On Tuesday, Chris Dodd gave his farewell address to the Senate.  He retires after 30 years in the Senate.  He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1974 and the Senate in 1980.  Senator Dodd has left a legacy of legislation. 

Perhaps his greatest contribution to improving American lives was the FMLA Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, signed into law by President Bill Clinton.  To date, over 50 million Americans have taken leave to care for a sick child, spouse, parent, knowing that they would have a job to return to.  Mothers have been able to take the necessary time off after giving birth or adopting a child.   


As I listened to Senator Dodd’s farewell address, I thought of the advice in his wise words.  He spoke of the Senate, the expectations of the Founding Fathers, and the collegiality that was necessary to get the job done.  Listen for yourself:


I would ask that if people have negative, political comments, please keep them to yourself. 

Chris Dodd’s advise to the Senate and really, to all legislators comes at a crucial time in our history as a nation.  It could bode well for America to heed his advice.  Our legislators need to relearn the art of working together towards a common goal. 

Thanks for your service, Senator Dodd.  Enjoy your retirement and smooth sailing in all your new endeavors.

2 Thoughts to “Farewell to Chris Dodd”

  1. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Parting message to Chris Dodd: Thanks for the scandals! We thought maybe you were gone already.

    1. @slow, and which scandals would those be?

      Waiting to read so I can bring up all those Republican zippers down.

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