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  1. P.Ant

    I guess this answers the question RE: the intentions of the newest member of the Piss Ant tribe.

    It’s official: Allen running for Senate; focus turns to Webb Rematch would be major battle
    By Joseph Weber
    The Washington Times
    7:50 p.m., Monday, January 24, 2011

    …..Still, Mr. Allen‘s appeals were not enough for Mr. Stewart.

    “Jefferson would be rolling over in his grave if he heard Allen quote him,” he said. “I’m seriously considering a run and am more serious every day.”

    Mr. Stewart said his qualifications go beyond his crackdown on illegal immigration, which has reduced violent crime in Prince William by 30 percent, including capping the county budget at 2007 levels.

  2. Morris Davis

    The Federal Court sentenced Ghailani to life, most like to be spent at the SupreMax in Colorado. Two of the 5 detainees convicted in Gitmo military commissions (Hamdan and Hicks) are free men and 2 more (al Qosi and Khadr) will be free in the next few years. Good thing Congress has blocked any more federal trials.


  3. 6 justices to go tonight: Roberts, Kennedy, Ginsberg, Kagan, Sotomoyor, Breyer.

    Thomas, Scalia, Alito will not be there. Thomas and Scalia don’t usually go.

  4. Jamie Radtke for Senate!

    On another item, did you know that you DON’T have to show ID when passing through a TSA checkpoint and that you can video tape them? Who knew? Apparently the TSA and the Cops didn’t.

    Also, Cabelas is selling Mosin-Nagant rifles/spear/large club combo for 90 bucks. Comes with attached tent stake. Integral stake hammer also functions as shoulder tenderizer. Get your 100+ year old assault weapon. Do it for the children!


  5. Illinois Supreme Court reinstates Emanuel’s name on the ballot for mayor.

  6. marinm


    http://www.edtrust.org/sites/edtrust.org/files/publications/files/ASVAB_4.pdf page 7 for the state breakdown but keep in mind the numbers are self-reported. Page 4 has a bar graph.

  7. Thanks Marin,

    You know, as long as these kids have an excuse, they are going to do the blame game. It would be interesting to look at grades and test scores. I am betting right now they had lousy grades and low test scores on standard state tests.

    Of those who didn’t do well academically on the test: were these kids who walked into the recruitment office with grades no lower than a C? Had they even graduated from high school? I am saying nooooooooooooo.

    They aren’t going to turn into brain trusts just because they are no longer in school. These are probably the same students who disrupted so others couldn’t learn, kids who didn’t study for tests or do their homework and who were way too cool to do what they were supposed to do. And look where the blame is….smack back on the school.

    I will blame schools for not having good vocational programs. That is simply a crime that has existed for decades. Not everyone needs to prepare for college. It isn’t even really schools’ faults. It is the fault of state curriculums that insist everyone prepare for Harvard.

    The practice of failing kids also needs to be started up again. I don’t really care if it shows that kids aren’t helped by repeating a grade. It sends a strong message to do your work or you get another chance. Kids see that nothing happens to those who don’t do. So they all start being slugs.

  8. “Not everyone needs to prepare for college.”


  9. Big Dog

    The National Weather Service states “five or more inches of heavy
    snow are possible in PWC by late tomorrow – less near I-95 and
    more to the west”. We have missed some big storms this season,
    but this one may nick us. Know local governments were hoping
    for a break after last winter’s snow removal budget blasters.

  10. Thanks, Big Dog. That is almost exciting news. Keep us updated please. I like your news.

  11. Look! Someone snuck in and took a picture of my office!

    I wish. Click the picture for a better look.

    It looks like the owner has an anti-aircraft machine gun on the right and a 40 mm grenade launcher hanging up on the left. And a squirrel gun up on the shelf.

    Yeah. Its a good start on a home defense collection…..

  12. Why does Kristi Noem look like MIchele Bachman who looks like Sharon Angle? Is it just me? It looks like cookie cutter women.

  13. Cargo my friend, I worry about you. If you are that fearful of your neighborhood, maybe you should consider moving.

    Of course, my first question was why the arsenol wasn’t in a locked gun cabinet.

  14. marinm

    Cargo, my only question WRT to the picture is… YAHOO?? Really? I would expect the homepage to be set to Drudge.

