Reprinted with permission from The Cave FM located in Southeastern Arizona. Thanks to Gaineville resident for sending me up with the editorial and to Paul for giving me permission to use it. We aren’t hearing as much about old SB 1070 as we were. Perhaps because like its cousin, the PWC Anti Immigration Resolution, it because a neutered house cat. And after all, its all about winning an election.

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Editorial for Oct 23-25, 2010

I’m CAVE MANager Paul Lotsof. Many years ago I was living in California and had some dirty clothes to wash. I put them in a basket and walked into a laundromat in Rialto. I found a washing machine and put my clothes in it, poured in some detergent and inserted some quarters. Not wanting to read the religious literature that is found in all laundromats, I just sat and stared at the washing machine while it did its thing.

A few minutes later, two police officers walked into the laundromat and headed to the rear of the building where they had a brief conversation with someone. Then the officers walked up to me and started asking questions: “What are you doing here?”

“I’m washing my clothes. What does it look like I’m doing?”

“How long have you been here? Where do you live? How long have you lived there? Where do you work?” The questions went on and on. Finally when I was able to get a word in edgewise, I asked the officers why they had singled me out for questioning. Their answer was that someone had complained that I appeared to be suspicious and they had to respond to the complaint. Eventually the officers decided that it was perfectly legal to wash clothes and they left.

After this incident I began to wonder what would have happened if the officers had checked their computer and found that I was wanted for not paying a speeding ticket? Would they have had grounds to arrest me? And if they had arrested me, could I have gotten off because they had no reasonable grounds to detain me? I think that I would have had a good case in arguing that the officers lacked reasonable cause.

In this country, the police don’t have the right to stop you just because they don’t like the look on your face or because they think your hair is too long. Similarly, they can’t stop you because of the color of your skin or because you’re speaking Spanish. And there lies a major flaw in SB-1070 which is the recently passed Arizona law that supposedly is going to force vast numbers of illegal aliens to return to Mexico. SB-1070 requires police officers to demand evidence of citizenship if they have reasonable cause to believe that someone is in this country illegally.

But what would be considered reasonable cause? Being caught selling tamales? I don’t think so. Even if someone had dark skin and was smoking a joint that wouldn’t constitute reasonable cause for suspecting that the person is in this country illegally.

SB 1070 has been the law for three months and I haven’t heard of vast numbers of Mexicans being arrested because of it. Of course, a federal judge has barred enforcement of much of 1070 because it is of doubtful constitutionality but even if the questionable provisions are upheld, it is highly unlikely that 1070 will have much impact. Why? Because the state government is nearly broke and it lacks the resources to kick tens of thousands of people out of the state.

1070 has a nice emotional appeal because we’re saying that if the Federal Government won’t do its job the State will step in and do it. But the truth is that 1070 is much less than it is cracked up to be. 1070 is all smoke and no fire to speak of. SB 1070 is a farce and its purpose is to get poorly informed people to vote for Republicans. That’s what its supporters are trying to accomplish and getting Republicans elected is all it will accomplish .

I’m CAVE MANager Paul Lotsof and the opinions you’ve just heard are mine and not necessarily anyone else’s. If you’d like a copy of this editorial or you’d like to express your opinions, go to the CAVE web site at That’s

24 Thoughts to “CAVE MANager Paul Lotsof Speaks Out on SB 1070”

  1. Gainesville Resident

    Not sure I agree with some points there. It’s neutered because the courts haven’t allowed most of it to take effect. Interestingly, he doesn’t think it’s going to cause any impact even IF IT IS ENACTED. That’s his words, not mine. Kind of different take then what everyone claims happened in PWC – where it was said it had a HUGE effect on housing prices, people moving out of the county (immigrants – both legal/illegal), etc. Here the station manager says just the opposite, even IF it is fully enacted. I found it interesting.

    I’m out here in southeastern AZ for 3 weeks and you can’t turn on the radio without hearing lots of political ads of course, and the main topic is immigration (by BOTH the Democrats and the Republicans). The Dems say let the feds do their job, which of course they aren’t, so I find it a weak argument. Anyway, quite honestly I’m tired of debating the immigration thing, so think this will be my only post.

    It is interesting watching a reconnaisance blimp from the US Border Patrol hovering over the mountain range – that the illegals use as their route at night supposedly. I sent moon the pictures I took with my camera from my hotel parking lot this morning, so I’m sure she’ll post them. The direct route is across the dessert, but they tell me the illegals thinks this route is less chance of being caught.

