Corey Stewart Ends His Political Career

This was written by a very well-respected Virginia Republican Shaun Kenney — the Vice-Chairman of the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors, and former Communications Director for the Republican Party of Virginia.

Kenny writes this about the Rule of Law campaign:

Now defenders of the Rule of Law campaign have assiduously maintained that it has nothing to do with Hispanics per se. No no no… even if it was 20 million Canadians, they insist this is about illegal immigration (and that alone).

Which, of course, is why Prince William County uses as a metric how many Hispanics they’ve driven out in order to judge their success. Read it for yourself… 8,000+ Hispanics out of PWC.

And this about Stewart’s latest swipe at George Allen:

It’s worth watching Corey Stewart struggle for the right words to envelope his true feelings about George Allen… amusing and angering at the very same time.

So I have a theory on how George Allen redeems himself after “macaca” — how’s about running mano-e-mano against Corey Stewart on the merits of his HISPANICS OUT! Rule of Law act? How’s about we measure up how much more good Allen did both as a governor and a U.S. Senator and ask the 8,000+ Hispanics and their families what they think of the land of the free and the home of the brave?

The path to George Allen’s redemption in Virginia politics runs through the broken, tattered remains of Corey Stewart’s political career.

Between the Tea Party favorite in Cuccinelli, the mainstream GOP Senate ’12 nominee in Allen, the Catholic Church, and everyone with even the slightest twinge of doubt that this one-man crusade against “illegal aliens” is really about targeting Hispanics… that’s an army of conscience right there. I’ll gladly march in that army.

Best of all, there is a comment from a wormy sounding Greg Letiecq, already displaying the tail between his legs Corey Stewart seems to be lacking:

Greg L said:

Shaun, I really admire a lot of what you write and do, but you’re way, way off base here. I’m tempted to fire back, but instead of wrongly impugning your motives or criticizing the shallow understanding on display here I’ll just make you an offer: Come out of Fluvanna for a while and let me give you a tour of some of the places where the impacts of illegal immigration remain disturbingly significant. Let me show you personally what this looks and feels like, and allow me to introduce you to some folks who have suffered from the impacts of illegal immigration.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you really understood what so many law abiding people had to go through with this you’d find a much more productive way to address the issue than by casually branding many decent people as simple racists. I know you want to be responsible in this debate, so let me put some facts in front of you.

Greg’s best argument for Corey’s political suicide is there are still visual signs of immigrants in Manassas? Gee, and I thought the “Rule of Laughing Stock” had been a great success, that’s why it needs to be statewide even though in PWC it was quickly repealed. It’s incredible how Corey and Greg shift their story according to the argument of the moment.

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  1. Andy H

    @Censored: certainly true but how fine do you want to slice the pie? Where does that end? You and I could live next door to each other and have different experiences. I stand by what I said.

    If you feel as though the board failed you, run for office and fix it!

  2. Hi Andy,

    I am not sure that Shaun is commenting on how things were handled inside PWC, or by extension, Manassas.

    I think he is really addressing using illegal immigration as a vehicle to ride to the next political level, especially in light of how many people have blown holes in Corey’s gravy train Virginia Rule of Law ‘Act.’

    It isn’t going to fly, it is very flawed legislation and he is alienating fellow Republicans all over the state.

    Corey has taken shots at his own colleagues left and right. He appears to have no loyalities. His lack of loyalty and his aggression towards Lingamfelter, Miller, Cuccinelli, Allen, (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg) etc. isn’t setting too well with the party faithful.

  3. Mom

    Nice pat answers Andy, but a couple of things should be pointed out. First, if memory serves, Mr. Kenney is not a long time resident of Fluvanna and spent a considerable amount of time in this area (Stafford?) so he is not without similar life experiences to Corey’s. As to revealing something about himself as a result of a smack-down on Corey, I wish more in the GOP/RPV leadership would deliver some corporal punishment to our more petulant and childish officials.

    Regarding running for office as a result of real/perceived BOCS failures, already in the works. BTW, if you don’t open that damn lake soon you might be facing a challenger yourself (and don’t cry funding issues to me unless you want a smack-down of biblical proportions, I know all the numbers including the ones you don’t talk about during deliberations on the matter).

  4. Need to Know

    Speaking of no loyalty, look at how Corey Stewart keeps throwing John Stirrup under the bus. Last summer, Stewart and Covington scammed the Gainesville Grizzlies families (John’s district) into supporting the Avendale development (Wally’s district) by promising football fields that will never appear. I would hate to be those kids’ parents in a year or two and having to explain how I got snookered by crooked politicians. John opposed Avendale and didn’t even find out about these Stewart/Covington antics until a member of his staff read about it a day or two before the vote on Moonhowlings.

    Just last week, Stewart pushed through the BOCS support of his developers’ road to nowhere knowing full well that it violates the protect the Rural Crescent pledge he signed and runs through John’s district. The road is otherwise called the Rt. 234 bypass extension to Dulles. IT DOES NOT EVEN GO TO DULLES! This is another Stewart, Covington, et. al. developer scam.

