The Rally to Restore Sanity 12:00-3:00

Update:  9:15  AM


Roving Reporters calling in from the Metro Station–both north and south lots are filled.  One reporter is standing in a line 300 yards long to get to the trains.  Message is, if you are going, get dropped off or find another way in to town. 


If you watched the news yesterday, you could feel the presence of fear and that something was wrong.  We had planes being escorted into JFK by fighter jets.  The FBI and other spook groups were pouring all over places near Newark, Phillie, Portsmouth, Maine, looking for packages that might have contained explosives.  Uneasy times. 

It was impossible not to think of 9/11.  We need to be reminded periodically.

 The Daily Show feature is from September 20, 2001.  In trying to restore sanity, Jon Stewart had the following:

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