Sometimes it isn’t a real good idea to draw negative attention to one’s self.  Now that the UVA Report on Illegal Immigration has been finalized, it will somehow be interpreted and reinterpreted as the Chairman feels necessary. 

First off, YOUR UVA report that YOU, the taxpayers of PWC paid almost $400,000 for is now residing on the Chairman’s Virginia Rule of Law Act website.  You can even download it from there.  I suggest that the Corey Stewart  read the report cover to cover because he is getting some of the information wrong–dead wrong.



Here is what the report actually say about serous crime: 

Crime and arrest statistics reported by PWCPD do not, on the whole, show reductions that might be associated with the immigration policy, but they do show that serious violence, particularly aggravated assault, has dropped sharply in recent years. Considering that illegal immigrants account for only 3% of offenders currently arrested for aggravated assault, it seems unlikely that the policy was a major cause behind this trend, but it could have been a contributor. Finally, the views of officers, as measured in interviews and surveys, are somewhat mixed. Most feel that the policy has been effective in controlling crime and disorder related to illegal immigrants, but they are split as to whether the policy has reduced crime overall, and their general view is that immigrants do not contribute heavily to serious crime in PWC.

Additionally upon inspection of the crime statistics from the Prince William County Police website:

in 2007, there were 310 aggravated assaults committed by both adults and juveniles.  In 2008 there were 197 aggravated assaults committed by both adults and juveniles.  That is a reduction of 113 aggravated assaults or  a  36.5% decrease.  Yet the chair tells us there was a 47% decrease. 

Mr. Stewart needs to tell the truth and stop reworking the numbers to suit his own personal goals and agenda. 

Finally, in the BOCS meeting yesterday, Mr. Stewart and the other supervisors who voted in the affirmative seem to want the state to adopt PWC”s illegal immigration policy of status check post arrest.  The model legislation bill  (click to download) tells another story.  It is an IRLI form with Virginia Rule of Law Act written on it also.  It goes much further than the Prince William current  model and has the thumb print of F.A.I.R. and Mike Hethmon all over it.   It permits probable cause stops to check for immigration status as well as other things that just might get the state sued. 

I think most of us don’t want to end up like Arizona.  If Corey Stewart, Ken Cuccinelli  and F.A.I.R. have their way, that is exactly where the state of Virginia will end up. 

We commend the Prince William County police for the job they do, under the leadership of Chief Deane.  The PWC model that questions status of all people post arrest is a workable solution to the problem.  What works for our community might not work for another.  Let’s not dictate what others should do.  Millions of dollars were spent to get to where we are now.  Its time to move on without going through all of this again. And Virginians  certainly don’t need to be F.A.I.R. lab rats again.



49 Thoughts to “Want to get sued like Arizona?”

  1. Starryflights

    Stewart’s bill is clearly unconstitutional and will result in costly lawsuits to the state, just as it has to Arizona. Mr. Stewart needs to respect our country’s Constitution.

  2. Second-Alamo

    Still upset over attempts to fight illegal immigration? And why? Come on, most of the nation, if not the administration, back efforts by states to prosecute illegal immigration. The tide turned long ago from the humanitarian point of view to the economic reality point of view. What on earth is so positive about illegal immigration that you fight so fervently to prevent any type of enforcement against it? Please give me the rosy picture, because I fail to see one!

  3. Second-Alamo

    I’m sure Mr. Stewart would like nothing better than focusing on OUR country’s Constitution, however that won’t happen until people from other countries start respecting OUR laws!

  4. Obviously you haven’t read what we have been writing this week.

    We don’t like sneakiness or lying.

  5. Second-Alamo :

    I’m sure Mr. Stewart would like nothing better than focusing on OUR country’s Constitution, however that won’t happen until people from other countries start respecting OUR laws!

    Where did this come from? Bwaaahahahahaha.

  6. Starryflights

    SA, as our Founding Father, Ben Franklin once said, “Those who would sacrifice their liberty in exchange for security are deserving of neither liberty nor security.”

    We must respect our country’s Constitution.

  7. Need to Know

    Something is still not clear to me. Did the BOCS action Tuesday regarding the PWC legislative agenda include implementing checking immigration status of those already in physical custody as PWC does now statewide, or does it request implementing Corey Stewart’s Rule of Law campaign statewide? The difference is important.

    If the BOCS added only advocating implementation of the immigration status check statewide, I’m fine with what they did. Most everyone, including many Moonhowlings regulars, has no problem with that policy and in fact as I understand history, Moon and others worked hard to have that policy replace the “probable cause” of the original resolution.

