Last night a friend made a casual comment that she saw herds of young people out cleaning up the Connolly signs, all over Fairfax County.  She said it sure made her feel good and that she hates seeing election waste a month after the election. 

I couldn’t leave it alone.  I had to ask about the other candidate’s yard waste.  She told me it was all still there.  So…

Cheers for the Connolly campaign for arranging to have signs collected after the election.  Is this a high school community service project or a collection of young Gerry-ites?  Whoever these kids are, good for them also. 

Jeers to Fimian until the mess is cleaned up. 

5 Thoughts to “Clean Up Clean Up, Everybody Do their Share….”

  1. So how do we get Fimian to clean up his mess?

    What about the Young Republican groups? Are there still young Republicans and Young Democrats in high schools?

  2. Maybe next time Fimian can run on the Conservative GREEN ticket.

  3. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but 7100 is still littered with Connolly signs! Wait, I can see it in the newspapers……Connolly campaign saves or creates 22 million jobs!

  4. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Now most of the Fimian signs are gone along the southern part of 7100. Fimian signs get more numerous as you get closer to 66, with three or four concentrated little prides of Fimian signs. Farther south on 7100, there are hundreds of Connolly signs left.

    1. @Slow, thanks for the report. Shame on both of them for not getting them up.

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