Guest Post by Lafayette

We are planning a Moonhowling’s Birthday Gathering. We’d like to see what dates below would work for the majority that would be interesting in attending. We’ll be at Mama Mia’s in Gainesville at 7669 Limestone Dr.. For more information visit their website The time is firm 1pm to 4pm. 
Chosen Date: 
Sunday 2/27
Hope you can join us.

33 Thoughts to “Moonhowlings Turns 1—–UPDATE”

  1. Censored bybvbl

    Either Sunday.

  2. Lafayette

    I like either Sunday too, Censored. 🙂

  3. marinm

    Isn’t the 28th a Monday?

    1. yes it is. I will go in and fix it.

  4. Lafayette

    marinm :Isn’t the 28th a Monday?

    THANK YOU, Marin!!
    That should be the Sunday 2/27. Now, what say you?

    Moon, please fix the date in the post for the second Sunday.

  5. Lafayette

    Moon also, Saturday should be 2/26. I hate this year’s calendar on my wall. It’s too hard on my old eyes.

  6. marinm

    Either Sunday will be fine. I can DVR NASCAR. 😉

  7. Emma

    Can’t make the 20th, but the other dates are fine.

  8. BS in VA

    How about next Thursday in Dumfries?

  9. BS in VA

    How about next Thursday in Dumfries?

  10. BS in VA

    How about next Thursday in Dumfries?

  11. BS in VA

    How about next Thursday in Dumfries?

  12. BS in VA

    How about next Thursday in Dumfries?

  13. BS in VA

    Mimosas in the mornings.

  14. Cindy B

    Any day you mentioned is fine – the 1 to 4 window is great. Good job sustaining an active local blog!

  15. Lafayette

    BS-Thursday is OUT of the question. 🙂 The Committee of 100’s monthly program will be on redistricting. I’m not missing this for anything. Ground Zero has the definate potential to be moved out of the Gainesville district. This blows my mind, and to think 10 years ago GZ was the bulk of the Gainesville district f/k/a the Manassas District.
    Sharon Pandak is the moderator and John Stirrup is one of the panelist.

    Are the mimosas flowing this morning?? 🙂

  16. Morris Davis

    I can’t do the 20th, but the other dates are fine.

  17. Need to Know


    Lafayette – it would most appreciated if you and anyone else attending The Committee of 100 meeting could write up a summary as a Moonhowlings post. This will be a very important meeting and one that I would like to attend, but I will be out of town on a business meeting at that time.

  18. Lafayette

    @Need to Know
    Oh, you can count on it, NTK! This is my “pet project” for the year. I think it would have been good to have seen Wally’s name on the list of panelist. Last month’s meeting was recorded and made available online a couple days after the fact. I hope they do they same with is ever important issue.

  19. Lafayette

    You can *COUNT* on it.

  20. marinm

    1+1 as I plan on bringing my better half. 🙂

    1. @marin, do you mean your wife or your gun? 😈 👿

  21. I’m going to try and be there too. My two angels will be staying home. I might be bringing my better half in support of Marinm.

    btw, how do you make the devil emoticons?

  22. @Cargo, use the word twisted inside colons and then colon evil colon for the other one.

    : twisted : 😈

    : evil : 👿 (don’t leave the spaces)

  23. @Cargo, please cc. Glad you are coming. The angels may come if they like.

    I think number one son might be coming. He is an adult though. I can stir up a gkid or two if need be.

  24. @Lafayette
    I fixed that word without even being asked.

  25. marinm

    Moon-howler :@marin, do you mean your wife or your gun?

    *LOL* I meant my wife. If she even thought I was referring to the arsenal as “my better half” I think I’d be involuntarily single and my britches would be more ‘roomy’.

  26. Sorry I won’t be able to meet some of you. It’s my kiddy’s birthday that weekend.

  27. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I’d try to show up… youngest is being baptized that morning.

  28. Scout

    Congratulations on maintaining an open, civil blog. This is one of the very few places on the web that keeps all ranges of opinion coming back for civil exchanges of views. It takes a lot of work and a good attitude to sustain this. If I can drop by on the 27th I will.

    1. Scout, I have wanted to meet you ever since I started blogging. I truly hope you will be able to stop by. Thanks for the encouragement also. We didn’t do so well yesterday, but we usually try to get back on track. Emotions ran high yesterday and I turned into Samuel Gompers in a matter of hours. There is a pill for that so …..

  29. Scout

    There’s a pill for everything, almost. Statins for me have become what birth control was for some college co-eds in the 1960s. I’ve become utterly promiscuous about my consumption of cheeses.

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