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  1. Lafayette

    I thought that was a given that I didn’t want him deported now, Moon. No, he must face the consequences for his actions. He will pay dearly is my guess.

  2. Juturna

    TiredYet – Guess you missed these.

    Juturna :The shooter in Manassas is here illegally. He was ‘ordered’ to be deported in 2002 but never left. So what is the process that takes place between original arrest, detainer issued then a court order? Apparently it doen’t include incarceration.

    Moon-howler :@Juturna, ankle bracelet? Not sure.
    I found it interesting that Paul Ebert is going for the death penalty. Looks like he is under our jurisdiction. He also said he was concerned about the crime, not the status at this point.

  3. @Moon-howler

    One – I actually missed where you wrote that you had been knocked down. Two – when I did read it, I figured that it happened long ago and you are apparently alright. Three – when talking about the “religious right” being called bigots, its true. It happens. Concerned parents expressing their concerns are dismissed by the popular culture as prudes or bigots. You had bad experiences with them. I can’t talk to that. I’m sorry. However, I’m not part of the “religious right” so all I can go on is the third party observations that I see.

    So, sorry that I missed that. I hope that you are alright.

    And finally four – um…that whole rock n’ roll thing was a joke…..well kinda. Rock n roll and sexual licentiousness have gone hand in hand. I was just exaggerating it a little. I wasn’t serious.

    1. Well you got me into the Hall of Fame looking around so I should probably be glad.
      RR’s don’t have the edge on being called names. Many of them are quick to call people who aren’t thheir ‘brand’ names like secular humanists, ‘godless’ and other things. It works both ways.

      I have a permanent wrist injury and knee injury from one of those episodes. Needless to say, I don’t care for militant Christianity.

  4. @Moon-howler
    Was it possible to charge them with assault and battery or was it a crowd scene where you didn’t know who hit you? I was just trying to answer your question. And not all of the Coalition, etc, are “militant christians” just as not all progressives are activists, “pro-choice” or the TP activists, etc. Most are just parents worried about what kind of world that there kids will grow up in.

    1. I think most responsible parents are worried about what kind of world their kids will grow up in. I think the difference in world views makes that concern on a collision course, however. Ex. I would worry about a world where birth control wasn’t readily available and where kids wouldn’t get age appropriate sex ed.

      I knew who did it in all three cases. It is nearly impossible to get assault charges. Its your word against theirs. I checked in to it. Different jurisdictions in each case.

  5. Lafayette

    Curious about redistricting in PW?
    The Committee of 100′s monthly program will be on redistricting. I’m not missing this for anything. Ground Zero has the definate potential to be moved out of the Gainesville district. This blows my mind, and to think 10 years ago GZ was the bulk of the Gainesville district f/k/a the Manassas District.
    Sharon Pandak is the moderator and John Stirrup is one of the panelist.

  6. AndyH

    ICE won’t get a second chance at this guy unless he is found innocent. In all cases, those convicted of offenses must satisfy local penalties before the people at ICE do whatever it is they want to do.

    I agree, Paul Ebert is very efficient in capital cases.

  7. Lafayette

    It’s quite frustrating to see all of the good work we do at the ADC, only for ICE or Federal Judges to allow this criminals back on our streets.

    PW is NOT the place to commit capital crimes by any means. It means a one way to ticket to Greene Co.

    1. @Lafayette, ok, I’ll bite. Why does one get a one way ticket to Greene County? I have thought and thought…no answer.

  8. Censored bybvbl

    Ah, the mystery of Woodbridge’s population loss has been solved. That large chunk that used to be Woodbridge is now Marumsco according to the Census Bureau.


  9. Lafayette

    @Censored bybvbl
    Mr. Lafayette was telling me about this story last night. I must look at it now. Thanks for posting the link. Woodbridge, Marumsco, is there really a difference?

  10. Lafayette

    My favorite line of the article. Bwahahahaha!
    “To me, Woodbridge suggests upscale and successful. Marumsco is just a shopping center.”

  11. Censored bybvbl

    Lafayette, yeah, that was funny. I’m glad the “population decline” was explained. I didn’t think all those residences (even vacant) had been replaced by commercial projects.

  12. Lafayette

    Of course you didn’t know I meant to say Greensville Co. (Jarratt
    Jarratt in Greensville County is where “Ole Sparky” resides. 😉

    @Censored bybvbl
    The readers comments were a hoot as usual too. I did read one “It ain’t Manassas”. 🙄

  13. AndyH

    @L: agreed. I’m very disappointed in the feds. The localities are absorbing a lot of abuse b/c washington is asleep at the switch.

  14. We are almost crossing 3 administrations when we say Washington is asleep at the switch, not to mention how many congresses.

    I think we need to start discussing this issue in terms of what we want done. Just saying someone isn’t doing their job isn’t enough. We need to define the problem and the desired outcome, along with the ‘how’ part of it.

    Maybe we don’t know.

  15. @Lafayette,

    Actually, I wasn’t thinking of Greenville Co. I always think Jarrat and never Greenville. I thought maybe there was a new place down near God’s country.