    And, looking at the metadata on the pic I might just have the GPS coordinates of your compound… 😉

    Aside from that.. Very nice way to spend over 100K on hardware…err firearms. The computer kit setup is nice too. Looks like the guy quad (or more) boxes either WoW, Eve or some other MMORPG.

    I need to google Kristi Noem..

  15. Moon,

    Redneck joke, cut short: Sheriff who pulls over redneck, finds out he has a pistol in his glovebox, shotgun in the backseat and rifle in the trunk, asks, “Boy, what are you afraid of?” Redneck: “Not a DAMN thing……” Gun Cabinet? They don’t make them that big.With that set up, that entire room is probably a vault.

    Marin, My homepage is actually Instapundit. Its just set to Yahoo because Google is evil…… 🙂 Then UCV. But I seem to spend my time here. Must be the good company.

  16. Disgusted

    Cargosquid :
    I think all of you are reading WAY too much into Beck.

    Don’t you mean “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” Cargo

  17. punchak


    Gee, that didn’t take long!

  18. punchak

    Moon-howler :Illinois Supreme Court reinstates Emanuel’s name on the ballot for mayor.

    That didn’t take long!

  19. @Disgusted
    Well, only if you think that Beck is pretending to be in charge of anything and pretending to have real power.

    I’ve never heard of a cult leader that tells his “followers”, “Ya’ll ‘er crazy if you take my word as gospel. Go lookit up yur own selves.”

  20. @Cargo,

    So how many cult leaders do you actually know?

    That is just a ploy to get the minions to follow….

  21. Mr.Happy is giving the rebuttal now.

  22. Raymond Beverage

    @ Cargo

    NICE Office!!!! Several varients of M-16 (aka as ArmaLite Weapon Series), the “blooper gun” on the wall you mentioned. 50cal up on the backwall, and over to the far right (what you referred to anti-aircraft gun) is my most favorite of all machineguns – the M2 50cal with an AT-4 rocket launcher standing behind it.

    Just one question….what’s your preference for dinking squirrels??? 🙂

  23. Moon,

    I’m from the DEEP South, Louisiana, to be exact. What do you think we watched on Sunday Afternoons….

  24. @Cargo, I don’t know what you all watch on Sunday afternoons. When I lived in the deep south we planted zoysia. Other folks went out and ate catfish and hush puppies. Then there were the races.

  25. Big Dog


    Do our local high schools still have debate teams?

    They are a great way to teach public speaking, organization and civility.

    Thinking of President Obama’s suggestion that we honor academic skills as well as
    athletic ones.

  26. The only thing on Sunday were the “televangelists.”

    Of course, NOW I watch that other cult show….Football….now that the Saints are worth watching. I’ve always been a Saints cultist.

  27. @Big Dog

    Yes they do still have debate teams. My niece went all over the state when she was in high school on the debate team at her high school in Loudoun County. I believe she is still involved in debate at George Mason.

  28. @Cargo, the local stations took over?

    I can remember Oral Roberts on TV when I was a child. He wanted people to touch the TV. This was on some strange cable set up my grandparents had in Staunton….like pre cable cable. They told me not to watch him. There were only like 3 channels.

  29. Big Dog

    Remember when I was in high school, being on the debate team was
    a real honor – perhaps not QB level, but up there – even with academic letter
    jackets. I read almost all the local news sources, but don’t ever remember
    an article about any local debate teams or contest.
    Kudos for your niece.

  30. Starryflights

    A disappointing State of the Union address

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011; 10:35 PM

    PRESIDENT OBAMA entered office promising to be a different kind of
    politician – one who would speak honestly with the American people
    about the hard choices they face and would help make those hard
    calls. Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address would have been
    the moment to make good on that promise. He disappointed.

    It’s not that everything he said in the speech was wrong; on the
    contrary, we agree with much of it. To remain competitive in the
    world, and to reverse the trend of rising inequality at home, the
    government will have to invest, as Mr. Obama proposed, in scientific
    research, education and infrastructure. To stay safe abroad, the
    country can’t stint on national defense or foreign aid. Republican
    visions of dramatically smaller government are unrealistic and
    potentially dangerous.

