Indiana Congressman Mike Pence has declared a personal war on Planned Parenthood in hopes of ending abortion.  For the past three legislative sessions,  he has  targeted Planned Parenthood by introducing legislation that would deny Title X funds to any organization providing abortions.  According to Politico:

This week, Pence went even further, introducing an amendment to the continuing resolution that would strip Planned Parenthood — and Planned Parenthood alone — of all federal funding.

Pence’s latest maneuver comes at an inopportune time for many in the Republican Party.

Some GOP leaders — including Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels — have urged their party to downplay hot-button social issues in order to win over moderate voters ahead of the 2012 presidential race. Others, like House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), have said House Republicans must focus on creating jobs and cutting spending.

Rep. Pence remains the darling of social conservatives. Many supported him for the presidential race in 2012, despite the fact he has said he will not run. Pence has not ruled out the possibility of running for Indiana governor.

Alert!  Update: 

Minutes ago, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to bar Planned Parenthood from all federal funding for any purpose whatsoever. That means no funding to Planned Parenthood health centers for birth control, lifesaving cancer screenings, HIV testing, and other essential care.

Planned Parenthood  president Cecile Richards has said Pence is single minded and obsessed with starving out Planned Parenthood.   What does Planned Parenthood really do?

For years now, Planned Parenthood has received a significant portion of the money awarded through Title X, which can pay for pelvic exams, breast exams, safer-sex counseling and basic infertility counseling, among other things.

Planned Parenthood estimates it received a quarter of the $317 million in Title X funds appropriated last year. A third of its budget came from government grants in 2009, according to the organization’s 2008-2009 annual report.

Title X money can’t be used to pay for abortions, and Pence does not allege that Planned Parenthood has improperly used Title X funds to do so.

But Planned Parenthood performed 328,300 abortions in 2008, which would account for about a quarter of the 1.21 million abortions that year, according to statistics from the Guttmacher Institute. And those abortions made up 3 percent of the patient services that Planned Parenthood offered in 2008.

It seems to me that those who want to reduce the incidence of abortion would want to make certain that people of reproductive age have access to safe, reliable contraception.   No federal funds go towards abortion.  The Hyde Amendment which has been in full force for around 30 years prohibits any federal funding of abortion. 

Why is it that people want to deny contraception?  How do they think that lack of reliable birth control will cut down on the number of abortions?  I just don’t get it.
To respond to this Planned Parenthood emergency:

51 Thoughts to “Mike Pence’s War on Planned Parenthood”

  1. e

    wikipedia: planned parenthood was founded by margaret sanger, a proponent of negative eugenics, a social philosophy which claims that human hereditary traits can be improved through social intervention. Sanger’s eugenic policies ran to an exclusionary immigration policy, free access to birth control methods and full family-planning autonomy for the able-minded, and compulsory segregation or sterilization for the profoundly retarded.
    some quotes of sanger:
    “Keep the doors of immigration closed to the entrance of certain aliens whose condition is known to be detrimental to the stamina of the race, such as feebleminded, idiots, morons, insane, syphilitic, epileptic, criminal, professional prostitutes, and others in this class barred by the immigration laws of 1924.”
    “Apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is already tainted or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”
    “The campaign for birth control is not merely of eugenic value, but is practically identical with the final aims of eugenics…. We are convinced that racial regeneration, like individual regeneration, must come ‘from within.’ That is, it must be autonomous, self-directive, and not imposed from without.”

  2. @e,

    I knew someone would start circling Margaret Sangor like a buzzard.
    The old eugenics mantra is exactly that: OLD
    A quick glance at history tells us that the movers, shakers and thinkers of that time period all considered ideas that would make the human condition better.

    Much of Margaret Sanger’s work was based on her own family history. Her mother had 18 pregnancies and she bore 11 children alive. She is a personal hero of mine for helping women take control of their own reproduction.

    Having said that, attacks on Planned Parenthood have little to do with Margaret Sanger. She died in 1966 as an old old woman. She was a pioneer in her day. Check out some of the thinking of other forerunners in social and medical change., You might be shocked.

    Furthermore e, lets ask another question–Do you want people having unlimited children who, for one reason or another, will be reliant on the government to support and care for those children? Why have you gone liberal on us? Frankly, I am shocked.

    Planned Parenthood provides many medical services that would otherwise be unaffordable to women and younger people. Good for them.

