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Glenn Beck: George Soros, who as a child in Hungary survived the Holocaust by living with a non-Jewish family “used to go around with this anti-Semite and deliver papers to the Jews and confiscate their property and then ship them off. And George Soros was part of it. He would help confiscate the stuff. It was frightening. Here’s a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps.” November 11, 2010

 Roger Ailes: There are some “left-wing rabbis who basically don’t think that anyone can use the word ‘Holocaust’ on the air.” November 16, 2010 “[NPR] are, of course, Nazis. They have a kind of Nazi attitude. They are the left-wing of Nazism.” November 17, 2010

 Rabbis to Rupert Murdoch: ‘Sanction Glenn Beck’ An open letter on the occasion of UN Holocaust Remembrance Day January 27, 2011

 Dear Mr. Murdoch,

 We are rabbis of diverse political views. As part of our work, we are devoted to preserving the memory of the Shoah, and to passing its lessons on to our future generations and to all humankind. All of us have vigorously defended the Holocaust’s legacy. We have worked to encourage the responsible invocation of its symbols as a powerful lesson for the future.

 We were therefore deeply offended by Roger Ailes’ recent statement attributing the outrage over Glenn Beck’s use of Holocaust and Nazi images to “left-wing rabbis who basically don’t think that anybody can ever use the word ‘Holocaust’ on the air.”

 In the charged political climate in the current civic debate, much is tolerated, and much is ignored or dismissed. But you diminish the memory and meaning of the Holocaust when you use it to discredit any individual or organization you disagree with. That is what Fox News has done in recent weeks, and it is not only “left-wing rabbis” who think so.

 Abe Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, a child survivor of the Holocaust, described Beck’s attack on George Soros as “not only offensive, but horrific, over-the-top, and out-of-line.” Commentary Magazine said that “Beck’s denunciation of him [Soros] is marred by ignorance and offensive innuendo.” Elan Steinberg, vice president of The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, called Mr. Beck’s accusations “monstrous.” Rev. Welton Gaddy, president of the Interfaith Alliance, called them “beyond repugnant.” And Deborah Lipstadt, professor of Holocaust Studies at Emory University, says Beck is using traditional anti-Semitic imagery.

“I haven’t heard anything like this on television or radio — and I’ve been following this kind of stuff,” Lipstadt said. “I’ve been in the sewers of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial more often than I’ve wanted.

” We share a belief that the Holocaust, of course, can and should be discussed appropriately in the media. But that is not what we have seen at Fox News. It is not appropriate to accuse a 14-year-old Jew hiding with a Christian family in Nazi-occupied Hungary of sending his people to death camps. It is not appropriate to call executives of another news agency “Nazis.” And it is not appropriate to make literally hundreds of on-air references to the Holocaust and Nazis when characterizing people with whom you disagree.

 It is because this issue has a profound impact on each of us, our families and our communities that we are calling on Fox News to meet the standard it has set for itself: “to exercise the ultimate sensitivity when referencing the Holocaust.” We respectfully request that Glenn Beck be sanctioned by Fox News for his completely unacceptable attacks on a survivor of the Holocaust and that Roger Ailes apologize for his dismissive remarks about rabbis’ sensitivity to how the Holocaust is used on the air.

Signed by many rabbis of different poitical persuassions


First amendment rights belong to the publisher, not the individual.  Therefore they call on Murdoch to insist that his employees behave responsibly when representing him.  That is all VERY American. 


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  1. Elena

    Who would argue with this?

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Nobody would bother to argue with it.

  3. Elena

    is this too below you slowpoke? rabbi’s concerned about the desensitization of the horrors of the Holocaust is not worthy of discussion?

  4. Beck uses recent history to make his point. A lot of his “nazi” comments are his concern that the propaganda and many of the political manipulations are the same that were used in Nazi Germany. His concern that some of the people in the administration have stated admiration for eugenics. Has he characterized those with whom he disagrees as Nazis? I don’t know? Most of them, at least the ones I’ve heard, he has not. Has he characterized them as using the same tools that Goebbels used? That some of them have the same principles? That many of the political structures are similar to fascism and that the end result, however far down the road that it, leads to death? Yep. Because many of those people DO support policies that ultimately lead to train cars and camps. Lenin had the best of intentions. Hitler was loved and admired and the Germans thought he was a savior. Mussolini and Stalin are STILL admired, and the progressives of the time in THIS country thought that they had the right ideas.

