Tomorrow, Tuesday, Novemeber 16, the final  UVA Report on illegal immigration will be presented during the BOCS Meeting.   Dr. Guterbock of UVA will present the final report to the BOCS tomorrow afternoon. 

There are a few irregularies.  The report was not available at the time the agenda was published on the county website.  If one clicks on view, there is just the title sheet and no report.  As much as UVA  has been paid to do this report, not having at least a draft available is simply unacceptable. 

To add to the irregularities, a recess as been added to the order of business and a press conference  has been scheduled following the formal presentation by Dr. Guterbock.  Whoever heard of interrupting a Supervisors meeting for a press conference?  Perhaps Corey is afraid that the Chief is going to schedule one also and steal his thunder.  We feel certain Corey wants to put his own spin on things, especially if the UVA report says something he doesn’t like.  In Prince William County, the spin does not necessarily stop here. 

Why would a press conference be scheduled in the middle of a meeting?  Why was no draft available to preview?  Tune in tomorrow afternoon.  This ought to be quite a show.  Does Corey’s entire rule of law campaign hang on this report? 

CORRECTION:  The supervisors had a copy of the report delivered to their house on Saturday afternoon.  This is getting more mysterious.  Why was a copy NOT posted on the agenda?

Final Report

Evaluation Presentation


53 Thoughts to “Final UVA Report on Illegal Immigration Presented Tues. 11/16”

  1. Elena

    Corey has missed getting attention so a press conference is needed for his health and well being I imagine!

    Look at the Rule of law resolution lately? You may want to visit for some edification at its failure. First of all, of the 8 grand raised, 2/3 of it is from Corey’s re election campaign. I also am quite intrigued by the disclaimer regarding “racist and anti semetic remarks will not be tolerated”. I am thankful that those types of comments are clearly not acceptable, but I am wonderying, why does a “rule of law” campaign attract people that would make such comments to begin with ????

  2. Elena

    PWC citizens PAID for this report, why is it unavailable?

  3. Andy


    Are you speaking about Corey’s Rule of Law Campaign? You said, the Rule of Law Resolution but I believe you meant the Rule of Law Campaign. If so, I also noticed that the majority of the contributions were from the Chairman’s own Re-Election Campaign. He claims 16,000 signatories on his petition but that number is not independently verifiable.

    Even assuming it were accurate, it still represents a very small percentage of the state’s overall population and falls very short of the intended target of 100,000.

  4. Censored bybvbl

    Must not be good news if Corey hasn’t slipped a copy for publication to Gospel Greg.

  5. Wolverine

    Hmmm, this is beginning to sound a bit like a certain House bill of which we were not allowed to know the precise contents until it was actually passed.

  6. @Wolverine, other than we paid for it. It should have been posted and it was not.

  7. If the supervisors had it on Saturday, then why was the report not posted on the county website under view?

    What are they hiding this time?

  8. Raymond Beverage

    Moon, to answer your question why it is not posted with the Agenda….

    They do the dispatch of the material on Thursday Afternoon or Friday morning, and post the Agenda to the web as soon right after that as they can. So, if not received yet, they just put in the attached blanket “not available” page to the posted one.

    Plus, sometimes with big attachments, they don’t post it. Doubt even there will be copies in the back of the Chambers to pick up. Bet dollars to donuts they do not want it in public hands until formally presented…such being a SOP for the County in the way some things are done.

  9. Starryflights

    Hmm, and here I thought the Rule of Law resolution had driven all the illegals out of PWC years ago. I thought we didn’t have this problem anymore. What happened?

  10. Alanna

    The lack of available information from county government disappoints everybody. Unfortunatley, it seems to be par for the course… Now that the feds completed their investigation into Prince George County, perhaps they could turn their attention to Prince William.

    In terms of the report, the interimn report published some time back had no bombshells. I wouldn’t expect this report to be any different. If I recall, it solely deals with the police department aspect of the policy.

  11. PWC Taxpayer

    OMG ! , legislators who want to read a sensitive report before being asked about it. That is soo unprofessional.

    Now, has anyone said that the report will not be made available to the public in a timely fashion?

  12. PWC Taxpayer

    OMG ! , legislators who want to read a sensitive report before being asked about it. That is soo unprofessional.

