Fox News trots one out of the ball park

Responding to Limbaugh’s criticism of Fox, Krauthammer retored, “As one of the three slobberers… I find it interesting that only the ruling class wants a president who is smart articulate and oratorical in delivering a funeral oration… It’s an odd and rather condescending view of what the rest of America is looking for in their president.

It looks like the Fox News Panel trots one out of the ball park for a change. Good for Krauthammer!  Good self deprecating humor!

(Thanks to Juturna for bringing this gem to my attention.)

The State of the County, complete with Gettysburg address

Chairman Corey A. Stewart

State of the County Address

January 11, 2011


They met here, in Prince William County, on July 21, 1861, to engage in battle.  It was supposed to be a quick battlefield victory for the Union and bring about an early end to the civil war.

 But Union forces were routed in this first major battle of the war.  The North was shocked.  There was little celebration in the South, however, as both sides realized the war would be longer and more brutal than they had imagined. 

 This year, we will commemorate that battle.  We will give thanks that the war ended the scourge of slavery and preserved our nation.  The war was not so long ago.  We may meet living children of those who fought.  And perhaps, most importantly, we will come to understand our own place in history. 

 When you elected this board in 2007, the county—and the nation—was entering the longest and deepest economic downturn since the end of World War II.  The housing market had gone from boom to bust, and county tax revenues were plummeting. 

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Karen Hughes on Rhetoric

Washington Post

By Karen Hughes


Friday, January 14, 2011; 8:00 PM

   We can’t blame our rhetoric for the Tucson shootings. But we can try to fix it.

When I traveled the world representing the United States during the George W. Bush administration, I was often confronted by people who wanted to blame the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, on American foreign policy.

U.S. support for Israel, along with the suffering of the Palestinian people, they told me, had spawned the resentment and anger that resulted in the attacks on our country.

No, I always answered, you cannot blame the murder of innocent people on any grievance, no matter how legitimate. The only organization and people responsible for Sept. 11 are al-Qaeda and the 19 hijackers who carried out its murderous mission.

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