    If the BOCS added Corey’s entire Virginia Rule of Law to the PWC legislative agenda we have a problem. The Virginia Rule of Law is a PAC funded primarily by Corey Stewart’s reelection campaign, and is part of his personal statewide agenda and efforts to move into higher office. This would, in effect, have all PWC taxpayers supporting and funding Corey’s political activities.

    Which is the case?

  8. Wendy

    Go to the ILRI website. ILRI provided the model for PWC’s proposed legislative package addition. What do you think.

  9. Wendy

    It would be best to get an actual copy of the legislative packet from BoCS. While watching the meeting it was evident that it was the first time the County Attorney had seen the document that had been prepared. I prefer to have my millions of tax dollars protected from personal ambition. Maybe any of the supervisors reading this blog would be so kind….

  10. The report will be discussed at this Sunday’s Unity in the Community meeting, Nov. 21, at 6:30 p.m. at St. Paul’s UMC, 1400 G Street, Woodbridge, VA 22191.

  11. Wendy

    Checking the website the final 2010 Legislative Program is not available. Keep in mind that obtaining 287(g) authorization for several officers to carry out the verification of legal status cost a million or so to pay for authorization training and to select officers and then to fill the vacancies they left in routine patrol functions. This is certainly not ‘free’ to the taxpayer. Regardless of your opinion on the outcome, the fact is that this is an unfunded mandate. Chm Stewart himself said of the additional cost to the county “it was worth it.” If the BOCS is opposed to shifts in state funding obligations to localities how can they support shifts in federal funding obligations to states/localitie. Reading the list it appears that three of the five items have the same theme of the state ‘pushing’ responsibilities without funding to localities. Can anyone spin this as not hypocritical???? I’d love to hear the thought process.

    Here’s the list of things they oppose (situationally):

    Therefore, Prince William County opposes:
    • Any new state mandates that are not fully funded by the Commonwealth
    • “Maintenance of effort” clauses for education, HB 599 or other locally funded
    • Shifting of costs of state programs to local governments
    • Any new service responsibilities from the Commonwealth, including the mandatory
    creation of boards, committees and commissions
    • Any effort to preempt local authority to raise revenues through abolition of the
    authority to raise revenues, limitations on growth rates or any other method intended
    to neutralize or reduce revenues

  12. Juturna

    Hey Pinko – you mean this group!!!? This group as described so eloquently by another local “writer” that will meet at the Methodist Church?? Can we have a sensational post titled “Methodists are ‘fatally-confused Biblican non-scholars’ ” Or “Methodists are morons”?

    “Thanks a lot, you nonsense-spewing, fatally-confused Biblical non-scholars. Nothing makes the homesexual lobby appear more reasonable than you folks darkening our doorstep and acting like complete and utter idiots. You manage to make any left-wing fringe group look positively appealing when they have the chance to be compared to you.

    Self-defeating doesn’t even begin to describe these morons.”

  13. @Need to Know
    I am not sure and I find that very troubling that we don’t know.

    The way the entire thing was done, was not transparent government. It was a rush job and no time for citizen input or …to read the damn bill…as many have criticized congress over.

    And NTK is right, I do support the current way things work, but that doesn’t mean I would recommend that Virginia Beach or Roanoke follow suit. Each community has a different set of circumstances. I also would never recommend that a community spend the amount of money we have spent, millions, to get where we are today.

  14. @Wendy

    Wendy is correct. The download provided above has the IRLI stamped right on the model.

  15. Yes, it is very hypocritical to send an unfunded mandate to any other locality unless, of course, it is being paid for by the state. And even then, you are still paying for it, as Wendy points out.

    Mike May was right. Too bad his opinion didn’t translate over into a correct vote which would have been a resounding NO. Mike, you have to walk the walk if you are going to talk the talk.

  16. Need to Know

    I want to know more about the $400,000 also. How and when was it authorized? Under what budget item was it allocated? How and when was it put out for bidding, and how can we see a copy of RFP? What involvement did anyone from the PWC Government (staff or elected) have in researching and writing the report? Who determined the tasks and issues to be addressed in the report? Why were citizens not given any chance to have any input in this project?

    For that much money and an issue that critical, the BOCS should have created a working group consisting of citizens (one appointed by each Supervisor) as a liaison with those producing the report.

    I’m sure others have questions to add to this list. It’s our money and I want to know how it was used.

    We saw recently three quarters of a million of our dollars opaquely given away to the Wartime Museum to pay off Stewart cronies. Remember that one? The CEO pays himself one quarter of a million dollars annually from funds coming largely from PWC taxpayers, and has failed to raise anywhere near the amount of private funds that are promised to be used to finance the project? Allowed the Hyltons to dump some useless land in exchange for development rights elsewhere in the County and some tax breaks? Great deal the BOCS got for us on that one.