    Also, there’s a Border Patrol inspection station north of here (Sierra Vista) halfway between here and Tucson. I went through it yesterday on the way up to Tucson to do some sightseeing. Apparently (and I noticed there are few Hispanics in this town) the immigrants prefer Tucson as there’s lots more work opportunities there. This town, while only 30 miles north of Mexico (Tucson’s another 75 miles northwest of here) – is built up around Ft. Huachuca and has fairly stable population, and little construction industry as a result. I guess far more new construction going up in Tucson which is much larger town.

    Anyway, I was the only one at the border patrol station at 7:45 AM yesterday morning. I stopped, one guard walked around my car with a very nice looking German Shepherd which I guess was sniffing for drugs, another looked through my windows, and then told me to have a nice day and let me proceed on. No questions asked, but obviously looking for drugs or signs of someone hiding in the back of the car, etc.

    Well, I’ve been lurking here for months – just reading, but not posting, as quite frankly I’m tired of the whole immigration debate. I’m going to go back into lurking mode, but have been following the blog fairly actively (several times a week).

  2. Gainesville Resident

    By the way, at least two DJ’s on that radio station are totally in favor of the AZ immigration law, so disagree with their manager. Really, it’s about the only radio station you can get down here – plays country music. I listen to it going to and from work on my nice short 15 minute drive (no traffic at all) from here to Ft. Huachuca and back. Weather beautiful out here this time of the year, no traffic, although this place is really in the middle of nowhere. Just 20 miles from Tombstone, AZ – site of the shootout at the O.K. Corral – anniversary is tomorrow actually – it was on October 26, 1881. Went there Saturday, it was a lot of fun and a neat place to visit. Lots to see here on the weekends when I’m not working. Never encounter any traffic, roads are straight – I thought it funny that a road with a 75 mph speed limit dropped down to 55 mph in a construction zone where the road went from 4 lanes to 2 lanes. Very nice place to visit, and lots to see and you can’t complain about the weather. Also, Ft. Huachuca is really pretty – the nicest looking army base I’ve ever been to, that’s for sure. Right at the base of a mountain, basically. Beautiful sunrise/sunsets there, have gotten a lot of good pictures.

  3. Elena

    Thank you for sharing this article. The fact that you don’t necessarily agree makes your willingness to allow it to go up for discussion really wonderful. Not sure I am always that “open” so your example is a great reminder not to be afraid to look at the “other” sides’ point of view.

  4. GR, Paul was very surprised to hear from me and wanted to know how I found out about the editorial. I told him.

    It is great to have another perspective. Thanks for sending me the link. I did email them and ask before I slapped it on the blog.

  5. Gainesville Resident

    OK, sounds great Elena & MH. I did find his point of view most interesting even though I don’t really agree with it personally. I understand where he is coming from, though.

  6. Gainesville Resident

    I heard it on the radio this morning around 6:45 AM on the way into work, and at the end he mentioned it was available to read on the website – so got the idea to forward it to MH as I know she’d be interested in it.

  7. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Ahhh, the cave. You drive East out of Tuscon on I-10 until every other radio station is pretty much gone. Then, round about the time you make the right to head down to Sierra Vista, you can pull in the BEST Country music played anywhere in this great nation! It doesn’t come in too strong, so you have to turn the radio up a bit, but man is it worth it! That blimp has been there for years and years, it’s nothing new. You wake up in the morning, step outside, and listen to the coyotes howling. No matter when you go outside this time of year, it’s just so damn comfortable you can’t get over it! The high dessert. If you’re lucky, you can make the trip from Sierra Vista to Tuscon super early in the morning, like 4:00am. You will see at least two shooting stars a second for as long as you can hold your head up! During the day you might hear a whirring sound…..look around! That’s a hummingbird! Bird-watchers come from all over the country to see the hummingbirds! They’re soooooo cute! Like tamales? Head over to Wal-Mart, where there are usually several Mexicans selling them in the parking lot. Back when I used to spend weeks at a time down there, they have an AWESOME movie theatre that’s rarely too packed to really enjoy your movie. Eating could be better, there’s a cool German deli right near base, and of course, who could forget that the drive-thru window was started at McDonald’s in Sierra Vista! And the base is pretty. That’s where the guys go to re-enlist. Great-horned owls roost in the Dillard’s sign at the mall with the movie theatre. They look like you wouldn’t want to mess with them. Tombstone? Jesus, not worth the time. You park where the gunfight took place anyway. But I LOVE the cave and the music they play. This manager really makes some poor arguments, and is pretty misguided, but that won’t stop me from loving the cave!!

  8. Gainesville Resident

    You’re right Slowpoke. I’m not a big country music fan but I’ve enjoyed listening to it actually, and as you say, it’s the ONLY choice down here.

    Yes, I get to work early some days – as early as 5:30 AM before sunrise, and can hear the coyotes in the distance! Pretty neat.

