Shhhhh!  Rumor has it that Verizon will announce January 11th that they will begin selling the iphone on February 3.  The rumor is unconfirmed and is built on deduction rather than anything else.  This date would be just in time for Valentines Day (or a late Ground Hog Day’s present).

The mystery also involves LTE 4G.  Will Verizon iphone be part of the 4G network or will it be 3G?    Prognosticators are betting on 3G for the business community.  From Jim Aimonetti @

Were Apple to limit the Verizon iPhone to LTE customers, it would minimize market penetration and lose out on most of Verizon’s subscriber base. Until 4G is more prevalent, Apple will most likely stick to CDMA-based versions of the iPhone. I wouldn’t expect an LTE version until 2012 at the earliest.
How many people will be switching from AT&T to Verizon?  Who has waited for iphone to come to Verizon? [M-H raises her hand.]  Does a person really need an iphone and an ipad?
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10 Thoughts to “Rumors and Secrets! Save the Day February 3”

  1. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I really like my Droid X….but can I resist? I admit Apple has my number.

  2. Do you have it on Verizon, Slow.,..your droid? My daughter has a droid and she loves it.

  3. Emma

    Anything has to be better than AT&T service.

  4. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Yeah, I’m with Vz. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my droid X. Love it. But I’m telling you, there’s something about the iPhone that is hard to resist. This may be one of the most anticipated news stories in technology of the last couple of years. So many rumors, and so often.

  5. Emma

    I love my iPhone, but I’m fed up with all of the dead zones with AT&T service.

  6. Verizon has some dead zones but nothing like Cingular or At&T used to have. When Verizon goes out, it is usually because there is no cell tower around at all. Cingular used to not work well at all at my house. It got worse and worse. I would not switch back to Cingular because they were crooks. They tried to nail me for breaking contract when I hadn’t been under contract for 5 years. That sort of nailed things when they merged with AT&T. I decided I didn’t need an iphone if I had to deal with them. And I didn’t cave until I got the ipad.

  7. I loved my 2003 T-Mobile boat anchor of a phone. It went through drops, sandstorms, water spills, it called direct using only my area code from KUWAIT….and then I misplaced it. However, its partner is still going strong.

  8. From my stepson:

    The Wall Street Journal confirmed last night that Verizon will introduce the iPhone on Tuesday, January 11. Steve Jobs is expected to be on hand for the event.

    The expectation is that the iPhone will be available for sale starting February 3.

    So, it’s a done deal.

  9. The new iphone @Verizon will cost $199.99 with a 2 year contract.

    It will be available February 10. Existing customers may pre-order.

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