    Thank you John Stirrup, Mike May and Frank Principi for honoring your pledges to protect the Rural Crescent and voting against both of these scams.

  5. Andy H

    The budget numbers are not now, nor have they ever been secret. Our budgets (unlike your name), meetings, worksessions and public hearings are public.

    Your biblical smackdown notwithstanding, the current situation with the lake is not budget-related. It has rather more to do with the lawsuit that was filed against us that we are defending.

  6. MoM, While I don’t necessarily agree with Andy on this issue, he is a friend of mine and sort of a isn’t here all that often. Let’s not bring out the swarm of locusts on him.

    Lake Manassas might be best discussed under the open thread. NTK, I am going there to ask you a question.

  7. Andy H

    Moon: if you want to read something funny, check out the newspaper column I posted on my blog…

  8. @Moon-howler
    LOLOL! I think I’ve been spending too much time reading Moonhowlings.

  9. Blake Rilke

    One thing that surprises me is that Corey Stewart has so few defenders on this blog. He claims to have 16,000 signatures in favor of the “Rule of Law” (or Rule of Laughing Stock as the case may be). Do any of them live in Prince William County?

    What is worse, the defense seems to be straight out of some warped version of The Sixth Sense: “I see Hispanic people.” That is a poor, poor defense.

    But truly, if I had known Stewart had lost so much ground here in Prince William, I wouldn’t have bothered joining in. I thought it would be more of a contest.

  10. Sorry Blake. If it is that kind of action you are looking for, check out Greg L’s blog (from the above post).

    That blog lead the charge back in 2007. They have probably rallied behind Corey.

    Funny that you should mention about people living in PWC. Back in 2007 when our supervisors were being bombarded with mail encouraging them to do something about illegal immigration, a huge proportion of that mail wasn’t even from people living on this side of the Mississippi River. We seemed to be a part of a letter writing campaign. Isn’t FOIA wonderful?

  11. Need to Know

    @Blake Rilke

    Blake, have a look at the other blog,, which used to be very friendly to Stewart. It’s not anymore. Greg is now allowing posts very negative about Corey Stewart to remain. As I’ve said before, Corey’s only remaining base are the HSM supporters. He’s alienated and betrayed everyone else. If he loses the HSM people too, he’s completely sunk.

  12. Need to Know

    Moon, we must have clicked submit at exactly the same time. I do think BVBL is much less friendly to Stewart these days, although he certainly has more support there than he does here.

  13. NTK, I havent figured that one out yet. The blogmaster must feel like he is being drawn and quartered would be my guess.

  14. IVAN

    Perhaps the blogmaster offered his services as campaign manager and was rejected.

  15. Need to Know

    Moon and everyone, I’ve posted a detailed analysis of the Road to Nowhere in the open thread, including a map and a link to the members of the task force that recommended it.

  16. Rick Bentley

    I guess Corey is turning into the Sarah Palin of Virginia. He’s going to continue his tilt even if it irritates the elites who run his “party” and who collude with the other “party” to mismanage America’s interests.

    It sounds as if he has them really worked up, so he must be doing something right. I applaud him all the way.

  17. Rick Bentley

    (The enemy of my enemy is my friend!)

  18. Need to Know

    @Rick Bentley

    Rick – read the posts Mom and I put in the open thread about the Road to Nowhere and tell me that Corey is not colluding with the “elites” who benefit from mismanagement on the part of elected officials. This only one among many examples.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly that elites mismanage America’s interests to their gain and our loss. However, don’t be one of Corey’s suckers born every minute. He’s not your hero.

  19. Elena

    Censored bybvbl :

    I think that both politicians are making the same mistake: they are attempting to map their solutions/philosophies in their own localities to the problems experienced by many, many more people who don’t have those same experiences and feelings.

    Andy H, there are those of us who are PWC residents who didn’t share the same community problems to the extent that affected neighborhoods did. The Independent Hill area of the county (Mr. Nohe’s district) was largely unaffected. Many of us feel that our county’s reputation was sullied by our Board’s unwillingness to adequately fund Neighborhood Services at the point when problems were beginning to crop up in increased numbers. I think the Board failed the larger community by not having public hearings to address some of these issues and chose instead a drastic and divisive route to problem-solving. It’s not as simple as viewing PWC or Fluvanna County as homogeneous entities that can then be compared. There are plenty of differences within the counties.

    AMEN Censored!

  20. Elena

    Need to Know :@Rick Bentley
    Rick – read the posts Mom and I put in the open thread about the Road to Nowhere and tell me that Corey is not colluding with the “elites” who benefit from mismanagement on the part of elected officials. This only one among many examples.
    I agree with you wholeheartedly that elites mismanage America’s interests to their gain and our loss. However, don’t be one of Corey’s suckers born every minute. He’s not your hero.

