Many of the talking heads are now commenting on President Obama’s10 day trip to Asia. The purpose of the trip is to attempt to open up jobs in countries like Indian, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, etc.  The president is taking a business entourage  with him on the trip

Already misinformation is spreading about the cost of the trip. One rumor that surfaced and went viral is the the trip will cost $200 million per day which includes presidential protection. This figure is being vehemently denied as outrageous. The report that 34 war ships are accompanying him is also being denied by the Pentagon. News sources all report the disclaimer by the Pentagon spokesman:

“I will take the liberty this time of dismissing as absolutely absurd this notion that somehow we were deploying 10 percent of the Navy, some 34 ships and an aircraft carrier, in support of the president’s trip to Asia,” Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said. “That’s just comical. Nothing close to that is being done.”

The Sun News reports that both Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann spread the cost  rumors as fact. The foreign press is adding to the rumor mill.  Bachmann, in particular, should be held accountable for spreading misinformation.  Beck, we expect no better from. 

Other critics are up in arms that during a recession, the president would leave the country again. Many feel he should be staying home (and off the golf course) and tend to domestic business.

Leaders in the last century and in the 21st century have traveled abroad. Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to leave the country. Presidents should be able to set their own agenda and as long as they are doing the business of the country, this travel should without criticism and certainly without government officials lying about the cost. Good will and jobs are excellent goals to seek.

20 Thoughts to “President Obama on an Allowance?”

  1. George Bush, who served 8 years, has 200 entries on
    President Obama, who has served less than 2 years, has 250 entries.
    The rumors just keep getting cranked out.
    I wouldn’t mind, but my sister and some friends like to chain-mail them to me.
    I don’t even watch network or cable news anymore and unsubscribed to The Post.
    Listening to NPR is depressing.
    Someone told me the only reliable source these days is The Christian Science Monitor or The Wall Street Journal.

    1. @Cindy, thanks for that information.

      I am not sure about the Wall Street Journal either. That paper has its own biases.

  2. Cato the Elder

    The real story that’s being missed is that he’s over there to do a 5 billion dollar arms deal, and that’s just for starters. If successful we will replace Russia as India’s prime supplier, and the deal size could go as high as 10 billion.

    Spend 2 billion to make 10? Yeah, I’d do that.

  3. Cato the Elder

    Not to mention propping up regional competition to keep China honest. Beck and Bachmann need to get a grip and learn to play chess.

  4. @Cato the Elder Not a bad ROI. But it isn’t $2 billion unless you want to fall for the Teapublican BS. So the ROI may well be much higher.

  5. Cato the Elder

    Bloomberg estimates that the defense business alone would be worth 31 billion over 10 years. Good piece on the trip here:

  6. Pat.Herve

    and who owns the Wall Street Journal – News Corp.

    I can imagine that the cost of a President going overseas is very large. But to repeat the rumor – knowing that it is false – just shows the character of the people spreading the false rumor.

  7. Hell of a deal if it works, Cato.

    George does remind us that the cost of the trip is far less than 2 billion so it is even a better deal.

    Pat is right. I thought about them being owned by News Corp and then I wasn’t sure.

    And Pat is right….it does speak to the character of those who knowingly repeat lies. I hope Beck and Bachmann are listening to Pat, Cato and George.

  8. punchak

    Add the Vicious Vixen aka Michelle Malkin, to the liars.

  9. @punchak, Geez, she is vile, as is Ann Coulter. They make Keith Olbermann look like a pussy cat.

  10. marinm

    I don’t see the issue with the POTUS visiting India. After all, his policies tend to outsource many jobs to them. 🙂

    Seriously, I have no issue with him in India projecting US power.

  11. marin, I can’t think of a policy that created an outsourced job. That crap didnt start on his watch.

  12. marinm

    So, he’s simply continuining a Bush policy? Gotcha, check.

    1. I would like to see outsourcing fixed. We don’t have to attach blame. American jobs need to stay in America. Everyone would be happier. I try not to do business with companies whose phone numbers land me in New Delhi.

  13. One of the problems that India has is that its former supplier was the USSR. Their stuff is now falling apart. The Russians promised to sell them the Russian carrier. Its behind schedule on refit and 4 billion in the hole. The US would like India to buy F-18’s.

    My proposal is to GIVE them the retired USS Kitty Hawk. Which, of course, is works wonderfully with F-18’s………
    Our men will train them and we will sell them the parts and know how to use the ship and aircraft. And a carrier armed India will be a great counterbalance to Iran in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea.

    Here is the Russian ship:

    Here’s the USS Kitty Hawk. Even at 50, she’s still better than that Russian tub:

  14. Sorry, its $2 billion in the hole. Here’s the story of Russian incompetence and corruption:

  15. Moon, I hope you don’t use 411. I get Indians on that.

    The only way to bring those jobs back is to make the business environment friendlier. And that includes killing a lot of the big companies political connections where they can push out the smaller companies. We need common sense regulations, to steal a phrase from the gun control groups.

  16. Raymond Beverage

    Outsourcing has always been a pain in the tush – but there have been some bright spots in returning jobs. North Carolina did it with Federal Programs.

    The Food Stamp and several welfare programs were bundled up years ago in a contract awareded to Citi Financial to operate call centers & befefit signup/recertification. Of course, Citi being “global” set the call centers in other countries.

    Govenor Easley down in NC looked at what the contract was costing, and realized it could be done cheaper in State. Since these social welfare programs are funded in part by the Feds, and the State picks up the balance and manages, he was able to not agree with the contract to Citi.

    So, NC looks in a little tobacco road town called Burgaw, takes over an old building, refurbishes, and puts 50 people to work. Granted, salaries were in the 18K-22K range, but the benefits were also part of the job. And in a tiny backroad town like Burgaw, that is a lot of money.

  17. Elena

    Faux news has been propogating the 200 million dollar price tag for days. Who can take that “network” seriously???? It costs almost 200 million a day to run a war in Iraq, what nincompoop actually thinks it will cost as much to visit India?

    1. Sarah Palin? Who was it who called her a nincompoop?

      Did you see the Jon Stewart skit on this very subject?

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