  3. e

    an organization is judged and interpreted based on its founding goals, aims, and principles. the us constitution was founded on the bedrock principles of freedom, liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness, and those ideas and ideals are as fresh and eternal today as they were when penned to paper over 200 years ago. by their fruits ye shall know them

  4. In that case, Planned Parenthood ought to be in good shape. It was founded to provide reproductive choices. You know, every child a wanted child. Seems like a great goal to me.

    Human beings have the brains to take control of their own reproduction.

    You haven’t yet explained about that liberal bug that bit you. Should Elena send in the medics?

  5. Elena

    How dare people try to intervene into a womans body. When men have to “grow” the baby, give birth, recover from giving birth, and then RAISE their child, they can have an opinion. I love how these conservatives who are hysterical about being required to buy healthcare yet don’t see their utter effing hyprocrisy in REQUIRING a woman to give birth. I’ve done it twice, it wasn’t easy, and the job only became more difficult once they were “ex” uteuro! So, a “tax” is unamerican but the government having control over my body is not! How about don’t tread on my body, how about that?!

    I interned at a planned parenthood when I was attending Marymount University, a CATHOLIC school mind you. The majority of women that came to that clinic were there for well woman check ups and birth control. Next were people getting tested for HIV and STD’s, and finally, pregnancy tests. No abortions were provided there.

    Yes, how moronic, RAIL against abortion, but then advocate taking funds away from planned parenthood that educates women and provides inexpensive birth control that, wait for it…..wait for it……PREVENTS unwanted pregnancy!

  6. @e
    You know perfectly well that discussions about abortion and Planned Parenthood, and the rights of men and women as applied to the unborn are completely useless to have here. There is no amount of discussion that will change minds and will just get people riled up. Moon and Elena are not going to change one iota of their minds and neither will you. Discussions about life, rights of the unborn, rights of the father, tax money funding abortion, etc goes nowhere. Let it alone. Its the third rail here.

  7. Elena


    🙂 You know us well!

  8. Cargo, the one thing that perhaps does need discussion here is post birth child support as it relates to men. That’s a real hard one for me in some cases.

    And no, I wont ever say that a man gets to tell a woman she must bear a child. Nope, no forced human incubators here.

  9. @Cargosquid
    Cargo, please don’t stereotype women who post here. While I have no intention, ability or desire to change anyone’s on a blog, I do have my own mind.

  10. Pinko, Cargo meant Elena and me. Are you going to change your mind about how you feel?

    I am not. My feelings are regarding who makes the decision, not the efficacy of abortion. That is a personal decision. I have no problem with people being opposed to abortion. I have a problem when they want to make their conscience my laws.

    This thread is really about Planned Parenthood and defunding it. Do you want to do that?

  11. Elena

    Cargo specifically directed his commen to Moon and I. Furthermore, the discussion, if one would read the primary mission of Planned Parenthood, is to prevent unwanted pregancy. Only 3% of patient services goes to abortion. Would anyone who is against abortion advocated the demise of Planned Parenthood? Why? If you are against abortion, then providing contraception is the best common sense means to reduce abortion. What happens if Planned Parenthood can longer provide the overwhelming majority of their budget to provide contraception? Well, abortion INCREASES would be my guess.

  12. BoyThreeOne

    Thank you for your astute comments about Margaret Sanger and about “founding goals.”

    Obviously, the goal of Planned Parenthood is not to provide as many abortions as possible. Pro-choice is not the same as pro-abortion. No one is thrilled with abortion for its own sake. The primary goal is to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and to nurture pregnancies that ARE sustainable. Support for responsible, educated reproductive health (and making this support available to people of modest means who are most impacted by lack of care and informational resources) seems like something everyone could agree on.

  13. Pat.Herve

    Yes, abortion is the hot button issue. The Fetus begins life at conception – and there are many that feel that that is when life has begun – yet the same people that feel that way, also use the birth control methods that prevent implantaion, after conception – and are ok with it. Any users of the Pill, IUD, Norplant, etc – these do not prevent conception, they prevent implantation. Abortions are not for me, nor my family. I will counsel anyone I know not to get an abortion. BUT, I will not tell anyone not to get one. Getting an abortion must be a tragic event is someone’s life, but only they know the hurt it will cause. I will not put that person through the financial or emotional burden of having an unwanted child. The more you prevent access to abortion, the more you make it a perk for the wealthy (they can travel to get one), and a burden on the poor – that is the reality. PP is doing more than just abortions – the exams and access to information is a real benefit.

  14. Elena

    Thanks for sharing such a personal belief. The common ground is prevention prevention prevention.