    Sky is beautiful too once you get away from town and base at night. Haven’t seen any shooting stars yet. Wish I had my telescope out here actually, but no way could I take that (or want to check it as baggage) on the plane – way too big and too delicate.

    I thought Tombstone was neat actually, but maybe I’m a sucker for tourist traps. I thought they preserved the area where the actual fight took place – small fenced in area with manneuqins depicting the various people. That’s what the sign claimed anyway, but what do I know.

    I need to look for that German deli – thanks for the tip. There’s plenty of good places to eat for me though. Found a pizza place near my hotel – Vinny’s NY Pizza which has good pizza by my standards, and being from New Jersey I’m kind of picky when it comes to pizza – as what they pass for pizza back home is pretty awful. Anyway, it has a Statue of Liberty outside – about the size of a person. Just discovered that this evening, actually. But I’m used to having to find places to eat while I’m on travel for work, and my GPS device is my friend. Didn’t expect to find any German food here so will have to look for that.

    Went to Titan II Missile Museum west of Tucson yesterday. THAT was really neat. Also went to Pima Air & Space Museum right near Tucson airport. 3rd largest air & space museum, only Smithsonian and Wright-Patterson are bigger. Huge number of plane outside – around 200 – and they have 1 hour tram tour which they go by each plane and talk about them. Very good. The Titan II complex was fascinating, you get to go down into the silo and see the missile from the bottom up. It is the only one left preserved, with the missile intact – of course dummy warhead on it. Well worth visiting if one is in the area. One hour tour where they take you through the underground complex.

  9. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    What else…..don’t EVER speed through Huachuca City, and don’t speed on base! They don’t fool around with that. I’m serious about the dessert at night. You’ve NEVER seen that many stars in your whole life. It’s like millions of stars from one horizon to the other. Your jaw will literally hang open at the sight. And you’ll see hundreds of shooting stars, but you have to be out around or past the checkpoint. There’s an awesome steak house just outside of town (south I think). If you’re ever there on Sunday evening, go to Wal-Mart late Sunday evening. You’ll wonder where THOSE people where hiding during the day! Hair of every color, and generally some of the MOST interesting people you’ll ever see.

  10. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    The deli is right near the main base entrance, if it’s still there….been a couple of years. Man, do I miss the cave!

  11. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    The cave – Kartchner Caverns. Oh, and you’ll get to see the army air field planes whizzing around the Mustang Mountains occasionally!

  12. Slowpoke, it sounds like old home week for you. Were you stationed there?

  13. Slow, you ought to write them and tell them at the cave. They would appreciate hearing from you. They were surprised that I had heard the editorial. Actually, I just read it because GR emailed it to me.

  14. Slowpoke Rodriguez


    No, but I spent a LOT of time down there, right around the time I met my wife. I’ll write to the cave tomorrow if I get a chance. I absolutely loved the music they play…it’s what I grew up on. Very uncool, but I never did care about being cool. I just know I loved the music they played. And I’ll tell ya, the high desert (holy God, I’ve been writing dessert!) really grows on ya! I stopped listening to country around the time Garth Brooks showed up. Nothing against him, I just lost interest. I do own every Charley Pride album he ever released, though.

    1. @Slow,

      I love the desert. I just love it. My best desert experience is one spring a few years ago there had been a lot of rain. I went out the Apache Trail to the Superstition Mountains to look at wild flowers. They were drop dead gorgeous. I still get the pics out to look at. Of course, I also learned that the Wildflowers are also a rather large nudist colony in AZ. Didn’t run in to them though. 😉

  15. Gainesville Resident

    Definitely know about not speeding on base. That’s goes for any US military base actually. I have seen people pulled over on the highway between Sierra Vista and Ft. Huachuca and points north up to I-10. Speed limit is all over the place there – goes between 45 mph and 65 mph depending whether you are passing through a town like Huachuca City or not.

    You’re right about the sky at night – just beautiful – loaded with stars. I’ll look today to see if there’s that German deli right outside the base – I haven’t noticed it but may just have not been looking.

    I agree about the cave – they play really good music. The signal is pretty good down here in Sierra Vista, just a little noisy at times as you are driving in some bad reception spots. Of course gets better as you head north as they are in Benson right near where you get on I-10 30 miles or so north of here.

    It is beautiful out here in the high desert. One of the folks I’m working with at the base told me after being here for 3 weeks I won’t want to leave. I can see his point – it’s really nice out here, no traffic, beautiful scenery and weather. I could see retiring to a place like this.

  16. Gainesville Resident

    Funny thing on speed limits out here – I-10 between Benson and Tucson is 75 mph most of the way. There was a construction zone and the speed limit went down to only 55 mph! I thought that was funny – back home it would be much lower in a construction zone. Must be a lot of fun for those construction workers with the cars whizzing by at 55 mph!