    But where will the money come from? “We will make sure this is fully
    paid for,” Mr. Obama said as he grandly pledged to “redouble” road
    and bridge repair. With higher gasoline taxes? Traditionally, that
    has been the way. Mr. Obama didn’t elaborate.

    The president promised to freeze discretionary spending – exempting,
    that is, defense, veterans affairs, homeland security, Medicare and
    Social Security – for five years. Given that he’d already promised a
    three-year freeze, this was more incremental than earthshaking and,
    as he acknowledged, in any case affects only 12 percent of the
    federal budget.

    The reality, as Mr. Obama understands, is that the country is headed
    for fiscal catastrophe unless it does some politically unpopular
    things: unwind the Bush tax cuts, including for the middle class;
    reduce projected Social Security benefits for future retirees,
    exempting the poor and disabled; rein in the cost of health care;
    limit popular income tax deductions. Mr. Obama knows this, but last
    night he did little to prepare Americans for any of it. The best you
    could say is that he left the door open to work with Congress on
    these issues.


    You got to cut defense, social security, vets benefits and medicare to reduce deficits.

    1. @Starry,

      Sure sounds like that screaming liberal Washington Post again. NOT!!!!

  31. Starryflights


  32. Cindy B

    Any one want to increase their speaking skills, come check out the Speak Up Manassas Toastmasters speech-a-thon, Monday, Jan. 31 at noon at Central Library on Mathis Ave.

  33. O.M.G! Starry has joined the Tea Party!

  34. The Dow is back up over 12000.

  35. hello


    Are you surprised? The guy doesn’t fit their own requirements for running for mayor. Seems pretty straight forward doesn’t it, however, never underestimate the culture of corruption.

    I’m going to go waaaaaay out on a limb here and predict that Emanuel will be the next mayor of Chicago. Thus plunging them even further into unfunded liability hell.

  36. hello


    Does that make Starry a “teajadist”? Still wondering where Starry got that gem or exactly what it means.

    1. He copied it from the Washington Post this morning. You know, that liberal rag you all like to diss?

  37. hello


    What the hell is the one on the bottom left hanging on the wall? Looks like something from ‘Total Recall’.

  38. hello

    Starry is a he? The Washington Post is a ‘liberal rag’?!?!?!? I need to lay down…. this is just too much.

  39. hello

    By the way, I’ve never called the Washington Post a ‘liberal rag’ nor have I ever dissed it…. that I can remember.

  40. From today’s Wall Street Journal:

    WASHINGTON—The U.S. is set to record a net $312.2 million from its sale of its final 465.1 million warrants to purchase common shares of Citigroup Inc., the Treasury Department said Wednesday.

    The sale of the warrants, expected to close Monday, will allow the government to dispose of the remaining stake in Citigroup obtained through the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP.

    Overall, taxpayers are expected to end up with a $12.3 billion profit on the government’s $45 billion investment in the company during the 2008 financial-sector bailout. Last year, Treasury sold its 34% stake of common shares of Citigroup.

    TARP had to happen and it has been profitable.

  41. There are some who would have willingly let the nation sink into the abyss of depression. Shame on them. It is the government’s job to protect people from that sort of thing happening.

  42. Big Dog

    FYI: Manassas City has declared a “snow emergency” — so, for one thing,
    don’t park on street’s designated Snow Emergency Routes — you
    may be ticketed and towed.

  43. How does one know which is a snow emergency route? Are they clearly marked?

  44. We are supposed to get thunder snow. Anyone heard any?

  45. @hello
    He got Teajadist from me! I used here first as an alternative to Tea Bagger.

    That rifle is the FN P90 PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) Originally designed by Belgium for non-combat support troops to replace pistols. Didn’t quite work out that way. Its popular in the show, StarGate.

  46. Thanks Big Dog. I think I live on a county snow route. No one has ever said we had to move parked cars. I have lived here a lonnnnng time. Its sort of like residents have no where to go.

  47. Lomond Drive reportedly has cars all over the place, especially at Flatbranch Hill.

    There are also a lot of power lines down.

  48. Lafayette

    I think two of my neighbors behind me lost power and they reported not be able to make it over Flatbranch. Had to take the scenic route 234. lol

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