    So how can Beck NOT use history’s examples. These rabbis should be applauding Beck. What better way to NEVER FORGET! It was the socialists, both the National Socialists and the Communists, that butchered Jews. To this day, I can’t understand how Jews can support ANY form of communism or other socialistic politics. Socialism and the idea of equal outcomes, of social justice, of mandatory leveling leads to horror.

    He’s not a anti-semite and these people know better. But, they are funded by Soros. But, of course, just because they are rabbis, they are above political self-interest.

  5. marinm

    Mr. Obama would never send people to camps and detain them without prosecution. THat would never happen. Isn’t that right, Ms. Maddow?

    The rabbis are very against this idea, right? Would love to see that WSJ ad.

  6. Cargo, I am speechless. Just speechless.

    It is posts like that one that really make me want to just take this blog down. I have never heard such an outrageous bunch of bullshit in my life.

    Continue attacking the rabbis. I am done here.

  7. Elena

    I am just absolutely astonished by your comments. I voted for President Obama, I am NOT a socialist, President Obama is not a socialist. what the hell is wrong with you?

    What kind of ridiculous unfounded statement is this:

    “His concern that some of the people in the administration have stated admiration for eugenics. Has he characterized those with whom he disagrees as Nazis? I don’t know? Most of them, at least the ones I’ve heard, he has not. Has he characterized them as using the same tools that Goebbels used? That some of them have the same principles? That many of the political structures are similar to fascism and that the end result, however far down the road that it, leads to death? Yep. Because many of those people DO support policies that ultimately lead to train cars and camps. ”

    You tell me, right now, WHAT person in the adminstration has “stated admiration for eugenics” ? Cargo, I will not allow such outlandish lies to stand unchallenged, in fact, I am so disgusted, I am not even sure I want you on this blog. I am not saying I will censor you, but I may ask you to leave. I am a jew and I don’t support socialism, but I do support decent health care for all citizens, public education, and regulations on business.

  8. So, because I defend Beck, I’m attacking Rabbis? Are the rabbis that support Beck, then wrong? Beck uses the actual words of his political opponents to expose them. These people want to do this because Beck attacked SOROS. Are all of the Rabbis supporters of Soros? No. Are there some that are truly offended? Yep. Are there some Rabbis supporting Beck? Yep.

    You want to take a blog down, because I disagree with a liberal group that is offended by Beck? Beck isn’t the only one that attacks Soros. Soros admitted himself that his character was developed at that time and that he felt no guilt. Was he a Nazi? No. Was he a collaborator? No. But, something broke in him at that time. The problem is that Beck used Soros’ own description when describing what went on.

    Soros does support organizations that are inimical to America. At least in my opinion.

    I’m saying that this is an over-reaction to Beck and that the Soros funded organization turned their offense into a tool to silence one of Soros’ enemies.

    But, because its Beck, its evil incarnate. Beck is just an evil anti-semitic cult leader, lying through his teeth, losing sponsors, attacking an innocent man that just happens to make money by destroying entire economies. I think that you’re scared that Beck is right about too many things. Is he right? Hell if I know. I know that many of the things he’s talked about are accurate.

    They can be offended. Hey, I’m offended by lots of things. I think that the world would be a better place if certain people were silent. But that’s not the American way.

  9. Elena

    Furthermore, are you not aware of what Holocaust Rememberance day is? Why would you impugn these Rabbi’s intentions with the implication of “Soros money”. Are you that jaded?

  10. Elena

    No one said Beck was an anti semite, what his is, in my opinion, is an opportunist, willing to make any crazy allegation to get ratings, to make money.

  11. @Elena
    John Holdren:


    What specific population-control laws did they have in mind? For starters, the authors propose that this regime should have the power to:

    1. Compel ‘inferior’ mothers to either give up their children or have abortions.

    2. Sterilize the population through putting “sterilants” into their water and food supply. (According the authors of Ecoscience this would be okay as long as “pets” or “livestock” are not harmed.)

    3. Forcibly implant a long-term sterilizing capsule which would only be removed with “official permission.”

    These concerns came about because at least four of the President’s advisers on health care seem to have less than stellar regard for the sanctity of life.

    But Germany, which provided universal health care, began to view Germans with conditions like cerebral palsy as primarily a drain on health resources that could be allocated to healthier Germans.

