Check out this monstrosity being built on Silver Lake, County property, leased by the Rainbow Riding Club.   Citizens are wondering why there are no building permits for this construction.  So we called, and this is what we were told…………………………….”since this is county property, we will not cite ourselves for improper building practices”. 

WHAT?????????????????????  So, what this tells us is that only regular citizens like you and I are held to a county standard.  Really?  

What may be most troubling, is WHERE was the legally required public hearing when this contract was created?  Citizens were denied the right to comment on what would happen with THEIR public park land, public park land we all paid for through the Dominion Vally rezoning process.

This construction is on county PUBLIC PARK land that was leased to Rainbow Riding, but who is financing this building?  If it is Rainbow Riding, well, they are a private entity LEASING public land, since when were they allowed exemption from building codes?  Furthermore in their contract with the county, it states the exact opposite.

Pursuant the contract:

p2 b. All such improvements shall be constructed in a good and workmanlike manner, in accordance with all applicable governmental laws, ordinances and regulations, pursuant to approved site plans and building plans and therefore (if applicable ordinances and regulations require the approval of such plans), and after licensor obtains all required permits thereafter.

Where is the Environmental Impact Study?  Where is the Public Facility Review?  Where is the building permit?  WHAT is this facility for?  Is this just for private use by Rainbow Riding or will they charge a fee to rent it out for bigger horse events?  If so, was there a traffic impact analysis completed?

What is very worrisome, when reviewing the contract with Rainbow Riding club, is that our county has basically given our public land away with little to no restrictions of what uses are allowed on County land.

p2 3. Improvements to Property. Licensee shall have the right to construct improvements upon the Licensee Area, which improvements include, but shall not be limited to, fencing, paddocks, barns, run-in sheds, an outdoor riding ring, equipment sheds, and an indoor facility containing an indoor ring, observation area, office suite…….

oh, but wait, if Rainbow Riding allows use of this facility for something other than passive recreation:

p4 e. In the event he Licensee desires to use or permit the use or permit the use of any portion of the property which shall be served by the Access Road for uses OTHER than passive recreation or/or equestrian trails, licensee shall so notify Licensor…….and good faith measures will be taken to eliminate or mitigate adverse impacts from use of access road.

In a nutshell, what this tells me, is that citizens have very little recourse to control what happens on 45 acres of Silver Lake, 45 acres intended for Passive Use only. Since when did County land become subject to private use only? This is a very disturbing and growing trend.

Finally, what disgusts me the most, is during the debate to DOUBLE the size of Silver Lake for public use via a partnership with Bull Run Mountain Conservancy, a public park intended for ALL citizens, the big push back from several Supervisors was concern over public land being “privatized”. And yet, time and time again, since the BOCS denied the BRMC application, you have seen that VERY “privitization” impact through the long term lease agreements with the Rainbow Riding Club(Silver Lake), Virginia Soccer Association (Witta Tract), and finally the Grizzlies Football (Avendale).

Prince William Conservation and Bull Run Conservancy were villifed for working towards this amazing public/private partnership, but in our local government, hyprocrisy thrives I guess.

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  1. Lafayette

    Or the golf courses.


  2. Mom

    Hmm, maybe if I stroke a large enough check to Corey’s campaign I could get him to sign the County Golf Courses over to me so I could develop them into Super-Size miniature golf them park. Just think of it, on the first hole, the 7-11 Hole, you have to putt past the day laborers into the Big Gulp Cup (avoid the grassy fringe you don’t know who’s been doing what there). The second hole could involve putting through the front door of a miniature Development Services Building, automatic hole in one, of course if you miss or aren’t eligible to use the larger attorney’s door you forfeit your ball. The final signature hole would be a doozy, putt past the bald bible thumper guarding the green and into Corey’s back pocket. Hole in one gets you your choice of a parcel of park land or a commercial development permit in the Rural Crescent.

  3. WHAT??? And where is this money coming from?

    If there is extra money they need to put up some sound barriers between the new middle school that encroaches on the lake and they need to install bear proof trash cans.