    Now, has anyone said that the report will not be made available to the public in a timely fashion?

  13. Need to Know

    Alanna – I’ve been thinking absolutely the same thing. If Prince George County is a cesspool of corruption, Prince William County is a complete sewage line draining into a lake of fetid, rotting waste. Recall all of the financial antics, OIT scandals, backroom developer dealings, sexual harassment, etc., etc., etc. that get covered up under Stewart and Gerhart, now Peacor.

    Raymond is correct about the normal process. However, no violation would occur if they created a PDF file (I sure there is a scanner somewhere in the McCoart Building if they don’t have an electronic copy) and post it on the web for us. Is Corey so dense that he doesn’t realize that this sort of secrecy just makes people even more suspicious?

  14. Alanna

    I’m convinced Corey is driven to get this report out now before the Republican ‘Advance’ so that he can get another 5 minutes in the spotlight and be the ‘center’ of attention.

  15. Need to Know

    PWC Taxpayer – It’s already too late to get this report out in a timely fashion. Supervisors receive a public report paid for with PWC taxpayer dollars over the weekend on an agenda item to discuss the following Tuesday. It should have been posted no later than first thing Monday morning to give people all day Monday to study it and decide if they want to attend the meeting and/or speak at Citizens Time. Yes, they could speak at Citizens Time at some other time, but that would lack the impact of speaking at the same meeting as Stewart, and he knows that.

    The intent of these maneuvers, including an unheard-of press conference in the middle of a BOCS meeting, is clearly to allow Corey Stewart to control the message and not be distracted by all of those pesky citizens.

    Moreover, this issue should be on the evening agenda rather than the 2:00 agenda to allow more people to be able to attend after work hours if they so choose. Again, the timing is designed to allow Corey Stewart to control the message as tightly as possible.

    As Alanna mentions also, the Republican Advance is coming up. Corey’s delusions of grandeur are leading him now to think that he is a serious contender for the Republican nomination for US Senate in 2012, and he’s even bought a hospitality suite at the Advance to campaign for the nomination. I agree with Alanna also that part of his maneuverings today are related to controlling the message in advance of a key Republican meeting where the 2012 election will be discussed intensely.

  16. @Raymond Beverage

    I have never heard of stopping a meeting for a press conference.

    They should find a way to post the information, other than they didnt have it which is a problem in itself, considering how much it cost.

    The taxpayers should have access.

    Far be it from me to go all tea party on the situation, but Corey needs to remember that the taxpayers footed the bill.

  17. PWC Taxpayer

    @Need to Know

    This is nothing more than “us vs them”; pro-illegal/sanctuary democrats versus rule of law conservatives. Arguing that a sensitive report like this needs to be released to the public over the weekend much less on Monday before it is reasonable for the Supervisors or their staff’s to have had a chance to read & analyze it is nothing more than posturing. Its another political non issue.

    My guess is that the report will be released and fully debated here and in the press regardless of whether Corey acts to control the nastiness of the debate on Tuesday or not. But then, I don’t I think my opinion is so critical that I think my comments need to be presented to all – on Tuesday. Perhaps it might help if everyone took a deep breath and read the report, considered it and the Chairman’s comments and then read it again before commenting.

  18. Need to Know

    Keep in mind also that this report might be good, bad or neutral for Corey. No one knows yet. I’ve participated in extensive campaign training and worked in many campaigns myself over the years. One of the key lessons is to control the message. Don’t let anyone else get the upper hand or distract from what you have to say. Corey is taking that classic campaign maxim to a ridiculous extreme. He is making himself look silly with all this maneuvering. This is also part of why he bullied Peacor’s hiring as County Executive through the BOCS earlier this year. She is not only compliant in signing off on whatever his developer/campaign contributor friends want to get approved, but also in manipulating the process and agenda to Stewart’s liking.

    Let’s assume the report is favorable for Corey Stewart. If it had been released in time for people to study prior to the meeting, many would show up at Citizens Time to criticize it, thus reducing the impact of Corey’s chest thumping about how right he was. Let’s assume it’s negative for Corey. Then people have time to prepare their thoughts and remarks in support of the report, thus overwhelming Corey’s ability to discredit its findings at his press conference. This way, no one knows what is in the report and no one has any ability to prepare any remarks one way or the other. Classic Corey.