    “What happened in Germany was that they could not afford health-care for all,” warns Beck.

    Beck repeats that he does not mean to say that President Obama is building a euthanasia program, like Germany’s T4 program, which put to death around 70,000 human beings they deemed physically or mentally unfit.

    If there is a crisis what will they do? Whose voice will he hear?” asks Beck.

    Beck says that answer lies with what President Obama himself said on the campaign trail: if one wants to know his policies, then pay attention to his advisors.

    So when it comes to health-care reform: four advisors behind the effort deserve special attention: Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel, Health Reform Policy Advisor; John Holdren, Science Czar; Cass Sunstein, the Regulatory Czar; and Van Jones, the Green Jobs Czar.

    Elena, this is what I’m talking about. I have absolutely NO faith in government worrying about the sanctity of life when it runs out of money.

    As for supporting Obama and not being a socialist….Ok. Not all people voting for Obama are socialists. But there are some jews that ARE SOCIALISTS AND COMMUNISTS. THOSE are the ones that I’m talking about. And while YOU may not think Obama is not a socialist, you and I define it differently. I include the progressive philosophy from the early 20th century as a socialist idea. Obama is a progressive. His ideas support the joining of government and big business, greater government control over many aspects of the free market, etc. He uses political tools from the radical playbook. Social justice IS a socialist ideal.

    ” but I do support decent health care for all citizens, public education, and regulations on business.” And guess what, those are all socialist ideas if you mean more government control.

    Beck looks at the philosophy and educates people about where socialism heads when taken to extremes. And there are some extreme people in this administration and attached to the Democratic party. He is taking many of them at their word. Cloward-Piven is not just a Beck buzz word. Piven, this month, called for violent riots to push Obama even further left.

    The frustrating thing to the hard core socialists and communists in this country is that normal Americans, even very liberal ones, never seem to cross a certain line. As socialistic as some Democrats, most do not want to head down the road to totalitarianism. As totalitarian as some Republicans want to be, they also don’t head down the socialistic road.

    But there are some, now, in the government and society that want to push us farther and farther that way, if even incrementally. Beck is warning everybody that those ideas can lead to problems.

    That is why I defended him. He uses Nazi Germany terminology and them as examples because THEY ARE THE EXAMPLES he is warning about. Soros is just another progressive that uses his money for influence and power.

    I support decent health care for all. I support regulations that MAKE SENSE for business and industry. And I support education, even publicly financed education. I just prefer a different structure to support those things.

  12. This link should have come after “These concerns came about because at least four of the President’s advisers on health care seem to have less than stellar regard for the sanctity of life.”

  13. Found another link:

    And Elena, if I thought that Beck was being anti-semitic, I would be the first to ask people not to watch him. I’m one of those that do not use Nazi as an insult because I know what they did. Being married to a Jew and having, technically, a Jewish daughter, tends to focus the mind that way. But I felt that way even before I knew my wife.

  14. @marinm

    marin, it is posted. Click on the link. that is as close as I can get.

    And as to Maddow’s diatribe–you understand that this is about Gitmo? You understand that Maddow is very liberal and doesn’t believe in holding anyone in Gitmo?

    Do you want to turn them all loose?

  15. Cargo said:
    You want to take a blog down, because I disagree with a liberal group that is offended by Beck?

    No. I want to take it down because I feel sick every time I have looked at it today.

  16. Moon,

    Sorry you feel that way. Maybe its time to take a break.

    Want me to take over for a spell……… 😉

    At least it would be……interesting. Though I’d probably get an e-mail bomb from Elena 😉

  17. Those links are not unbiased reports. There is a clear agenda and that is to destroy the current president.

    I can’t have a discussion about stuff like that. Please just read what the rabbis said.

  18. Moon,

    If you’re talking about the links I put up, I was answering Elena. And why would those SUPPORTING the President, want to put out the actual writings of his advisers that might embarrass him.

    I read what the rabbis said. And they are offended. I don’t have a problem with that. I think that the reaction is over-blown. I was explaining why I thought Beck said what he said. I’ve seen other explanations by Wolverine.

    I’m not saying that its wrong for them to feel offended. I’m not even saying that its wrong for them to complain to Fox. What I’m saying is that the organized effort involved, involves a political enemy of the target and therefore could be suspect.

    1. @Cargo

      Neutral wouldn’t be supporting or not supporting the president.

