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Fox News: When nothing is ever good enough

April 26th, 2011 31 comments

President Obama is under fire again by Fox News and their listeners.  What has the President done this time?  He didn’t celebrate Easter enough.  According to the Huffington Post:

One of the things that’s a “thing” today is that people, driven by a Fox Nation story, are complaining about the Obama White House’s failure to issue a proclamation about Easter. The White House, of course, hosted an Easter Egg Roll, and the president also hosted an Easter-themed prayer breakfast, at which he said this:

“I wanted to host this breakfast for a simple reason — because as busy as we are, as many tasks as pile up, during this season, we are reminded that there’s something about the resurrection — something about the resurrection of our savior, Jesus Christ, that puts everything else in perspective.

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Jan Brewer: More blasting birthers

April 26th, 2011 31 comments

Governor Jan Brewer reiterates her position on birthers and negates their claims. She says that they are taking the country down a “path of destruction.”

More Kudos for Jan Brewer. Basically, there is nothing to discuss. Ms. Brewer is probably going to send them all over to Roswell, NM to have their tin foil hats adjusted.

Many people were surprised to see Gov. Brewer take such a strong stand against birthers. Is she leaving her conservative base? Will this hurt her in the next gubernatorial election?

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No Fast Track for Cooch

April 26th, 2011 24 comments

The Richmond Times Dispatch:

The U.S. Supreme Court has denied Virginia’s petition to have its lawsuit against federal health-care legislation bypass appellate review and be heard directly by the court.

As a result, the lawsuit will continue on its current path to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which is scheduled to hear the case May 10 in Richmond.

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High school senior leads Louisiana fight against anti-evolution law

April 25th, 2011 22 comments

Senior Zack Kopplin, age 17, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is leading the charge against a law that allows creationism to have equal time with evolution in Louisiana high schools.  Kopplin attends Baton Rouge Magnet High School,  and has been leading a campaign against the state’s Science Education Act since last summer.  He has organized students, faculties, clergy, and business leaders to support the repeal of the law and has the support of at least 40 Nobel laureates.

According to Washington Post:

The single most important reason why I took on this repeal was jobs,” Kopplin told me. “This law makes it harder for Louisiana students to get cutting-edge science-based jobs after we graduate, because companies like Baton Rouge’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center are not going to trust our science education with this law on the books.”

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The Royals

April 24th, 2011 18 comments

Its time.  I resisted.  Now I have caved.  Time to start the Royal Wedding hype.  I hate myself for it also.

The Royal Wedding will take place Friday, April 29, 2011 at some ungodly hour like 4 am est.  Meanwhile the press is going absolutely nuts.  And as we all know, the Brit press is far worse than hours.  Every detail about the royals will be scrutinized.

Since Sarah Fergie Ferguson and I neither one got an invitation I checked out an article of Who’s Who with the Royals. The Brit royals now have all sorts of glamor designer names for their children.  Apparently they are no longer content naming their children, Charles, Elizabeth, Margaret, Andrew, Phillip or those other old fashioned names.  Now we find Camilla, Savannah, Zara, Autumn  (in-law and untitled),  Serena, Margarita, Columbus and Cassius.  :roll:  The bride -to-be is a commoner.  When she marries Prince William, she becomes royalty.  According to Time:

Though the only title Middleton will be legally entitled to is that of her husband, it will be for the Queen to decide who gets what. Upon marriage, Middleton would become Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales, though the media would shorten her title to Princess Catherine, a title legally reserved for princesses of birth.

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Logmill Road to be flattened

April 22nd, 2011 6 comments

The News and Messenger reports that Logmill Road is to be flattened.  It has been the scene of 7 deaths  since 2000 and countless more injuries.  The project will be completed with federal funds and is projected to be finished November, 2012. 