    Haven’t seen them running radar on base but would not be surprised at all. I’ve seen that a lot on other bases, and they are serious about speeding – you don’t even want to exceed the posted limit by 1 mph. A lot of colleagues of mine have gotten pulled over – especially out in Wahiawa, Hawaii. There’s a curvy road leading out to our location there which is just 15 mph speed limit (it isn’t that curvy as outside the base that road would have a speed limit of 35 mph probably). Anyway, they hang out all the time there and catch loads of people doing more than 15 mph. But on all bases they’re really serious about speeding.

  17. I suppose I should clarify my position on illegal immigration. I’m opposed to it. This country already has over 300 million people and I think that’s enough. Only India and China have more population and I doubt if anyone would want to pattern the USA after them. I feel sympathy for people from the third world but if we try to absorb their surplus population we’ll end up with a standard of living that nobody would envy. There is much that can be done to help improve their lives without bringing them here.

    I oppose Arizona’s immigration law because I think it won’t do what its backers think it will do. I also think it conflicts with federal law and violates our basic rights. SB 1070 is little more than a ploy to get Republicans elected.

    I don’t know what’s going on in Virginia but suspect that state laws have little to do with any exodus of Hispanics. Better bet would be that the terrible economy is responsible for any departure.

    Our music is unique and in sharp contrast to other stations, we are locally programmed–among the last of a dying breed. We play music that nobody else would touch for fear of losing that all important fourteen year old audience. It’s nice to know that others like classic country too.

    1. @Paul

      Welcome to Moonhowlings. I hear you guys are pretty used to things howling at the moon down your way. :mrgreen:

      There are people of all stripes on this blog. I agree with you regarding the AZ immigration law. It is an election ploy that won’t do what people want it to do.

      Elena and I are not in favor of illegal immigration either. However, we really hate how our county attempted to fix the problem. We took serious issue with probable cause (it was changed to physical arrest) and with the rhetoric in this county. We also detested much of the rhetoric. Children were being called vermin, little cockroaches and that type of thing. The human element seemed to be missing.

      Make yourself at home. I bet you never thought you would end up in Virginia with a fan club. Slowpoke was quite familiar with you guys and told everyone how great you were.

      PS. Only the first comments are held in moderation. Your posts will go straight through in the future.

  18. Gainesville Resident

    Glad to see Paul on here. I heard his editorial while out here for a few weeks for work at Ft. Huachuca (still out here for another 2 or 3 weeks). I’m opposed to illegal immigration, highly frustrated at the way the US Gov’t has handled it to date. Well, I think I already wrote my feelings about it above in this thread – or if not all the regulars here know my views. I wish the Fed gov’t would start aggressively fining employers who hire illegal immigrants. I wish they’d force them to use eVerify. I wish they’d put those employers out of business. If those things were done then the problem would go away quickly. I don’t know why that’s so hard to do. And, I wish they’d put money into the right technology(ies) at the border to catch and prevent illegals from crossing in the first place.

    Personally, I think for whatever reasons the Fed. Gov’t does not have the interest or the willpower to do any of this, and won’t. I don’t care what Obama says (or Bush before him) – I don’t believe they are serious in solving the problem.

    That’s my own personal opinion on it.

  19. Gainesville Resident

    I am very very glad to see Paul say he believes the exodus of illegals from PWC was due to the economy. That’s a breath of fresh air. I’ve seen way too many people say it was totally or mostly due to PWC’s resolution. I totally disagree with that. While I disagree with Paul on a lot of things, I do find that I agree with him on the reason why illegals have left PWC and other areas. The economy, lack of construction jobs and other jobs that they can work in – caused them to leave and seek other areas to live, or else in some cases I guess return to the country they came from.

  20. Gainesville Resident

    On a slightly off-topic note – but since Paul mentioned it – I’m not a huge country music fan but have been enjoying the mix of country music played on his station – I stumbled onto it the very first day I was here – a week and half ago and have been listening to it whenever I’m in the car. Very enjoyable station to listen to, wish I could listen to it back home!

  21. Gainesville Resident

    Moon-howler :
    Welcome to Moonhowlings. I hear you guys are pretty used to things howling at the moon down your way.

    In my short time here when I’ve been at the base in the pre-dawn hours I’ve definitely heard what I guess are coyotes out there. It was nearly a full moon too when I heard those sounds!

  22. Gainesville Resident

    By the way Slowpoke – in case you’re still following this thread which has more or less gone inactive – your German deli appears to be long gone – as I looked for it yesterday after work and it doesn’t exist anymore. Disappointing as I was thinking some German deli sounded good for dinner.

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