Rumors and Secrets! Save the Day February 3

Shhhhh!  Rumor has it that Verizon will announce January 11th that they will begin selling the iphone on February 3.  The rumor is unconfirmed and is built on deduction rather than anything else.  This date would be just in time for Valentines Day (or a late Ground Hog Day’s present).

The mystery also involves LTE 4G.  Will Verizon iphone be part of the 4G network or will it be 3G?    Prognosticators are betting on 3G for the business community.  From Jim Aimonetti @

Were Apple to limit the Verizon iPhone to LTE customers, it would minimize market penetration and lose out on most of Verizon’s subscriber base. Until 4G is more prevalent, Apple will most likely stick to CDMA-based versions of the iPhone. I wouldn’t expect an LTE version until 2012 at the earliest.
How many people will be switching from AT&T to Verizon?  Who has waited for iphone to come to Verizon? [M-H raises her hand.]  Does a person really need an iphone and an ipad?
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