Anderson Cooper reports from an undisclosed location in Egypt.  He and his crew were attacked by an angry mob.  Katie Couric and Christiana Amanpour have also been jostled about.  Frankly, it is not safe.  No American should be in Egypt right now.


These folks are luck to have survived. Is any American safe?

3 Thoughts to “Anderson Cooper reports from undisclosed location in Egypt”

  1. In Egypt there are riots, civil war in the capitals and the Western countries find a common position. Some, like UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon calling for free elections immediately, while Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Mubarak strengthens the back. Maybe that’s a good thing, because ultimately must decide the Egyptian people, how to proceed there. In my eyes this Mohamed ElBaradei only one who now wants to jump on the moving train to dust at times quickly president. He is in my eyes is not democratic legitimacy.

  2. Lafayette

    Looked like he was live from Cairo the last hour and had Christane Amanpour on too.

  3. Mike Huckabee is also there now. I would be getting out of dodge.

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