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Jon Stewart analyzes the latest Palindrome.

Strange, he sees the same things I do. The slightest criticism becomes persecution.   UFB.  He didn’t even call and ask my opinion, this time.

Palin threw down the gauntlet by sayings ‘for those on the left would have no standards if it weren’t for their double standards.’  I sure hope she isn’t counting on MY vote, since I bet she includes people like me in her ‘left.’  So when asked why I don’t care for her, I will just go with that: 

Where is he wrong in his assessment?  It pretty much comes from the Caribou’s mouth in this one. 

70 Thoughts to “Those on the left would have no standards if it weren’t for their double standards”

  1. Steve Thomas

    @ George,

    You are welcome. Checkmate.

  2. Elena

    I am not going to argue this point. Iraq did not hit us on 9-11. PERIOD end of story. If we were so worried about WMD’s why didn’t we go after North Korea? No, the reality is that saddam was weakened, he was an easy target and the American people were easily manipulated with fear tactics, the ole mushroom cloud was coming for sure. Dick Cheney told us that Mohamad Atta was in Nigeria buying yellow cake (that was proven to be totally bogus).

    Furthermore, if we believed that syria had the material, why not invade them too? Why not invade Iran?

    From the man who we trusted and President Bush trusted to complete a comprehensive report:

    David Kay, PhD, former head of the Iraq Survey Group (ISG), in a Jan. 28, 2004 hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on the subject of “Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs,” stated:
    “SEN. BEN NELSON: All right. You know, you have indicated that you found no evidence of existing stockpiles of WMDs. Is it possible that they found their way to Syria? Is there any way of knowing whether they found their way to Syria or to another location?

    MR. KAY: In terms of possibility, I mean, you can’t rule out anything. The way I tried to direct our activities, I knew we were not going to get permission to conduct inspections in Syria, as much as I would professionally and personally have enjoyed it. I also knew that the intelligence we collected that showed movement of material across the Iraq-Syrian border didn’t show what was in the containers.

    So you try to answer that question by saying was there something to be moved back across the border? Look at production capability. It’s totally inadequate for saying did they move small amounts, did they move technology, did they move documentation — absolutely possible; I would say probable. But my personal belief is that they did not move large stockpiles, because I do not believe they had reconstituted a capability that had produced large stockpiles. So that’s how you get at it…

    My belief that they did not move large stockpiles of WMD to Syria is based on my conclusion that there were not large stockpiles to move…”

    Jan. 28, 2004 – David Kay, PhD

  3. Steve Thomas


    You are welcome. I do consider the reports several Marine officers, some personally known to me, to be pretty irrefutable. I do believe your “flat earth” reference, and your disparaging comments regarding Colin Powell to indicate that in lieu of a cogent and rationale response, “attack your opponent” is your only counter. Rather than responding in kind, I’ll just say “checkmate”, and call it a day. God Bless, and Good Night.

  4. Elena

    I am gettin’ off this roller coaster, clearly, we just have divergent views of what happened, and we have “our” facts to back up our points of view.

  5. Steve Thomas


    So the many classified documents (illegally obtained) stolen by Army Private Manning, and released through wikileaks, which counter Dr. Kay’s self-described “belief” that WMD materials were not moved to Syria, are to be dismissed, because the case is settled in the “official report” said so?

    When we see pictures and footage of chemical shells being unearthed, identified, catalogued and detroyes, we are supposed to believe they are fakes, because a “report” concluded they didn’t exist?

    I am not implying that the good Dr. was intentionally trying to deceive the public. Far from it. I have to ask, how much mustard and vx would Saddam have had to posess before we can agree he had WMD’s? If you want to restrict the definition to nukes, ok. Saddam was years away from having a viable nuclear program. Just to produce enough fissionable material for a single bomb, would have taken technology and resources that Saddam did not posess prior to the invasion.