After reading some of the hateful reader comments on, it seems that some discussion is needed.  Many communities have stretches of road that are particularly deadly, as evidenced by the make-shift graves that spring up along road sides.  Logmill Road is one of Prince William County’s most deadly.  It has no shoulders.  It is like riding a roller coaster because of the hills.  The faster one goes, the better the effect, unless you lose control of your car or an animal darts out in front of you.  The kids used to  call it   ‘jumping the hills’   according to family members (in-laws) who grew up out on the Mountain.  

Good for the county for recognizing this problem   But can this problem be addressed in other, less disruptive ways?   There is a stretch of road on route 29, just as you leave Madison and enter Green County on the way to Charlottesville.  I have never driven through that area that I didn’t see at least one cop car.   The natural inclination there is to speed.  You are coming off a hill to a flat stretch of road.  And the cops are waiting for you.  I always kept my speed to the limit through there and I expect they could probably built a new school or 2 with the money they have brought in giving tickets to unsuspecting drivers. You can tell those who are familiar with that stretch.  Those are the folks going exactly the speed limit.  they learned.

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Corey Stewart Still Flirts with Upcoming Senate Seat

April 22nd, 2011 5 comments

It seems that Corey Stewart is still attempting to flirt with running for the U. S. Senate, according to the Richmond Times Dispatch. In an interview, Corey boasts that people either love him or hate him:

“I’ve been a very controversial figure, and people either love me or hate me,” said Stewart, 42.

The moment of blithe self-awareness followed a ceremonial announcement of his bid for re-election as at-large chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. Elected countywide, the position answers to more than 400,000 constituents.

But with political ambition to spare, Stewart, an affable international trade attorney and spirited conservative, has designs on higher office — a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Corey still doesn’t get it.  No one I have ever talked to hates Corey.  They dislike his style of governance–that fly by the seat of your pants way of saying one thing to one person and the opposite to the next person.  Corey has a reputation for breaking his word.  He signs pledges he does not keep when a better deal comes along, such as his sell out on the Avendale property.  His total disregard for previous pledges to guard the Rural Crescent was highlighted on this blog.   Most people who know Corey say he is affable and fun to be with.   Many who know him simply don’t trust him, having been screwed over in the past.

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Open Thread ……..Passover…..Good Friday…….Earth Day…..Friday, April 22

April 22nd, 2011 100 comments

Today is Earth Day which was first celebrated on April 22, 1970.  Have we made progress protecting the earth?  That question is certainly debatable.  What do our contributors think?  Is the earth  better off than it was   40 years ago?

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Restrepo: Birds Eye View of Afghanistan

April 22nd, 2011 9 comments

I just finished watching Restrepo.  It is available on Netflix.  It will also be shown again on NatGeo Monday night at 9 pm.  We have been so protected from our wars.  Only military families have suffered.  Industry and defense contractors have gotten rich.  The rest of us have basically remained untouched.

The war in Afghanistan is costing 2 billion dollars a week.  Our troops are being asked to be social workers.  Meanwhile, those same troops are suffering death, horrible brain injuries, loss of limb and overall life-altering injuries.  Military families have suffered because also because of the multiply deployments.  Children have grown up without a parent and spouses have spent 10 years with partners popping in and out of their lives. 

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Faux News in-fighting?

April 22nd, 2011 33 comments

Glenn Beck must be planning to go out in a blaze of glory.  He apparently called Mike Huckabee a ‘progressive’  because of his support of First Lady Michelle Obama over her childhood obesity initiatives.  Anyone who knows anything about Mike Huckabee knows he has continually fought his own personal weight demons and has written a book on the subject.  He also has done some of his own crusading while governor of Arkansas towards childhood obesity. 

According to Huffington Post:

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee shot back on Thursday at recent claims made by Glenn Beck that he is a “progressive,” a word that the conservative radio host often uses to describe some of his most prominent enemies.

Beck declaredearlier this week that Huckabee was “John McCain” and a “progressive” because of his choice to defend First Lady Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative while other conservatives were getting in on the fray.

Huckabee retaliated with a poston his PAC’s website Thursday, standing by his support of the First Lady’s program and even taking a few shots of his own at Beck.

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