    @MoM # 100

  4. Lafayette

    I can’t stop laughing. I wonder if you can pick a caddy up for the day at the first hole?

    Back to the stadium. I just found an article in the N&M.

    Needless to say it’s not without some “classic” quotes. Here’s a couple of my favorites. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too.

    “The clubhouse is in really disgusting shape,” Board of County Supervisors chairman Corey A. Stewart said. “It badly needs renovation. At some point, we’re going to be able to find a location for a new stadium, but in the meantime, this clubhouse does have to be brought up to standards.”

    This one really gets me, considering that the county can’t even figure out where to PROPERLY place schools. They sure couldn’t come up with 25 acres for that elementary school that they wanted at Stonewall Middle. Let’s not forget that the new middle school is practically bankside. Perhaps fishing will be part of PE at when Silver Lake Middle opens.

    “We’re looking at several different possibilities to increase the likelihood that one of them will work,” Stewart said.

  5. Mom

    Why from the “General County Capital Reserve”, where else would it come from? What’s truly amazing is that our esteemed County Exec. put this together in less than three days. Seems it was a topic of discussion (a non-agenda item of discussion) at Tuesday’s BOCS meeting, you know, the meeting nobody could listen to or watch due to “technical difficulties”.

  6. Mom

    Corey in ’07, I guess that thing about not supplanting schools or roads is no longer an issue.

    Board Chairman Corey A. Stewart (R) said that he was not optimistic that the board will approve the stadium this year.

    “I think the only possibility of getting it down this year is if we can think of an alternative funding mechanism,” he said. “Clearly because of the debt capacity, it is going to be difficult this year. We are not going to supplant any school or road to get a stadium. I want to get a stadium and would like to get it built, but doing it this year is going to be very unlikely.”

  7. Raymond Beverage

    P-Nats Stadium – well, well, well….

    Folks, for the last two months, the City of Manassas Council Land Use/Planning/Econ Devl Committee has been getting information/presentations on an organization exploring locating a 5,000 seat stadium for a “AAA Minor League” (of unnamed at the moment Team).

    It would be out at Manassas Landing (aka Manassas Gateway). Great location as it sits right next to the Bypass. Plus, with the proposed 230kv line running through there, would definitely have the power supply. Would also be a win-win for GMBL as a symbiotic relationship with a Minor League Team.

    Hmmmm, a AAA Minor Team….unless a new one is formed, since they operate within specific regions, do I smell a possible way the man who has been after a new stadium for years might get one?

  8. I Just smell a big RAT.

    Who owns the existing stadium? That just isn’t something I follow.

  9. Raymond Beverage

    Moon, the story says a lot of it….take a look at Tuesday’s BOCS Agenda for the rest of the story to include the letter about the stadium. In my little ole view, the current stadium is a cash cow the PA has ignored, so if I had another local interested, I sure would be talking to them!

  10. Who owns the stadium and the land it is on?

  11. Found it. Now, why has this stadium been allowed to languish into obsolescence
    and ill repair?

    This should not come as a shock. Perhaps the state of the stadium and buildings should have been thought about and taken in to account before so much money was wasted on the immigration resolution. Millions were squandered over that. Perhaps the biggest insult was the $30k wasted on invitations to come to the citizens time marathon. Remember, the one Corey invited everyone to and then wasn’t going to let them speak?

    Such a foolish waste of money. Do we send out invitations to all bocs decisions?

    Meanwhile a school is built right on top of the passive recreation lake park. 🙄

  12. How much money is generated from the stadium for the county annually?

  13. Raymond Beverage

    Moon, the Stadium is PA owned & operated…although looking in the June 30, 2010 Audit Statements, I find no specific line about income. I would best guess in the deal struck with the P-Nats, the ticket sales go to them vs. the PA.

    The audit just refers to the Stadium as a “Government Activity”

    By the way, in my rainy day curious mode, looked for anything more about it, and found the link below to the 2003 replacement plan out of the then CIP:

  14. Raymond Beverage

    Moon, on the money generated….Minor League teams are known to get between $10million to $20million a year in revenue. Just a FYI. Don’t know specific on P-Nats $$$.

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