Its that sacred time of year–that high holy day of football–Super Bowl XLV!

Who will rule?  The Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburg Steelers?

Will you watch for the football or the commercials?

168 Thoughts to “Open Thread………Super Bowl XLV Weekend…….February 4”

  1. Lafayette

    There’s NOT enough episodes left. My guess is about 5 or 6. I will be watching last night’s episode tonight. The seasons are always too short, and to think this is the final season. 🙁

  2. Juturna

    Maybe they could be offered illegel worker credits like the EPA pollution credits business was given back in the 80’s. Certainly the fines won’t hurt their bottom line nor did the pollution fines.

  3. Juturna

    Laf- didn’t we used to say “ignore button on” back when we were young and crazy?

    I think they could get another season out of this – too bad. Going to watch it now.

  4. @Wolverine, I remember when Bill Clinton was just a blip on the radar. The far right went after him with a vengeance. He was accused of treason and murder and just about anything else anyone who wanted him gone could think of to say. So don’t act like this is a new phenomena.

    Furthermore, I don’t think people think that they are necessarily smarter than Palin. They aren’t considering a run for executive office. I think they perhaps want their leaders to know something, unlike Palin.

  5. Lafayette

    We sure did. I almost used it the other day. 🙂
    I think Moon’s the only one that watched last night. Hopefully we will all have seen it to discuss it. I’m sure it’s wacky as usual.

  6. Juturna

    I came close today – was trying to remember what we did.

  7. Emma

    Michael Vick wins the Associated Press 2010 NFL Comeback Player of the Year award.

    I wonder how many die-hard Steelers fans cheering on their favorite quarterback were outraged at Vicks’ dogfighting? Apparently a six-game suspension is more than enough punishment for an alleged two-time rapist, but God help him if he harms a dog.

  8. Morris Davis

    Interesting seeing Dubya and Jesse Jackson together in Jerry Jones’ suite at the SuperBowl. Would have loved to see them sharing some popcorn like A-Rod and Cameron Diaz.

    For many years the Koch brothers hid under the rock that shielded them from public view. They’ve got to be getting tired of people picking it up and exposing them to sunlight.,0,4692342,full.story

  9. Emma

    @Morris Davis Watching A-Rod and Cameron Diaz was just plain weird. Loved the Darth Vader commercial, though.

  10. @Moe, how old are those old devils now? Sunlight? Maybe they will react to it like Superman reacts to kryptonite.

  11. @Morris Davis
    That’s a wonderful pro-Koch piece! Thanks.

  12. Wolverine

    Heck, Moon, I have never accused Clinton of treason and murder. I just accused him of screwing up our counterterrorism effort. Just ran across an old MSM interview with one of the CS chieftains of that era who was highly critical of the way the whole Iraq and WMD process played out at the highest levels under Bush II. In his opinion, the Oval Office just ignored the negatives the security services were trying to get across to them. Then, when the interviewer said something about the Clinton years, the same guy talked about how low morale sank in our security services during those years. Things were turned upside down without rhyme or reason to the point where even the CS operatives had no idea where the country was going or what was expected of them.. To that I can surely relate. I saw it happening.

  13. Need to Know

    Wolverine – can you say that Palin and Beck are the intellectual equals of, and of similar political stature as Reagan and Buckley? And keep a straight face?

    I agree with you completely that both are making fortunes and laughing all the way to the bank. That’s fine and I don’t begrudge them for that. That statement proves my point that both are just members of the entertainment industry.

    My problem is that after decades of adherence to serious, thoughtful conservatism, and volunteering on behalf of many candidates over the years, I’m appalled that those two and people like Corey Stewart are put forward as the new leaders of conservatism.

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