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9 Thoughts to “A few good signs…..”

  1. Fox and friends this morning is talking about the rally. They don’t get satire, apparently. In several parts, they totally missed the point. They also thought the above speech was Stewart telling the audience to go out and vote. I never heard that. Voting was not mentioning.

    Stewart has long advocated more productive discourse in the media and in politics. Fox and Friends fed exactly what Rally was about…and that is not a compliment.

    Maybe Faux News would not rile me up so much if they understood issues and aimed for accuracy. They don’t. Their assessment of Jon Stewart and the rally is living proof. They pride themselves on pulling the thread of the truth out of a story and spinning it to suit their political message. That’s just dead wrong and setting ants on fire with the magnifying glass.

    They talked about some ofthe signs being rude and attacking the right. Well duh…is that really a news flash to anyone? UFB

  2. But, I thought rude and offensive signs were wrong. The Tea Party is always scolded for any rude signs.

    1. @Cargo, I think the tea party is scolded for references to killing people with signs.

      I don’t know how you can make the same ‘rule’ for people who watch a TV show. They aren’t espousing a belief or a political organization. Who knows who was there yesterday.

  3. DB

    I was looking at a bunch of signs that were posted on the internet and I didn’t see any that I would deem rude. Most were clever and funny.

  4. I saw a couple rude ones but whose counting. Most were clever and funny.

    Something to remember is, Glenn Beck directed his followers not to bring signs, costumes etc because he wanted them to be taken seriously. He basically is representing a political movement. The Glenn Beck Rally to Restore Honor was a serious event.

    Rally to Restore Sanity was not a serious event. A comedian isn’t going to issue the same mandates. No movement there. Funny signs were a directive.

    Now, who had the harder job? Who had to set a standard? Glenn Beck.
    I had lots of friends and a close relative at the Stewart rally. I don’t know a soul who attended the Beck rally….oh yes I do but that person cross pollinates. He was probably at the Stewart one also. He is still trying to find himself.

  5. DB

    There’s a bunch of signs on the examiner.com site as well. I loved the guy dressed as Beaker with the sign that read “Meep Meep Meep”, and the sign that said “Does this sign make my butt look big?”

  6. DB, those were funny.

    One of the directives for the rally was no hitler mustaches, no littering, and not to be douchey. People were also told to make clever signs.

    Since it was Halloween weekend, that just added to the party mood.

    Bet the traffic didnt!!!

  7. DB

    Unfortunately there were some rude signs that I saw after my post above. However, my sense of snark, satire, and cleverness was bolstered by so many of the signs. The mustache thing I understand in the context of Hitler being both a fear-monger among his own party, and inciting fear in others who disagreed with him. Also, I got the point of the mustaches in the current political realm of referring to those who are rabid about their views (on both sides) as “Nazis”, a term this blog covered some time ago. Not going to say that I am in agreement with the use of mustaches, but I get the point in both the historical context, and current political context.

    And I will be sooooo very glad when this latest election season is over for the mere fact that I will no longer be exposed to political ads that say nothing about the person running, but are filled with negative hyperbole about the person the candidate is running against. The ads for the most part tell me NOTHING about the person running, they only tell me about the bad stuff of the opposing candidate. It’s like being in high school all over again and being told that you should hate someone, because the popular girl said so.

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