Governor Moonbean Returns


Jerry Brown, the former governor of California is returning as governor of California.  He was also known as Governor Moonbeam for his off-beat ideas.  He drove an old plymouth, rejecting the governor’s limo and often slept on a cot. 

Maybe his ways will be more in vogue now California is scrambling to keep its head above water.  It has 12% unemployment rate and is often described as bankrupt.

From USA Today:

Today, the 72-year-old gets sworn in to his third term as governor, having been hailed by the Los Angeles Times as “a stolid party leader” and “senior statesman of Sacramento.”

Brown defeated former eBay chief executive Meg Whitman, who spent a record $141 million on her campaign, by about 10 percentage points.

In keeping with Brown’s populist bent, the new governor’s inaugural party today will feature hot dogs and chips at the state Capitol. Brown first served as California governor from 1975 to 1983.

Maybe Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger can announce ‘He’s Boooock’ in his very best Arnold voice.  Governor Brown will inherit a $28 billion dollar shortfall. 

Will Jerry Brown be able to turn things around or will the federal government have to bail out California?