  15. Absolutely. Elena is right. The common ground is prevention. We need to keep the doors to prevention open.

    Anyone who tells me that they are opposed to abortion and contraception just isn’t living in the real world.

    Pat has declared abortion to be a personal choice. I declare Pat to be correct.

    Censored, Punchak and I are all old enough to know women who had unwanted pregnancies before abortion was legal. I personally know people who have had children, had an illegal abortion, had a legal abortion, and given up a baby for adoption at birth.

    The women I have known who have had the deepest regret are the women who gave up a child for adoption after birth. Perhaps it is just the people I have known. Most of the people I know who had legal abortions are very ok with their decision. I only know of 1 illegal abortion and I never talked to the friend about it. She ended up in the hospital with serious complications. No one ever spoke to her about it.

    I know lots of people who gave birth (when pregnant in less than desirable circumstances). I don’t know how to assess another person’s happiness over that but I sure am glad at least one person I know did because their decision has given me great pleasure.

  16. I thought Cargo was addressing all women on the blog.


  17. I thought he was talking to just the two of us. He has a mouth. He can speak for himself.

  18. Just you and Elena, Moon, as shown here: “Moon and Elena are not going to change one iota of their minds and neither will you.”

    They are the ones that usually respond to any such discussions. I’ve gone round and round here long enough to know that this is a topic best left alone here. Either I’ll say something that just sets them off completely and tell me to beat itor I’ll get too frustrated and leave myself.

    1. @Cargo, I have never told you to beat it over this subject.

      But thanks for clarifying. Elena, Censored and I are the immovable objects. And remember, I don’t care how a person feels about abortion. I care who gets to make the decision. I can’t begin to presume to tell you or anyone else how to feel about abortion. It is a deeply personal decision.

  19. Not Me, Bubba

    Well I just have to add….

    A state that can compel you to gestate has the same power as a state that can compel you to abort. In either scenario, individual liberty and choice are denied.

    And if a fertilized egg is a person from conception, what right does that “person” have to use MY bodily systems to grow and develop so it can thrive? If my health and wellbeing are being placed at mortal risk, should I not have a say in whether I wish to endure it? Do I not also have my OWN UNIQUE DNA? Am I LESS of a person?

    If I am not allowed to make that choice for MYSELF, then I nor any other woman has her freedom.

    On another note – couldn’t revoking a right to choose also place all others in danger? Let’s say your tissue type matches someone else in AZ. They need a kidney and you have two. But you don’t want to donate. If another person’s LIFE is at stake and an individual has no right to choose if he/she wishes to give up his/her bodily systems for another person – the person who is in need will ALWAYS win out. So anyone up for forced blood/tissue/bone marrow donations? Or do you get to decide what is best for you – even if another person’s life is at risk?


  20. Not me bubba, you make some really excellent points.

    Congress defunded PP today. What fools. Limit contraception for poor people and the young. How is that going to reduce the incidence of abortion?

  21. Moon, the House has defunded Planned Parenthood–but the Senate has yet to speak. I fully expect they will be much wiser and more deliberative that that bunch of clowns the the Republicans/Teapublicans have put in office–They have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind…

    I do agree that the defunding puts those who did it into what I now call the American Taliban. And “e” has once again crawled out from under his rock and spread his slime around. I wonder if he is prepared to adopt all the children that could result from this stupid legislation.

    Planned Parenthood has done a world of good but the Republicans and their Teapublican cousins refuse to understand that there is more to “planned parenthood” than abortions. Standing behind all of this, IMHO, is the Catholic Church.

  22. e

    one man’s slime is another man’s genius

  23. e

    planned parenthood is synonymous with abortion, and the majority of the american people as reflected by their representatives in the house are cognizant that the howls and protestations of pp’s defenders are mere obfuscations and nothing more than putting lipstick on a pig.

    1. e, I wish you would educate yourself on what all planned parenthood does and does not do. You sound like you have been brainswashed by someone’s great-grandmother.

  24. Not Me, Bubba

    e :planned parenthood is synonymous with abortion, and the majority of the american people as reflected by their representatives in the house are cognizant that the howls and protestations of pp’s defenders are mere obfuscations and nothing more than putting lipstick on a pig.

    So says you. My representative does NOT reflect my views – and despite your belief that the majority are anti-choice, the opposite is true. Just watch the aftermath of this political move.

    You are entitled to your own opinions and beliefs – but not your own facts.