  17. Rick Bentley

    I would love to be sued by our corrupt and sick Federal Government, as Arizona is. I would welcome the chance to join that fight.

  18. Need to Know


    I’m also interested in the unfunded mandate aspect of this. As a fiscal conservative I oppose unfunded mandates from the Feds to the State, or from the State to the localities. The immigration check of detained suspects has been constructive for Prince William County and on that point I agree with Corey Stewart. However, many localities in Virginia have virtually no immigrants, legal or illegal. Funding such a program would be a huge waste of their money.

    However, did the item included in the PWC legislative agenda advocate that the State require with no supporting funding that all localities to implement this policy, or advocate that they consider it? Again, I don’t know. I’m fine with our BOCS recommending that others localities consider something that has worked here. I don’t think we should be mandating what others should do.

    The biggest problem I see is the lack of information and lack of transparency in everything that happened this week. If the item added to legislative agenda had been published early for everyone to review, we wouldn’t have this problem. I could very well support something that Corey is proposing but looking more carefully at this since Tuesday, I’m not sure now what it was. There was no need for the rush and failure to keep us informed.

  19. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I’m with Rick on this. The current DoJ is corruption incarnate, and must be fought at all times in all places in every way.

  20. NTK asks a good question.

    Sept 2008 report. I tired to post some of it but it didnt come through.

    I also think whatever was attached to the legislative package was for the Prince William Model to be passed throughout the state. That is why Mike May balked about the unfunded mandate but then voted YES. Corey stuck to his guns on the language and refused to consider the word suggestion.

    Our model would be an unfunded mandate because the 287G training and the officer training cost our county millions of dollars. The officers who became part of the Criminal Alien Unit also had to be replaced since they left a vacancy on the regular force. The training for 6 officers amounted to 1300 or so hours. Every officer in the county was trained on probable cause. Then they had to undergo training again because the directive changed. MILLIONS of dollars were spent that you and I paid for in tax dollars.

  21. And slow and rick, this just started since Obama took office. I never heard a word from you all on this subject until Obama was sworn in.

    And if Virginia gets sued, who will pay for it?

  22. Wendy

    NTK – Either Mike May or Frank Principi said they were fine with recommending it. Chm Stewart interrupted and said “no, I want to mandate it”. Thats available on tape.

    When whole thing was funded the cost for the report was included. The BOCS approved it. Clearly citizens were involved in the report – maybe not the design.

  23. Wendy

    Don’t worry MH – we have Ken Cuccinelli to protect us from the Feds. Besides, McDonnell isn’t going to go for this. He has bigger plans and the baggage Stewart and Leteicq bring won’t play well at a national level. We all have the Gospel Greg return them with love video. Who would want that used as a campaign ad against them. Wonder if Michael Steele has seen that one -wonder what he thinks of the rule of law campaign and it’s orgins in HSM – and the gang.

  24. Need to Know

    Moon and Wendy – thanks for the answers. I’ve been so busy this week that I heard only bits and pieces of the BOCS meeting and haven’t had much time to do research.

    Then Corey is not trying to mandate his entire Virginia Rule of Law statewide through the PWC legislative agenda, it would seem.

    I agree with spending the money to train the officers in PWC. I did hear Corey say at the meeting that he had problems with the 2008 changes to the resolution but that in retrospect he likes the way it turned out. Perhaps he was just spinning this to come across as having gotten all that he wanted, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. If that’s true, we seem to have a consensus on this point except for fringe groups like Mexicans Without Borders.

    Rick and Slow, I agree with your assessment of the caliber of the Federal Government at this time, but would still prefer a tax cut to Corey provoking a needless court fight with the Feds just to raise his national profile even more.

  25. Need to Know

    As I wrote above, I heard only parts of the BOCS meeting, but Mrs. NTK and I listened to part of a discussion where Corey was talking about spending billions of dollars to rip up parking lots and our driveways. It didn’t make one bit of sense to either of us. The only part of that discussion that made any sense to us was when Frank asked to be able to read the report before he voted against it, as Corey was requesting. What was going on with all of that?

    We also heard Corey call Marty our solid waste guy, and Marty seemed to take that as a compliment. Isn’t that like telling someone they are in charge of B.S.?

  26. Wendy

    The discussion was regarding water quality issues – proper paving to absorb water properly. He was put out at McDonnell’s office imposing this new process on localities.

    The entire meeting was fraught with hypocrisy.

  27. Vigilant Vulture

    Marty is known for calling the landfill the “Crown Jewel Of The County” and is an avid promoter of the landfill. Therefore, he would take Corey’s comment as a compliment.

    Ms. Wendy,
    HSM-and the gang. Are they still in existence?

