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The National Republican Trust spent nearly $100,000 last year to help Scott Brown win the U.S. Senate seat of the late Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, but now the conservative political group wishes it had that money back to help kick Mr. Brown out of office.

Saying the Republican senator is no different from a Democrat, the head of the group is calling for Mr. Brown to donate to charity or disgorge campaign money equal to how much the trust spent supporting him during the 2010 campaign.

The trust’s executive director, Scott Wheeler, said supporters knew Mr. Brown wasn’t going to be a die-hard conservative when they supported him early and often in his run against Martha Coakley, the Democratic state attorney general and once heavy favorite to succeed Mr. Kennedy

This was very predictable.  I have always liked this guy.  If I like him, probably the National Republican Trust wouldn’t.  From what I can tell, his great sin is voting for START.  Surely this can’t be it.  Why else is he not liked?

Just out of curiosity, How much to these politicians pledge to do what their voters want?  What ever happened to voting what a person thinks is right?  This ownership thing is a bit much…both parties. 

24 Thoughts to “Republican Pac wants its money back over Scott Brown”

  1. Starryflights

    Suckers deserve to get robbed.

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Starryflights :
    Suckers deserve to get robbed.

    I have to tell ya’ I just love this new tone of civility in our discourse! Fits pretty good!

  3. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    In this case, the conservatives have to keep in mind what state they’re dealing with. It’s Massachusetts, for God’s sake. Brown’s about the best you can hope for. These folks keep electing Barney Frank for crying out loud. If they thought they were getting a true conservative, they should have known better. Considering the circumstances at the time, I think they got a good win for their money!

  4. @slow

    Starry wasn’t being uncivil. He was just saying something you don’t like.

    I still say I don’t know why *I* liked him if they liked him too. I smell a rat. Either THEY or *I* have taken leave of our senses. 🙄

  5. Steve Thomas


    I believe perspective matters. Scott Brown may not vote the way I would like, but he’s the Senator from MA. I live in VA. I think sometimes folks forget this. Sure Collins and Snow give me fits on a semi-regular basis, but I do try to remember that They are what constitutes a Republican, from their particular states. Do we have a right to grouse, when a GOP senator from Maine or Mass bucks the party on key vote. Yes, because the bill they are casting the vote for or against will ultimately effect me in Virginia. That said, if Scott Brown, Olympia Snow, or Susan Collins are representing their constituants, then they are doing what they were elected to do. If not, the citizens of those states will sort it out. From a pragmatic perspective, I’d rather have a Scott Brown here in VA who votes with the party most of the time, than a Jim Webb or Mark Warner who votes with his party all of the time.

    1. @Steve, Now here is a question for you….is there that much difference in Webb and Brown?

      Democrats would tell you that Webb often doesn’t vote with his party. In fact, he has always been a maverack [chokesputtercough] in that regard. Warner isn’t a 100% sure thing either.

      Now where does someone like Liebermann fit in? (before his fall from grace]

  6. marinm

    I think Mr. Brown should tell them to pound sand.

    Same thing happens with pro-gun democrats in rural states. If they want to stay elected they know how they need to vote. Mr. Brown is no different. In the PRMA he needs to make the devils bargain to stay in office.

  7. marinm

    MH, you asked in the open thread about PRMA but I mentioned it in here. 🙂 PRMA = Peoples Republik of Massachusetts.

  8. Steve Thomas

    “@Steve, Now here is a question for you….is there that much difference in Webb and Brown?”

    I would say that Webb has a better track record of toeing the party line on key votes. Even as he has tried to cultivate an image of independence, he voted party line 98% of the time. Brown has been down in the 80’s, but has a shorter record, and is probably still trying to define his positions. The thing I always try to remember is that a Republican is a rare breed in Massachusetts, while a Democrat is quite commonplace in Virginia. Sure, they elect a Republican Governor every now and then in MA, but the state has been dominated by the Democrat pary since the 70’s, at all levels. It’s much tougher to be a Republican in Mass, than it is to be a Democrat in VA.

    1. @Steve, I don’t know….I sure don’t see many Democrats around PWC. I thought they were an extinct species. :mrgreen:

      I would personally want a person in office who has common sense and can think for themselves. Otherwise, it just becomes a game of numbers. Sometimes bills have bad parts, even though we might like their overall content.