    As far as invading Syria or Iran, we had no legitimate authority under which to do so. No UN resolution. You do realize that Saddams firing SAM missiles at our aircraft enforcing the no-fly zone were sufficient enough justification to invade, don’t you? Iraq did not hit us on 9/11 True. Germany didn’t hit us on Dec 7, 41 either. We went to war with them, because they threatened us with a declaration of war. Would you classify firing on our aircraft hostile?

  6. Pat.Herve

    The mistake with Iraq happened back in 1991 – at that time, there is no doubt that Saddam was a bad bad man, and we did not finish what we started. We should have. It would have saved us many more problems. But here we are, 20 years later, and the Middle East is largely unchanged, and continues to be a hot bed of hatred directed towards the US.

  7. Hindsight is 20/20. Think how different things would be if we had not made nice with Stalin back in the day. Maybe better/maybe worse. But different.


    I have seen lots and lots of 30 second clips of him–how do you think I knew about it in the first place? He wasn’t anti-semitic. He was just offensive and not horribly relevant. Feel free to rant about him all you want. I have better things to do.

    Hello, I am about ready to put you into permanent exile. You came here deliberately to try to start a fight with me after I gave my opinion:

    I doubt the distinguished Ed (I shot my dog, beat my wife) Shultz will even mention it. And I doubt you will dedicate an entire thread about how he “threw down the gauntlet” either. Why, because of that pesky D next to his name. It’s kryptonite to criticism from the ‘left’.

    No one needs that. Consider yourself warned and don’t be surprised. for the tenth time, please contribute positively or don’t come here. If you come here to gore me, you will not be happy with the consequences. This is probably the last time I will warn you. My patience is not endless.

  8. Moon,

    You do have to give hello this: He’s the one that stayed on topic. You asked if Jon was wrong. Hello gave you his answer. He feels that Palin got hit while those to the left do not. That’s all.

    You asked. He answered.

  9. He gored.

    Cargo, he may have his opinion. He needs to stop coming on this blog trying to start up a fight. I will not allow that. He knows what he is doing and he has been warned. There is also past history that the rest of the blog is not privy to.

  10. I see that Hello wants to put Senator Cohen’s name in lights. He is welcome to do that. I had never heard of the guy before yesterday. He has no national fame. Give him some.

    Apparently Hello missed the point I was making about the latest Palindrome. Its fine to insult half the people in the United States as long as the insulter is willing to take the consequences. It makes no difference to me. I will be the one laughing, along with the ‘lefties.’

  11. Wolverine

    Niger, not Nigeria. And it was neither proven nor disproven. The claim to have disproven the Brit yellow cake report appears to me to have been all guesswork and supposition without hard facts. “C’est l’Afrique” — as they say. We may never know the real answer.

  12. Hello, here’s your chance. I don’t see you commenting on that thread you said I wouldn’t put up. And actually, you are right, I wouldn’t have if Jon Stewart hadn’t spoofed him. But here’s yiour chance. Go have at it. The thread is yours.

    Or did you really bring it up just to goad me? That’s what I thought.

  13. Thinking about how Palin whines about being picked on. I was just watching SNL. It was a rerun from Dec. One of the opening skit was of fake Hillary Clinton getting out of the car, sans undies, with her legs spread. How disrespectful.

    Nancy Pelosi has also had incredible cruelty and disrespect hurled her way.

    At least Palin didn’t have crotch shots done of her.

  14. @Moon-howler
    Wanna bet? You haven’t visited the the “fake celebrity” porn sites. Its much worse than SNL.

    At least, that’s what I’ve heard.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    1. No going there. This is main almost prime time TV. I was furious when I saw it. Last time I put on my SNL boycott was over Chelsea. For the record, I would be almost as mad if the same thing had happened to Palin. The only difference in magnitude would be because Hillary is actually the secretary of state. Other than that, pure disrespect of women is the governing gross out here.

  15. To be honest, Tina Fey is HOPING for a Palin presidency. I would if I were her…..

    I’ve seen snippets of her Palin act. Its good.

    But I haven’t watched SNL since the days of Eddie Murphy……I just don’t find them funny anymore.

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