      I disagree with you about Beck and why he said anything. He is an opportunist and the more he stirs the pot the better the ratings.

      I watched his 3 days of Soros, I am sorry to say. I found much of it all highly offensive, in particular the part said about him as a boy.

      I can'[t speak to the degree the rabbis should be offended. There is no way a gentile can see things through their eyes. (meaning me) They are and that is their right. To imply that they are on the take from Soros is offensive.

      They either have a right to complain or they don’t. Which is it? How about they are complaining because 2 people have continually made dumb ass remarks that they find offensive? Do you suspect Ailes and Beck as much as the rabbis? Couldn’t we do the inverse? Could we say that Murdoch and Soros are political enemies?

  19. Of course we can say that Murdoch and Soros are political enemies. And I never said that they don’t have a right to complain. I just said that the organization that they are using and that probably organized the letter is funded by Soros, an enemy of Beck, and therefor suspect. I’m not saying that the individual Rabbis are on the take. I’m saying that the organization which did this, is. Which, according to some, is NOT a bad thing.

    Of what do I have to suspect Ailes and Beck of? I don’t suspect the Rabbis of anything. I know that they found Beck offensive. I also believe that Beck is not an anti-semite and that …well, I would just be repeating myself. I know that no matter what I say, you will disagree about Beck. To you, he’s a phony or a cult leader, or ….something.

    To me, he’s a TV/Radio personality that is attempting, for reasons of his own, which includes a profit motive, but also for patriotic reasons, to educate Americans in political theory and history, to advance a more libertarian agenda. He is attempting to remove PC thinking.

  20. BoyThreeOne

    Comments made by Cargosquid make my skin crawl, as do the sites hosting the links he posted. Actually, the sites hosting the links are using exactly the same tactics and language the rabbis are protesting, as is Cargosquid, despite his pronouncement that he isn’t.

    I’ve decided along the way in my life to dismiss outright any endeavor that has as its sole purpose the denigration and slander of another human being(s). Disagreement is one thing. Smearing, threatening, misrepresenting truth for the sake of fueling sanctimonious outrage and hatred are something else and are repulsive actions. A true cause or calling requires a focus of support and celebration. If your cause is based on hating something, you don’t have a cause. You have a pathological vendetta and aren’t worth listening to. I don’t comment on this blog very often, but I read it frequently. I find it to be brimming with support and celebration of amazing causes. I also find it to be generous and tolerant beyond belief with posters such as Cargosquid, whose contribution to the betterment of the world is the equivalent of a giant fart, in my view.

  21. “Neutral wouldn’t be supporting or not supporting the president.”

    Actually, then, I could report that Obama’s advisers had written that book, quoted them, and voiced my concerns about their beliefs and be totally neutral. Would you be happy having those men in charge, then? I mean, they did write about planning for forced sterilization.

    I added the part about Beck to explain why he’s concerned. Elena asked me to justify a statement, so I put up those links.

  22. Thank you for your honest input, Boy.

    So, why don’t the writings of those authors make your skin crawl? As for my contribution…then at least I’m contributing to global warming! If you believe my writing to be examples of hate, then you have a low tolerance for those that disagree with you. The Christian Telegraph is a hate site? Really?

    I too find this blog to be “brimming with support and celebration of amazing causes.” I also find it to be”generous and tolerant beyond belief with posters such as” me. However, I also express my views as this blog has allowed and try to justify my opinions. If you are implying that I have smeared, threatened, or misrepresented something, then please provide evidence. I’m sure that Moon and Elena would have been the first to tell me about it. So, since I’ve offended you,…..well, I really don’t care, since you are trying to insult me.

    Thanks for sharing.

  23. @Elena
    Actually, no, I did not know of Holocaust Remembrance Day. I am not impugning the rabbis. I am accusing the organization that did this of being financed by Soros and being suspect. Now, if this letter had come from a NON-Soros funded organization…..I wouldn’t have said anything about that, other than I think that I think the reaction to Beck is over blown.

    Until now I had now seen Ailes’ comment. He was wrong in that his statement did not apply to all of the rabbis. If the rabbis had been smarter, they would have used a different organization.

  24. Ya know what….

    If anyone other than Elena and Moon, (whom I’ve emailed) are offended by my explanations and my answering of Elena….Sorry. I’m not apologizing for what I’ve written. But its a touch subject, made intentionally more so by the political tactics used. So, if anyone is offended, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Even you, BoyThree. Since I’ve said all that I can say, I’m done.