  25. e

    what congress does is never exactly in sync with the will of the people, but when our duly elected representatives vote one way or another, it is a somewhat accurate reflection of what the people who put them in office want them to do. that is my opinion and belief

    1. Not me, bubba, good grief. And people will wake up, scratching their heads and wonder how all this happened. No one will understand their own complicity in it all.

  26. Not Me, Bubba

    e :what congress does is never exactly in sync with the will of the people, but when our duly elected representatives vote one way or another, it is a somewhat accurate reflection of what the people who put them in office want them to do. that is my opinion and belief

    Opinion and belief is not fact.

    Not everyone votes pro or anti-choice. Some vote for business measures. To say everyone who voted for Pence and the other uterine usurpers was 100% against Planned PArenthood opr abortion is rather dumb. I voted for Obama, despite my fervent belief in the 2nd ammendment. Does that mean since I voted for him I am 100% for gun control? I think not.

    So again your beliefs and opinions are just those. Facts however are another matter.

  27. Not Me, Bubba

    What I mean to clarify is that just because someone votes republican does NOT mean they are voting THAT way because they are anti PP and anti-choice. I know several pro-choice republicans who vote repub because of business reasons and the 2nd ammendment. They wish there were more pro-choice, less theological republicans.

    On the flipside I know a handful of anti-choice demoocrats, who vote dem for labor laws environmental reasons, etc….they wish there were more anti-choice dems….

  28. Not Me, Bubba

    Will they wake up, or will they hope someone else will make the change for them…..

    The events in WI give me hope as to the general state of things, but in the past few decades we have always thought “things will work out”

    The main problem however is that the opposition KNOWS this and is counting on it.

    Americans love to have a scapegoat for all their ills….be it unions, Planned Parenthood, Liberals, Conservatives, immigrants, etc. If anything, NOW is the time for the MANY to stand up to the FEW who have been paid by those who are REALLY controlling things AND those who are in control to say ENOUGH.

    LIve Free or Die? Don’t Tread On Me? Slogans yes – but slogans from an era where the people had to decide what is best for them. Then it was a King. Today it is the Oligarchy. No difference.

  29. Moon, Elena and Censored,

    Rather than get your knickers in a knot–do something constructive; i.e., provide a link to senators along with a message asking them to not overturn Title X funding. All of this blah, blah, blah will do nothing. If you need words then consider something like this:

    “Title X is the nation’s only program dedicated solely to providing family-planning care to low-income Americans. About 4,600 health centers receive Title X funds to provide non-abortion-related services, including birth control and cancer screenings, to approximately 5 million uninsured Americans each year. Federal funds do not pay for abortion services.

    Please reject any anti-choice attack on this program. ”

    All the rest of the stuff on here won’t do one damned thing to help.

  30. Not Me, Bubba

    All respect George, you think an email, or a pre-fab email from PP will help?

    All those have ever gotten me is a “thankyouverymuch” and a polite tap on the head from said represenative. Emails can be mass-manufactured and easily produced. To have any effect, go to thier office and make your presence known.

  31. @not me bubba,

    We could co-opt their snake and it could be our new logo/mascot.

    @George, Thanks and I do have the links to Webb and Warner.

    The links are on the tabs up top/

    U. S. Senators

    VA Senator Mark R. Warner (D)
    202/224-2023 fax: 202/224-6079

    459A Russell Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510

    Staff Contact – Beatriz Ibarra


    VA Senator James Webb (D)
    202/224-4024 fax: 202/224-6363

    248 Russell Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510-4604

    (there is a built in form on this page)

    Staff Contact – Adam Schiff

  32. Not be bubba, you forgot to mention that it also gets you a beg letter when it comes time for a campaign donation. :mrgreen: 👿

  33. Not Me, Bubba

    LOL….that is true, MH….

    For the LIFE of me I cannot get Jackson Miller, the grinning turd, to STOP emailing me his crap and rabble-rousing emails. I have called his offices to have NO ONE answer. I have emailed and had them returned that his address was not valid……I have tried contacting him via his webpage, and each time after hitting send “an error has occurred” message pops up and I still cannot contact him. So I review, make sure all is correct and try again and again and again….no dice.

    Thing is, I no longer even LIVE in PWC or Manassas. So it’s not like he could force his crap on an unwilling constituent! I’m not even a constituent anymore!

    I just hope that either A) he gets elected OUT of office and/or B) they lose my email. I LOATHE getting emails with the smiling turds’ face on the top and a “message” about how great of a job he is doing….a message undoubtedly he wrote himself. BARF

  34. George S. Harris

    @Not Me, Bubba
    Have you ever tried putting him on a “Blocked Sender” list or spam list–works for me. Or you can report it to your ISP as spam.

