?

Yes, Elena and I love Jon Stewart.  It beats a whole lot of other people we could love.  Sunday’s Washington Post ran an article entitled Just who does Jon Stewart think he is?  in anticipation of this Saturday’s event on the National Mall called Rally to Restore Sanity.  Stewart arrives Monday for preparation.  Very little is known about the event which begins at noon.  No special guests have been announced nor have any artists.  The rally will be broadcast live on Comedy Central. 

In some ways, Stewart returns to his roots.  He is a William and Mary graduate, class of 1984.  According to the Washington Post article:

Stewart, 47, has never claimed to be anything more than a guy trying to get laughs on “a fake news program on basic cable,” as he puts it. While that surely understates his case, it comports with his background as a stand-up comic and entertainer.


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