      Its sad that we, the voters, seem to always want to take away that fundamental part of being a statesman or woman and we make politics rule.

  9. Steve Thomas


    Part of being a statesman in a deliberative body is being a “salesman” to the voters at home. If your convictions incline you one way, but your constituents overwhelmingly opposed to the way you are leaning, you have two choices: convince them that your way is the correct way, or listen to the will of the people, IMHO. Or, you can choose not to listen, and “vote your heart”, but standby for the consequences. Look at the newly elected Senator from WV. Should he vote with his party on Cap-and-trade, even though it will further decimate the already depressed WV economy if it passes? If he votes against it, He will incur the wrath of democrats nationally, but his first duty is to those who sent him to Washington. I guess in a representative democracy, we do indeed deserve the government that we get.

  10. I think that the PAC should leave it alone. They got what they wanted and his “level” of conservativeness was known. They got a Republican in that seat. Good. Now leave it alone.

    This is why the GOP is known as the STUPID party.

  11. Pat.Herve

    I dislike most politicians who tow the party line, and will not vote against the party (any party). Any politician who tows the line, is not voting with their constituents best interests. The PAC gave him money, and he should not return it – I did not realize that the “National Republican Trust” PAC money came with strings attached, if that were a private industry, the GOP would be calling foul.

  12. Steve Thomas

    Cargosquid :I think that the PAC should leave it alone. They got what they wanted and his “level” of conservativeness was known. They got a Republican in that seat. Good. Now leave it alone.
    This is why the GOP is known as the STUPID party.


    The National Republican Trust is in no way, shape, or form associated with the GOP.

    From their website: The National Republican Trust Political Action Committee (NRT PAC) was formed as an independent organization to help promote American values and support federal candidates for Congress, Senate and the Presidency who share those values.

    From wikipedia:
    The National Republican Trust Political Action Group is a third organization that supports Republican candidates for United States federal government positions through advertising. It operates independently from the Republican Party, though its name implies otherwise, and is connected to the website NewsMax.[1]

    I’m all about calling out my party when they do something stupid. However, in this case the GOP has no connection of involvement.

  13. @Steve Thomas

    I would say he follow in the footsteps of his predecessor and vote what is best for his state.

    Its too darn bad that people must belong to a party to get elected in most cases. As angry as I get at Liebermann, he is at least true to what he thinks is right, most of the time. And devil may care.

  14. @Steve Thomas
    The Trust donors are either idiots or being disingenuous to THEIR donors. It wasn’t a secret that Brown was a moderate and was conservative only in relation to his opponent. Now, they are just grandstanding. They need to write it off. At least this time, its not the GOP, just a related PAC…….either way, they need to stop worrying about the small stuff. They got what they wanted.

  15. Emma

    Well, Brown did bring sexy back, and that’s worth something.

  16. juturna

    He voted yes to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. What else do those who support American values want? Isn’t that all there is?

    You do raise a good point MH – how much allegiance should there be to a national organization versus the citizens of your state. They’re elected – not kings and not missionaries.

  17. @Emma, he certainly did. Maybe that should be the new standard. 🙄

  18. Starryflights

    Cargosquid :
    This is why the GOP is known as the STUPID party.

    On that point, I agree with Cargo!

  19. Elena

    Emma :Well, Brown did bring sexy back, and that’s worth something.

    for you Emma

    look, we found more common ground together 😉

  20. Elena

    What were people’s expectations with Scott Brown? Steve is right, he is from a very progressive state. Do they want the seat to be held for only one term by a Republican. He has to take into account that his constiuency is very broad and the right and moral stance is to try to represent them all, not just one small base. I would say that should be true about all politicians. I think that is why Tom Davis was unbeatable for so long, he knew how to appeal to a broad range of people.

  21. Speaking as a conservative Tea Party member, I expected Brown to be exactly as he is. Even back during the election, many of us were trying to tell our fellow conservatives to celebrate the political victory but not to expect him to be a copy of DeMint. We got what we needed at the time.

    I have no problem with Brown at the moment, but, that won’t stop me from trying to get him to move to the right.

  22. Emma

    @Elena a double dose of hotness, all on one thread!

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