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WASHINGTON — Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah was heckled for his support of the Wall Street bailout during his Friday appearance at a conservative gathering, another sign the Republican could face trouble earning his party’s nomination for re-election in 2012.


During an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Hatch was asked why conservatives should believe him when he discusses federal spending, given his vote in favor of the bailout. That vote has become a litmus test for conservatives and anathema for Republicans running for re-election.

“All I can say is, there aren’t many people who will say I’m sorry. I’m one who will,” said Hatch, who earlier this week met with tea party activists at a town hall-style meeting.

Hatch is looking for support from his party’s conservative base for a re-election bid next year. The 76-year-old will not have it from his fellow Utah senator; Sen. Mike Lee said Friday he won’t endorse Hatch.

No, you didn’t make a mistake, Senator Hatch.  You did the right thing.  That TARP had to happen according to most financial experts.  Why would this audience be so rude?  Sen. Hatch has served for many years.  I am not even sure why he wants to stay in office.  I would tell the rude pigs good bye.  You don’t heckle speakers and that includes ones I don’t like or agree with politically. 

America can start its self improvement campaign by acquiring manners.  The angry crowd got scolded by the moderator.  Perhaps throwing them out of the event would hit home.

9 Thoughts to “No, you didn’t make a mistake, Senator Hatch”

  1. Juturna

    He is on my list of people I’d bring to the table.

  2. He impressed me at Ted Kennedy’s wake. I certainly don’t like Hatch’s politics but I like his demeanor. Demeanor counts for a lot with me. I like Mike Huckabee for the same reason.

  3. I’m not going to argue whether he was right or not. Not worth it. What I do like is that he reconsidered and decided he made a mistake. And he owned up to it instead of spinning it. I applaud the man.

    1. I had the opposite reaction. I felt he did what he knew was right for the country and now the heat is on by a political group, he is caving.
      I guess I don’t feel the rank and file person is in the position to evaluate what was going on before TARP passed.


  4. Juturna

    Single issue limitation is a major part of the problem in Washington and with the voters.

  5. @ I guess Orrin Hatch isn’t a hot ticket item for discussion. Oh well.

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  7. marinm

    I want to say when the other Senator in Utah got booted out and replaced that Mr. Hatch saw the writing on the wall. I think there isn’t much interest on this article as he’ll either run and get defeated by a party challanger OR he’ll retire.

    My guess is the seat, if it does more, will simply move more to the right.

  8. The “financial experts” were wrong. Several economists then and since expressed concern about TARP (it addressed the wrong issue; it wrenched expectations; it’s passage and implementation damaged confidence, etc.). It was unfortunate that they could not be heard over the mass hysteria that infected Washington at the time.

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