She’s back, with a vengeance.  This time the Church Lady has met her match, as she gets a little warm over Justin Bieber.  Dana Carvey hosted SNL last night.


Mr. Mouth is moving but Mr. Brain doesn’t quite know what it’s saying.
We all know a ‘church lady’ but no one says Church Lady like Dana Carvey. Its hard to believe he is 55 years old now and that he left SNL in 1993.  Last night Jon Lovitz appeared briefly, speaking of Satan or perhaps I should use his more formal name, Mephistopheles.

4 Thoughts to “Well, isn’t that special! Could it be…SATAN?”

  1. Wolverine

    Thanks, Moon. I had almost forgotten how funny the “Church Lady” stuff really was.

  2. I love Church Lady. I was so excited to see Dana Carvy back and then I fell asleep. Trust me, I was up in the middle of the night digging around NBC for the skit video!!!!!

  3. Rick Bentley

    I thought it seemed dated … and “Wayne’s World” even more so. Those things were making me laugh 20 years ago, but didn’t seem funny now.

    1. @Rick, Maybe you have matured? I always hated Wayne’s World and loved Church Lady. Not saying it wasn’t dated but…I enjoyed it. Perhaps the ‘guests’ just didn’t fit in with the old ‘girl.’

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