From ABC News:

Sarah Palin waited a day to come out swinging about the State of the Union Address.  In an interview with Greta Van Susteren  Wednesday night, Palin told her “it was a tough speech to sit through and try to stomach.”

Palin then did a play on words with Winning the Future, the President’s slogan. 

She mocked the president’s slogan of “Winning the Future.”

She noted the initials are “WTF” and then observed there were “a lot of WTF moments through that speech.” For the uninitiated, “WTF” is what the kids often use in short-hand to signify, “What the…”

How trendy.  How childish.  What parts did she not like?  She sure didn’t take long to fall off the civility bandwagon.  WTF, who cares.  

51 Thoughts to “WTF, Sarah Palin”

  1. Bear

    Steve Thomas :
    So if Jim DeMint is part of the Teaparty caucus, would that make it “DeMint Tea”? Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

    Steve How about Cream DeMint instead?
    You All are having so much fun with semantics you’ve forgotten how much influence they have had on our political makeup and time will tell if it’s good or bad (let’s all hope good)

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