What is going on around Manassas and Prince William County?  Did someone put something in the water? 

We have had a young man murdered on the way home from school.  He wasn’t a gang member or anything other than a popular kid, according to all I have read.  The murder took place a block from Baldwin Elementary School, not in some remote area, surrounded by his peers.   What is going on around here?

We had a strange white powder substance come out of an envelope at the courthouse.  The courthouse was locked down and 5 people underwent decontamination.  Others are being watched for signs of illness. The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force  has been called in to help with the investigation.  There is no confirmation of what the substance in the envelope was.   What is going on around here?

The Manassas Park Community Center was under lockdown today also.  No one was allowed in or out.  A warrant was being served in the vicinity.  What is going on around here?

The Gainesville Lazy Boy had a sniper on the roof and there was a suicide in the Hampton Inn in Gainesville. What is going on around here?

Some driver strung out on PCP and booze careened across the median strip just south of Gainesville and killed 2 innocent people and seriously injured others.  What is going on around here?

Last week a young bear was mutilated and its gall bladder had been removed.  Supposedly the bear gall bladder is used in Chinese medicine.  That hardly explains something that happened in Prince William Forest Park.  Animal cruelty is animal cruelty.  What is going on around here?

There are bad things going on.  Sadly, people still clamor on about KK’s in the newspaper while children are being killed by gang violence.  Bloggers myopically focus on immigration status rather than looking at the big picture.   The Manassas area needs a break.   I feel like I missed something.  What else has been going on out of the ordinary?


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  1. Emma

    Humans are wired to stubbornly persist in hope. We move forward, which is why KK’s can still be an issue in the midst of violence. The silliness actually ends up adding a little sanity to our lives.

  2. Gainesville Resident

    The Gainesville Lazy Boy store had a sniper on the roof? I hadn’t heard about that – but that’s in the VA Gateway Shopping Center where I shop often. Things sure have been crazy the last week in the Manassas area – I’m kind of glad I’m out of town this week up in NJ for Thanksgiving.

  3. GR, more detail on facebook inside nova.

    It has just been weird. I went to Manassas yesterday. I hadn’t just driven around and looked for a while. First off, Mr. F needs to learn flag manners and lower his stupid ass orange ‘Israeli’ flag. I take back my praise of him. That just looks stupid. He needs to learn flag rules about displaying the American flag.

    I just saw people doing weird stupid things the entire trip.

  4. Gainesville Resident

    Yes, I just looked at the insidenova page on FB and saw about the suicide at the Hampton Inn there.

    I would have liked to have seen the F-16’s chasing that aircraft – bet I would have if I was still living at my old place in Manassas.

    Indeed, Mr. F (as an American citizen) should know that you are supposed to fly the US flag higher than all others. Well, we all know he’s just plain clueless.

  5. “They” say crime and suicide rise during the holiday season and especially during tough economic times.

  6. Lafayette said they came in from the south. I missed them also because I was in Centreville and Yorkshire area.

  7. Gainesville Resident

    Interesting – must have flown an arc from DC then as they chased this plane from DC once it invaded restricted airspace. I’m not sure where those F-16’s are based actually, maybe Andrews AFB?

  8. Here’s the answer to what closed down the MP Community Center, thanks to Gainesville Resident.


  9. Gainesville Resident

    Those 5 people arrested look like such fine upstanding citizens, too!

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