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  1. @Moon-howler
    I agree. But, bombs set to explode on a aircraft are a different matter. Most of those will be in baggage.

    As to the fools on the plane, that’s why its tasers.

    Another thing. Put out a policy that allows any active or retired law enforcement officer to fly free if they go through the air marshall’s course. Allow those people to travel armed.

  2. Raymond Beverage


    Cargp, been off the wires a couple of days, and now back to your question on the test of GM vs. Chrylser for the M-1 Tank. And yes, it is one mean machine!

    In the test versions, GM had a better engine particularly with the better air filter system than Chrysler. When the two were run side by side down the test range on a hot Kentucky day and dry as all could be, the dust was flying and the Chrysler tanked stalled out after about 15 minutes of the run. Dust got through their filters and fouled the engine.

    The GM had more horses under the hood, but Chrysler had better suspension and torque from motor to the tracks. So, when the Big C got the contract, and since the Army owned the GM test tank, Chrysler walked over and took the best from GM, added it to theirs, and now we have the “Cadillac” of tanks!

    About the only one in the world that might be able to go toe to toe with ours, is the German Leopard…or maybe Israli Merkava. Fortunately, both Countries are our friends 🙂

  3. Big Dog

    Loudoun Vally at Osbourn tonight 7:30
    – The Eagle’s Title Flight begins!



  4. Go Eagles. Keep us posted, Big Dog!

  5. Lafayette

    Good luck to the Eagles!!

  6. Big Dog

    OHS WINS 41-21!


  7. Congratulations to Osbourn Eagles!!!!

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