  28. Wendy

    Yes, there is still an active website and a link from BVBL..Not sure if GL is still the president. I don’t think they are as active – last announcement from BVBL was for a 1/2009 meeting. Guess they were hijacked and dumped.

  29. Rick Bentley

    “I never heard a word from you all on this subject until Obama was sworn in. ”

    Hey, I was mad as hell as George W when he was Presdient and mad as hell at his Justice Department – the one that deliberately intimidated the City of Manassas – I wanted to fight them too. Obama’s taken the whole “fighting the American people and trying to cram Amnesty down their throat at gunpoint” thing up a small level. But for years I’ve been saying that IMO the way they ignore attempts to enforce current law is worthy of impeachment, for both of them.

  30. Juturna

    If Virginia is to sue or be sued let’s be strategic and limit our exposure to the Health Care suits. I’ll bet McDonnell picks that over immigration. He has places to go….

  31. Rick Bentley

    Moon, let me tell you how I really feel.

    Bush and Obama are both guilty of criminal behavior IMO. They should each be in jail over their refusal to enforce the law. That’s how I really feel about it and I’ve felt this way going on 4 years now. You definitely mischaracterized me.

  32. Rick Bentley

    Obama’s Dept. of Justice is even worse than Bush’s. Civil rights, apparently, aren’t for white people.

    Each of the last 2 Presdients is beneath contempt IMO. To the extent that America survives, it’s despite rather than because of political worms like those two men.

  33. Rick, sorry, I forgot to put my sarcasm light on. I was just trying to get a rise out of you. I have missed you. Where have you been?

  34. NTK said:

    Then Corey is not trying to mandate his entire Virginia Rule of Law statewide through the PWC legislative agenda, it would seem.

    I think that is exactly what he is planning to do. It would look good on his political resume, or so he thinks. I think it is a tired old mule and people have bigger fish to fry.

  35. Speaking of missing people, where is MarinM these days?

  36. Need to Know


    Bottom line is we don’t know, that’s a problem, and we don’t have a BOCS dealing with our needs. Illegal immigration was and still is a problem in PWC, as are many other issues. They need to be addressed maturely in a way that balances the views and interests of the whole community. Corey is leading the BOCS in such a way as to maximize his personal political potential. I think other Supervisors are focused on PWC but they are overshadowed by Corey’s huge ego and bullying.

    How many days until election 2011?

  37. And if no one challenges any of these people then I guess it is ok.

  38. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Pity the Feds aren’t as good prosecuting Gitmo terrorists as they are going after sovereign citizens of the several states. 1 out of 248. God, Obama’s DoJ is sooooo coool!!

    1. @slow,

      yea the doj should have bought themselves a jury or two.

      Perhaps the problem is they should not have attempted trying terrorists in civilian court after 11-12 years. Of course, that begs the question, why was that dude going on trial this long after the fact?

  39. Black Velvet Reporter

    The dark screen is back to its old tricks with the hateful rhetoric. More talk of parasites who will kill their hosts and the prolific breeding rates of people from Mexico and Latin America.

    Wait until someone ties Corey to the dark screen and the those kinds of remarks to Corey. How will that play in Peoria? Corey better call his friend and make him stop or at least erase.

    How quickly she forgets and forgives.

  40. Snodley Cammiepants

    If the parasites are back then that holy sh!t dog of the dark screen can’t be far behind.

    Ruff Ruff! He nips at our heels.

  41. Juturna

    Stomp stomp…

  42. Do I hear howling also, Juturna?

  43. I am going through the report. I see some fairly glaring mistakes that do not check out with PWC PD crime stats.

  44. Jennifer Buske of the Washington Post has a great write up of what really happened in the BOCS Meeting.

    The big problem is that the Supervisors really didn’t have time to read of study the report and they did not know they were going to get blindsided with a motion. They should have all voted NO because they hadn’t had time to even think about what was going on.

    With all the money that was spent in Prince William County to come up with an acceptable policy, why should our county attempt to mandate what other jurisdictions should do. Perhaps they can’t afford the cost of implementation, which is in the millions. How arrogant. Marty and Frank were right. The vote was an unfunded mandate. We don’t like it when its done to us and I expect other jurisdictions don’t want it done to them.

    Certain unscrupulous people are still trying to turn this into a referendum on illegal immigration policy. That really isn’t the case. It is all about good and bad governance, and transparency in government.

  45. Rick Bentley

    “Where have you been?”

    Just staying busy, working hard.

  46. Rick, that sounds way too virtuous.

    Seen any new movies?

  47. DB

    Crap. Rick’s mention of the DOJ just made me realize that I forgot to turn in the documentation that I did my DOJ mandated homework and it was due today!!!!!

  48. Elena

    Like I have been saying Moon, where is the cost benefit report on the millions we spent?

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