4 Thoughts to “Bill O’Reilly interview President Obama before the Super Bowl”

  1. Did anyone else see the interview? I missed it but located the video online.

  2. By all means, don’t listen to an actual exchange. We might learn something.

  3. Steve Thomas

    I did. I thought O’Reilly did a good job, and asked some very pointed questions. I think the President did a good job answering them. I could tell he was choosing his words very carefully, but don’t blame him for doing so. With all the uncertainty on both the domestic policy and foregin policy fronts, the last thing he needs is for an “off-the-cuff” comment to be taken out of context. Didn’t really change my overall perception of the President, but I think he did OK.

  4. Not only did I miss this, but…was there a football game on Sunday?

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