On February 26, Moonhowlings will be 1 year old.  During the past 11 months we have had both highs and lows.  The past couple days have been lows for us.  Why so?

Our main objective for having this blog is to find common ground.  The past couple of days we have felt like that was no longer possible and that there was no common ground.  Hopefully,  we can move forward and push partisanship aside in favor of discussion of ideas.  Not agreeing is fine, but in all conversation, people can find some area to agree upon. 

There has recently been some meanness expressed here.  We don’t want that.  It isn’t helpful and it isn’t productive.  Personal, unkind   remarks will just be taken down, quietly, in the future.  We won’t all agree.  We have some very different world views and people who would define themselves as conservative, liberal, centrist, libertarian and liberal.  Please think about what we are asking.  If you just want to shove your opinion down everyone else’s throat, this isn’t the blog for you.  If you want to sell your ideas, then that’s a whole different story.  Please while you are selling, take the time to listen to the other guy and look for common ground.  Our very country depends on our ability to do so. 

Moon-Howler and Elena



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  1. marinm

    I’ll be wearing a jacket or sweater in the spirit of compromise.

  2. Thank you. (in the spirit of compromise.)

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