    BTW–Members of congress DO consider calls, e-mails, letters and visits. Particularly on hot button issues, these things are logged “Pro” or “Con” and they do influence votes.

  35. George S. Harris

    Well I gotta tell ya Moon–I never noticed those links until now–I thought they were headings for your filing system. On something that is this “hot”, I would think something should stand out. Your blog–just a comment.

  36. Censored bybvbl

    @George S. Harris

    Consider those emails sent.

    This is just another volley in the rabid right’s war on women. Oh, let’s just be real about it – the right wing-nuts are afraid of just about everything – women’s rights, death panels, taxes, risque panties, unions, immigrants, socialists, changes in population demographics. It must be tough having to deal with such fear continually.

  37. e

    just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. or you can prefer to fiddle while rome burns. or let them eat cake (michelle obama permitting)

  38. @Censored bybvbl
    Its not fear. Lets take these one at a time.

    1) its not a war on women. There are WOMEN involved in the pro-life movement. Its concern for the rights of the unborn.

    2) death panels – when a gov’t will decide upon what treatment a sick person gets based upon cost analysis, any you don’ t have recourse to sue because its the gov’t, the nickname is “death panel”

    3) taxes – Yep. Taxes are screwy in this country. When all taxes are combined, most people pay around 50% to taxes. And the gov’t answer to all problems is, “spend more and tax more.” Since they haven’t done anything right YET with the money they already have, and our debt/deficit is a SPENDING PROBLEM, its time to starve the beast.

    4) While I don’t have a problem with risque panties, and I don’t have enough local knowledge about the “risque store problem” you guys were dealing with, most parents probably want to keep sexual matters out of the public eye. I don’t even like the way Victoria Secrets is showing off its wares at my neighborhood mall. Too many kids.

    5)Unions – I don’t like the political power that they have and misuse. They are in bed, now, with too many other political groups that I find unsavory. I’m not going to list all of the problems with union management and their hypocrisy. I actually agree that unions are necessary. I just don’t like the way that they exercise that power, nor do I like closed shops.

    6)We don’t have a problem with immigrants. We have a problem with ILLEGAL immigrants. We like immigrants that want to become Americans.

    7)socialists – yeah, socialism tends to lead to failed societies. We don’t like that. And all those other “isms” that are associated with socialism tends to lend it a bad name.

    8)changes in population demographics – now that’s one I hadn’t heard that we’re supposed to be afraid of. I’ll have to get with Rush and Beck on that. Now, if you are talking about the demographics in Europe, between the muslim population and the european population, there can be cause for long term concern if you don’t want to see Europe become just another sharia controlled continent. But that is still a big question on whether that might happen. The demographic discussion I usually hear in this country is this supposed worry that white people are worried about becoming a minority in some near future. I don’t think that has EVER come up on the radar of any Republicans/right wingers that I know.

    It must be hard to continually live in fear of “right wingers” and our agenda. Especially those of us whose agenda is to lessen the power of the federal gov’t to interfere in anyone’s lives. That’s really scary. Right wing nuts WITHOUT the power of government behind them…

  39. Elena

    I have sent multiple letters, expressing my utter disgust that Planned Parenthood would be defunded.

    I am just so disappointed in your attitude, especially knowing what I know. Do you not understand that only 3% of planned parenthood’s budget goes to provide LEGAL and SAFE abortions? Do you not understand that women who do not have insurance, of which there are many, have their critical womens health check up at a low cost through planned parenthood? Are you so blind that you cannot see that women are not a tool to be used for political purposes! Do you personally know anyone that has saught an abortion?

  40. Elena

    Let me be crystal clear here. An all out assault on womens reproductive rights is about as backwards as this great country has gone. Even is e is quoting from the bible, well, you know what I say, keep your bible out of my uterus! Are we now on the verge of a religious takeover like some other countries that many people fear in the middle east?

    Planned Parenthood’s mission is to PREVENT unwanted pregnancy, DUHHHHHH!!!! What do you think will happen when planned parenthood is no longer able to provide the contraceptive services to financially struggling women?

    I resent the term Pro-Life, like

  41. Elena

    I resent the term pro-life, as if that implies I am pro-death. I am pro women and thus support their right to have dominion over their body. I have two beautiful children, I stand up for at risk children, I was a middle school counselor, trying to help children, I love children, no matter what their color, race, religion, or immigrant status.