    Too bad old Sparky doesn’t still live at 500 Spring St. That one was easy.
    The good old days:


  16. Theseus

    Corey Stewart is just outright lying in his campaign finance filings now. He reports $10,000 from Comstock Partners, LC in Reston as coming from stockbrokers and financial advisors:


    In fact, Comstock Partners, LC is a real estate development firm and says as much on the front page of their web site (they’re not trying to conceal anything):


    Stewart is obviously trying to minimize the appearance of the huge contributions he is receiving from developers, but this statement is out-and-out fraud. If I were Comstock, I would demand my money back to avoid being linked to this campaign finance fraud.

  17. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck. quacks like a duck, it might just be a duck.

    Corey might want to correct that error. He is probably real distracted these days between Webb and the GTS shooting.

  18. punchak

    Moon-howler :@marin, I saw this and was highly offended. In fact, I had had a big fight with my daughter over this issue. I am not advocating smoking but rather people’s right to smoke if they want to. Yes, I know it is additive; probably better than the average bear.
    There are simply too many cases of people not minding their own business. The really disgusting part is that smoking is legal for adults, as is drinking, yet smokers are treated like second class citizens. I sure don’t see the Congress outlawing it or booze. They don’t have the nerve.

    Would smokers also not be allowed to run for political office?

    Can you imagine the howl (not a moon ditto) that would arise, should smoke and booze testing be required before every swearing-in ceremony?!?!

  19. Agreed Punchak! Smoking would be sacred for those in office.

  20. @marinm
    Has anyone noticed that this brouhaha over businesses wanting to regulate the smoking habits of employees is precisely the sort of thing that government would do if the government had control of our medical industry?

  21. Big Dog

    Anyone dealing with healthcare and its cost will focus on smoking and obesity.
    It would be stupid not to.

    Its not unlike riding a motorcycle without a helmet. If you want to do it, fine,
    but you will pay a premium to cover the risk/cost factor of your unsafe
    and often costly behavior. If you want to clearly increase the odds of
    maiming and/or killing yourself, that is your business, but I don’t want to help
    pay for it.

  22. marinm

    Cargosquid :@marinm Has anyone noticed that this brouhaha over businesses wanting to regulate the smoking habits of employees is precisely the sort of thing that government would do if the government had control of our medical industry?

    Correct. As I’ve been saying for awhile… When you give the government the power to cover our healthcare you’ve turned over the keys to everything else. Too much salt? Too much sugar? Too much carbs? Mandatory 2 minutes of excercise with the 2 minutes of hate. Ever watch Demolition Man? …Sex will only be allowed and licensed to desirables. You can keep thinking about how finite you can control people.

    Another topic says somethign to the effect of stay out of my fallopian tubes. Sorry, with HCR we’ve turned over that and more to the next Congress and President. Imagine my friends here on the left Ms. Palin being in charge of your healthcare…………………..

  23. Raymond Beverage

    Great article, Big Dog! Interesting though they refer to the “broken window” as, outside on NYC, most places tossed that theroy out the window… 🙂

  24. Raymond Beverage

    Regarding government and smoking:

    One area within that makes me chuckle – the Department of Defense has overall stopped the campaign it so ramped up through the 90s. The usage of tobacco products has been on the rise in the Armed Forces; two wars will do that do you.

  25. Juturna

    Our 18 year old soldiers can get their hands on a dangerous narcotic but not on a beer.

  26. I would stop trying to link HCR with all the various bugaboos people see crawling out from under every rock. Dietary restrictions aren’t new. think of the food pyramid, artificial sweetner, surgeon general reports, the war on drugs. These aren’t anything new. Sang tune different words.

    As for the abortion rights issue, that has been going on full force since 1973. Before that it was over contraception.

    All these things would be here with or without HRC.

  27. @Moon-howler
    We were just matching the control that businesses seek over private activity to save costs to the fact that governments will do the exact same thing. Dietary restrictions, etc are just advice…..now.

  28. Juturna

    Pre-existing conditions for children is good as is age 26 – since so many kids now almost have to go to Grad School.

    The saddest parts of the program are including things like not dropping sick people… Making it easier for business to pay a fine rather than offer coverage. This is where capitalism has lost it’s soul.

  29. marinm

    Of course the different with employer HC is that I can always change my company versus the government DMV-style HC where I can’t really change my govt — but they call tell me what to do, when to do it and to what extent.

  30. Wolverine

    My gosh, I go on other blogs and see threads, even open threads, with perhaps 35-40 posts max, some threads with only a handful. Up to 203 posts on this one. Either the people here are addicted to Wheaties or they have got to be the most enthusiastic bloggers in NoVa. Wonder if AOL has any cash left over after scarfing up the Huff Post?

    1. @Wolverine-I just guess mooners howl or would that be howlers moon? ho ho ho.

      This open thread is hopping for sure. I am going to unpin it tonight and put up another one. We’ll fill it up quickly though.

  31. Who is watching the Grammies? Nice tribute to Aretha Franklin–the Queen of Soul.

    I am torturing myself to see Bob Dylan. I also want to see Kings of Leon.

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    Look how sticky it is. You can’t find another Virgina blog with a longer average visit time.

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    1. I have thought about it but figured then someone would own me or I would violate some secret rule.

      re ads.


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