    OR your “friend” !

  21. Censored bybvbl

    Andy H, at my age I’m not interested in running for the BOCS – though people tried to recruit my spouse to to so years ago. I’m afraid I haven’t the temperament. I’d probably have a tendency to whine about the work involved and snap at those I thought stupid.

  22. Lafayette

    I now have a vision of you working in the mister’s Supervisor Office. You could be the first couple of Mid-County. 😉 BTW-I think Mr. Censored would make an excellent supervisor.

  23. I do too. I would even volunteer to help out at his office. Maybe he would even consider running for chairman.

  24. Censored bybvbl

    M-h and Lafayette, Mr. Censored shoots from the lip too often to stay out of trouble. Fairfax Journal or one of the local rags once awarded him gaffe of the week for some wise crack he muttered. Although he does seem to have the ability to talk himself out of any predicament.

  25. Blake Rilke

    Need to Know :
    @Blake Rilke
    Blake, have a look at the other blog,, which used to be very friendly to Stewart. It’s not anymore. Greg is now allowing posts very negative about Corey Stewart to remain. As I’ve said before, Corey’s only remaining base are the HSM supporters. He’s alienated and betrayed everyone else. If he loses the HSM people too, he’s completely sunk.

    The HSM people? Really? I hope he has more support than that. There are less than a dozen HSM people left. The truth is, he will be reelected most likely. This is because his real base is people who vote religiously and vote religiously Republican, but don’t have time or interest in local issues to know what a poor leader he has been.

    As for you invitation, I know about the other blog but swore I would never go there again after my comments began to disappear.

  26. Wolverine

    Moon — Loudoun may be one of the wealthiest counties in the country (Couldn’t tell it by me and my neighbors, though); but we have a situation which is almost unique for this area. Over 70% of our total budget goes to the school system, which is trying to cope with both the pressure of residential development west of this town and the huge influx of immigrant kids who have to be educated. That leaves only 30% of the revenue to be divided up among everyone else, including law enforcement. It makes no difference whether the BOS is controlled by Dems or Repubs. It seems forever to be a bitter contest between the strong pro-education forces and many of the rest of us over that budget, aggravated especially by the fact that the county itself is deep in the red because of the lagging economy. When it comes to equipping and staffing both the old and new schools and fulfilling our other vital needs such as law enforcement, how far do you think the rest of us get when we seek the hiring of more zoning inspectors and enforcers to go after, inter alia, the trash violators and the rats in that young man’s neighborhood? Heck, even when we get the BOS to issue new quality of life ordinances, the enforcement personnel are always insufficient to make a serious dent. Don’t ask me how we got here. That’s just the way it is; and it ain’t funny, McGee. Here in this HOA community, we have about given up waiting for government. We do much of the heavy quality of life lifting ourselves using the enforcement options available to us under state law. Unfortunately, most of the neighborhoods around us gave up their HOA’s long ago and are now suffering for that. We aren’t exactly Tahiti here, but we do often look like a peaceful lagoon surrounded by a nasty sea. However, even our own fight never ends.

    Elena — You keep asking that same question about how one can tell a legal immigrant from an illegal immigrant simply by looking. That is certainly valid in most cases. I agree completely that quick observation and judgement will not often give you the correct answer. But, can I get some sort of exemption from that? My friend, you and others like you paid out a lot of tax dollars to train me and support me in my former profession. I think that some of my previous posts have allowed you to surmise what that profession was. A big part of that particular work is studying and researching people and finding out what makes them tick. If you failed to do that and neglected to engage in a constant honing of those skills, you could put not only your career but even your life at risk. When I say that I strapped on the “gear” and came out of retirement to help a community beset by gangbangers, street crime, and vice, as well as a deteriorating quality of life, that was a part of the gear I strapped on. We pretty good at differentiation around here. I would say that the great majority of cases in which we have been involved turned out to be illegal immigrants just as we had suspected. However, rather than looking at it as going after the illegals per se, we look at it as making our own community a safer and nicer place to live for all honest residents, regardless of their legal status. But, you are absolutely right in your contentions. It is not a quick glance and jump to conclusions deal. It takes a lot of work. And, quite frankly, I think Mr. Anderson is blowing just a bit of generalized smoke here. I’ve lived in this town for a long time. There are few great differences in living styles and social levels in this place; and from what I can see and from what I hear in talking to other residents and the authorities, I would hazard that the proportion of likely illegals to citizens and legal immigrants is about the same as in my own particular neck of these woods — in a word, LARGE. Our crime and quality of life problems have impacted almost every corner of the entire town.

  27. Wolverine, I responded on the open thread. Almost said open channel.

  28. I love watching the Republicans devour one another–even funnier than watching all the clowns tumble out of the tiny car at the circus. I think the old adage that applies to Stewart is: Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. I will never understand how the citizens of PWC got flimflamed into putting this carpet bager into office.

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