  42. Censored bybvbl

    Elena, don’t expect solutions from the party of “NO!” They want to limit legal abortions, limit access to birth control info, and hate supporting the resulting unwanted or uncared for children. It must be tough to try to spin a message of caring for families. They care for the unborn but not for the woman. I’ve come to the conclusion that misogyny is a Republican trait. (I can’t wait for the response “Many Republicans are women!……..kind of like the old excuse “some of my friends are X,Y, or Z” so I couldn’t possibly be a bigot.)

  43. Not Me, Bubba

    “1) its not a war on women. There are WOMEN involved in the pro-life movement. Its concern for the rights of the unborn.”

    Let me get this straight, since there are women who wish to decide for OTHER women if they can/cannot end a pregnancy they are not attacking women’s rights, but instead care only for fetuses? Because they are WOMEN?

    There are female mysogynists. Leslee Unruh is one. She tells rape victims they are responsible and refuses to give ANYONE via her “center” birth control.

    But I like your thinking that because many “pro-life” groups are led by women, that THEREFORE they cannot POSSIBLY be anti-woman. In that, you unwittingly imply that men who are pro-life cannot be pro-woman because they lack the very equipment to understand 1) women and 2) pregnancy/childbirth. It says a lot, and I for one firmly believe that men who claim to be “pro-life” are neither pro-woman or pro-baby. So thanks for confirming what I believed to be true!

    On that line of reasoning then, pro-life women MUST be pro-woman because they share the same genitalia as their pro-choice counterpart. But do you agree with men on men’s issues, simply because you have a phallus and not a vagina?

    Let’s take paternity for example. Some men claim that a man has a responsibility to take care of a child he fathered. It doesn’t matter if he wants the child or not, planned on being a father, or is even certain if he IS the father. There are mens organizations who would say…you play you pay. The State for one has a compelling interest in naming anyone known to a single mother seeking financial support to have SOMEONE pick up and “father” the child………………………….on the flipside you have men’s rights groups claiming that a man has a right to walk away from a woman and her pregnancy if he 1) does not want to be a father and she will not abort/adopt out 2) he stated previuosly he did not wish to have children and would not support a child from their union or 3) he feels he was lied to and coerced in fathering a child because she claimed to be on BC, but got pregnant and is seeking support from him, regardless.

    I am assuming you are of the male gender. So tell me, which one is right? Which one is more pro-man, considering both example groups are led by men and you, as a man have the physical capability (as opposed from the Vaginal Bearers) and edge in stating just WHO is more “correct” and impartial to the end goal…..


    So, which group is more right, considering they’re led equally based on phallic status??????


    Frankly a group led by women who wish to place MY bodily rights SECOND to that of a zygote/embryo/fetus is not pro-woman nor is it pro-baby. They are pro-gestation and pro-fetus. That is all. NOT ONE so-called “pro-life” organization in the USA promotes or DISPENSES birth control. They all preach ABSTINENCE ONLY and NO SEX before Marriage. And if you’re married and want to limit the size of your family – via routine birth control or an abortion for an unplanned pregnancy – their stance is that sex is for procreation ONLY and as a WIFE it is your DUTY to GIVE children to your husband….whether you want to or not…whether HE wants you to or not. They are quite strict in their judeo-xtian ways.

    So you have pro-choice saying:
    Have a baby!
    Don’t Have A Baby!
    Use Birth Control!
    Don’t Use BC!
    It is ALL YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE, for YOU have to live with whatever YOU CHOOSE.

    And then there is the “Pro-Life” side:
    -You MUST Have a baby, whether you want to or not.
    -You MUST NEVER have sex before marriage.
    -If you DO have sex before Marriage, BC is a sin and doesn’t work anyways so you might as well start decorating that nursery or finding an adoption agency.
    -Since sex is a sin before marriage and utterly FILTHY before marriage, we will not educate you in any way on sex, lest we give you TOO MUCH INFO on how to prevent getting caught via pregnancy and escaping punishment for your sin, we’ll just tell you to never have sex before marriage and leave you to figure the rest out – after marriage.

    Yeah, I can see where the “pro-life” side is all about pro-woman and pro-baby….

    *rolls eyes*

  44. Lots of people who are exacting this sort of policy described by bubba are having sex before marriage, during marriage (to someone other than their spouse) and outside of marriage.

    Those are the ones I find hard to take.

  45. Bear

    If you believe there is a correlation between abortion and planned parenthood, you are correct. Much of planned parenthood is focused on birth control. Without their help I predict many more unwanted pregnancies.

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