  19. @PWC Taxpayer

    It already has been shown to have not been shared with the public in a timely fashion.

    I suspect the chairman wants to cut the Chief out of the limelight and fears he will steal CAS’s thunder. After all, it’s Corey’s Rule of Law campaign that needs to spin the findings that help his cause.

  20. While we are at it, someone pointed out an unnoticed item from an October agenda.

    It seems that the Chairman appointed an old political rival from the past to serve on the PWC/Manassas convention and visitors bureau. I wonder if everyone has kissed and made up with SC? I wonder where this old political rival really lives this time? Good thing he is an at large member, then he wont have to rent a room from someone and then never sleep there.

  21. Need to Know

    Moon, SC lives in Bristow now. Corey had him in tow at the Reagan-Lincoln Dinner earlier this year, and has now appointed him to the at-large seat of the Board of Directors of the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Steve’s business is cleaning gravestones and decks, and I fail to see his qualifications to lead an organization so important to the County’s economy. Something is brewing.

    Recall that SC is one of Greg’s arch-enemies. Now he’s one of Corey’s allies. Corey has already thrown his landuse supporters, his fiscal conservatism supporters, his PWC Government reform suporters, John Stirrup and many others under the bus. Looks very likely that Greg Letiecq is next in line.

    How alliances change and people are scarificed in Corey’s world.

  22. Juturna

    It’s clearer and clearer to me that the best interests of the taxpayers in PWC is not a priority. I think we’re sinking……….. this is no different than the last group that sold out PWC for townhomes. We’re now being sold out for personal agendas.

    No future here.

  23. Big Dog

    Heee’s Baaack!! ?

    THE Steve Chapman?

    Good golly – sure this isn’t someone with the just same name?

  24. Perhaps a clue about what this is all about:

    From the Washington Post (11/10/10):

    Possible Republican candidates for U.S. Senate will be duking it out next week in that traditional way for Virginia politicians two long years before an election arrives…through competing hospitality suites at the annual Republican Advance.

    Former Governor and Senator George Allen, who is weighing a run for the job in 2012, will be hosting a suite during the annual gathering of Republican politicians and activists.

    So too will Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart, who is also considering a run.

    And Del. Bob Marshall, who’s also acknowledged he’s thinking about the seat, will be sharing a suite with former Loudoun Del. Dick Black. Black has said he’s running for the state Senate next year

    It just gets better and better. I dream of seeing Jim Webb mop the floor with one of them.


  25. Need to Know

    Moon, don’t rule out George Allen. He said something really dumb during the last campaign that cost him the election. He’s had four years to think about that boo-boo, and Virginia Republicans like him. Some very early polls have him nudging out Jim Webb in the general election, but that eons away in political terms.

    I’ll be watching for Jim Webb to contribute to Corey’s campaign for the Republican nomination.

  26. Need to Know

    @Big Dog

    The one and only Steve Chapman. We should start a contest to see who can guess best as to why Corey is aligning himself with and promoting Steve. I have my theories but am interested in what others think.

  27. Lafayette

    The link to the presentation and report can both be found at the top of the county homepage. I’m not sure when this was added.
    Link to presentation.
    Link torReport

  28. Need to Know

    Thanks Lafayette. One hour before the meeting we get this.

  29. @Need to Know

    I don’t discount George Allen’s political power. I told someone last week, I can’t remember who, not to discount George Allen’s popularity. He is still a favorite son of Virginia Republicans. I would consider him a candidate not to be trivialized.

  30. Thanks Chris. It was added very recently. I have been checking all morning.

    This report should have been posted Monday morning at the latest.

  31. Cato the Elder

    Need to Know :
    Moon, don’t rule out George Allen. He said something really dumb during the last campaign that cost him the election. He’s had four years to think about that boo-boo, and Virginia Republicans like him. Some very early polls have him nudging out Jim Webb in the general election, but that eons away in political terms.
    I’ll be watching for Jim Webb to contribute to Corey’s campaign for the Republican nomination.