  25. Starryflights

    Glen Beck’s comments that George Soros hunted down Jews for the Nazis is WW2 are sickening and disgusting.

  26. marinm


    Response to #14. Understood but I think Maddow is also irked because Mr. Obama had promised a change from the Bush policy allowing those detentions. To your question I agree that those being detained in Gitmo should be there and probably stay there for the rest of their lives. Ms. Maddow is just doing the same thing the rabbi’s are; voicing displeasure. I support the rabbi’s (and Ms. Maddows) ability to do so. I also support Mr. Obama and Mr. Murdocks right to give them the double pumper.

    This ad will do nothing; will change nothing;will bring about nothing. At most you’ll see a small bump in Mr. Beck’s ratings as he spends a week laughing at the rabbi’s. He’ll just pull a Jon Stewart on them.

  27. Morris Davis

    Marin — “I agree that those being detained in Gitmo should be there and probably stay there for the rest of their lives.”

    Over the past two years, 38 Gitmo detainees cases were heard and decided in the federal courts before a range of judges. The government was unable to show by a preponderance of evidence that there was a basis for holding the detainee in 29 of the 38 cases. I agree that there are some bad people at Gitmo and some should be detained for the rest of their lives, but it’s a mistake to assume that applies to them all.

  28. marinm

    Mo, I actually agree with you but my answer for that is more complex then I want to get into at this time. It’ll also go slightly off topic. But I like and appreciate that response.

  29. @Cargo, I don’t find Beck educated and knowledgeable enough to be ‘educating’ Americans. How presumptuous of him. Often his lessons are over simplifications and full of holes. Lots of swiss cheese there. His worst habit is broad brushing. And I do watch Beck most days.

    I feel I must–sort of like fighting the forces of darkness. He talks to people like they are ignorant. He broad brushes. I highly resent some of the sweeping generalizations he makes. Yesterday he made some off handed comments that the cops in the south in the 50’s and 60’s were bad people. How dare he! He then went on to insult the children of those who were WWII era. Let’s see, our parents never told us of their sacrifices, we were overly indulged and were hippies who burned flags.

    He is a buffoon who fancies himself and his researchers to be intellectuals. He is far from it–he is just one galloping batch of ego and hubris.

  30. Jewish Funds for Justice are on the take? I don’t know why anyone would say that.

  31. George S. Harris

    “Ecoscience” was written in 1977–do you suppose Holdren still has the same beliefs? Perhaps. But I am wondering why the book was written or what questions were posed that led to the discussion of population control. Was the discussion prompted by a question regarding what will happen when the world can no longer support an increasing population? Perhaps, and, if that is the case, then the discussion would seem to be a legitimate one. It is not one we have to agree with but given the posit about how do we handle overpopulation at some time in the future, it seems to me it is legitimate. Has anyone writing comments here actually read “Ecoscience” or are you guilty of parroting what others have said and most likely have takne out of context? I tend to lean toward the latter given what has been written.

  32. George S. Harris

    I was considering buying a copy of “Ecoscience” but the $497 price tag for a used copy will keep me out of the book store.

    1. @George

      Check Amazon. I even found ‘The World We Live In’ there.

  33. BoyThreeOne

    The Christian Telegraph is a propaganda resource for a very narrow brand of “Christianity” that condemns LGBT people and actively works to deny their (and my)civil rights. It named James Dobson as one of the top 10 most influential leaders of 2010, and yes, it gives me the creeps in a major way.

  34. @boythreeone

    I don’t think you will find many fans of James Dobson here.

    I don’t know anything about Christian Telegraph. I prefer secular neutral news myself.

  35. George S. Harris

    Thanks–just looked and it’s available–only $132.95 for a used edition. I couldn’t find it in the PWC Library–must not be a lot of calls for it. Still would be interested in the posits that prompted the writing of “Ecoscience”. I strongly suspect it has to do with, “What is going to happen when Mother Earth can no longer support the burgeoning population?” “What will nations resort to in order to maintain a reasonable life?” Look what China has done with its one child policy. Am not certain what is happening in India with its draconian approach. But having been there, I can say that something has to give somewhere–the world has to agree on some reasonable measures to control the population unless we can find some other planet we can exist on and get there.

  36. George S. Harris

    Must be like the Catholic sect Mel Gibson belongs to.

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