    Don’t be surprised if McDonnell runs.

  32. Juturna

    one noticable and pleasant change in the mid term elections was the diminished emphasis on social agendas. Stewart and Marshall would have an uphill climb to separate them from that – Allen not as much. Not a move to a moderate republican but a move to a more appropriate agenda for governing – one that stresses commerce, transporation, security

  33. Vigilant Vulture

    I hope the new sound system starts sounding better as we hear the UVA presentation.

  34. Juturna

    VV- low bid.

  35. Vigilant Vulture

    It sure doesn’t take much to offend Supervisor Principi.

    Juturna-I should have known. Is the same true for the new dais?

  36. Juturna

    This is a nonsense report. It’s a study of hispanics in PWC. Not a study in illegal immigration. THe best outcome is the growth of Neighborhood Services. Of course, a few of us thought Neighborhood services was a level method of addressing LOCAL problems and that is where the money should go. (There would be street lights in Sudley).

  37. VV- he spoke to family. He also should have commented that saying ‘illegals’ is ignorant.

    Hidden populations is a poor title. UVA should have been corrected.

  38. Juturna

    UVA couldn’t be corrected – no one got the report until Saturday!! Agree, he let his emotions get the best of him. This report is useless.

    Use of the word ‘ignorant’ is regional. Ignorant means incapable of learning – we may have our opinions but humans are capable…. rocks are ignorant. Just trying to sidetrack you MH 🙂 I love it when you sputter.

  39. Juturna, I have never heard that definition.

    He keeps saying it. One doesn’t have to have advanced degrees to know that the word ‘illegal’ is an adjective, not a noun. Obviously the PhD isn’t in English.

    I am offended someone from the University of Virginia doesn’t know better.

  40. I guess Christopher Koper needs to hurry so Corey can have his press conference.

  41. I’m one of those who have seen first hand that Neighborhood Services is the smartest use of resources to address local problems, given the small percent of crime attributed to people who don’t have documents. Six percent.

  42. Juturna

    MH-old Philosophy professor. I will stand corrected. I didn’t go to UVA.
    THe closer to 5 o’clock the better. Wonder if he called FoxNews.

  43. Big Dog

    Posting as Pinko,

    Suggest you Google “Steve Chapman Manassas” for the basic story.

  44. I believe that report cost the county in excess of $350k. Not sure I feel like we got our money’s worth.

    I agree that putting money into neighborhood services.

    Juturna, I mean about knowing that illegal was an adjective, not a noun from UVA. Not everyone could have gone to UVA. Gender discrimination, ya know.

    1. @Juturna

      That is what I heard a while back. $350k. What a rip off and they can’t even get it here in a timely fashion.

  45. Juturna

    $350,000!!!! for that? Oh brother.

  46. Juturna

    or distinguish between ethic groups and citizen status. The only thing in that presentation that made sense was that there is a decline in people that see themsevles living here in 5 years!

    1. Juturna,

      And that could be for many reasons. I am sitting here scratching my head. There was a lot of conjecture based on ….things that cannot be measured. Too bad we didnt get to see the press conference.

  47. Raymond Beverage


    Stopping the meeting for a press conference has been done before…not a standard practice, but done. “Soundbite” Stewart (I did not make up the name, but find it hilarious) has done it so it can make the Early Editions of the newschannels. Plus, just like is going to happen tomorrow, get it out so he gets invites to early morning talk shows.

    1. @Raymond

      I think we can thank MoM for Capt. Soundbyte. Snicker.

  48. Second-Alamo

    So the report is out, and still people will complain about the Resolution. It’s a done deal, and the report will be sited in defense of the Resolution and PWC whenever someone tries to tear either one down. Best publicity for the county, and the methods used that we could ever hope for.

    1. SA, I didn’t hear anyone complaining about the ‘resolution’ as it stands now and that is the only thing that was being evaluated.

      What we were complaining about is attaching it to the legislative package without the citizens having time to look over the report and the other supervisors being blind sided by the motion. NO citizen input.

      we also were not pleased that we got a copy of the report an hour before the meeting.

      No one said a word about the resolution. In fact, I complimented Corey on his statements about the most current policy which is physical arrest as opposed to probable cause.

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