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  1. Big Dog

    Unemployment benefits last a max of 26 weeks in Georgia.

    Supply and demand should come into balance at some point –
    what would get more folks out in the Georgia summer sun “picking and
    hauling” for 10-12 hours a day? $20 an hour? Of course as that
    plays out across the country, your food bill will go up.

  2. Are people making $20 an hour for doing stoop work?

  3. @Big Dog

    It sounds like Georgia might want to rethink that hard stance they took on illegal immigration. Just a thought.

    Further proof there is just no free lunch.

  4. Cargosquid

    Vast majority of House demands that the President “must explain himself or else face future consequences, possibly including having funds for the war cut off.”


    Of course, all this is smoke and mirrors. The resolutions were non-binding and he has TWO weeks to come up with a story. If they had meant it, they would have written a resolution denouncing his illegal act of war against a country that was not a threat, had not shot at Americans, and his lack of asking Congress for authority.

  5. Morris Davis

    Here’s an article on the correlation between unemployment and home foreclosures. http://www.startribune.com/business/123164298.html I am not the Morris Davis quoted in the article, but he is a friend and a very smart professor of economics.

    marinm – “force people to work for their wages and meals.” Is there any reliable data suggesting people are just laying around on the dole and shunning work? It seems like whenever there is a hiring opportunity the number of people trying to get work far, far exceeds the number of openings.

  6. marinm

    @Morris Davis

    Sort of. We (welfare society) fall into the trap where a person simply has to appear to be looking for gainful employment in order to satisfy that requirement to get unemployment and other public assistance. Or, you have the issue my wife has where she needs people to do temporary work but because they’ve met their requirement with the government on minimum/maximum hours that they refuse work assignments in order to maintain that government assistance.

    We (society) also need to stop pushing this idea that only a college degree or education is the route to prosperity in this country. We push out a lot of kids that can analyze Dante but not many that can (or are willing!) to turn wrenches.


  7. Steve Randolph


    Like today,thirty years ago Republicans felt “Government is too big and
    spends too much”.

    BUT they also worked with Democrats. “Both sides of the aisle communicated
    in a spirt of candor, openess and mustual respect” and were willing to raise
    taxes a small amount as part of bipartisan budget resolution that included major
    spending cuts.

    Times change, and not always for the better.

  8. Dan Cooper

    Oh no, scumbag Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has some more pics that he has sent to young women around the country. I feel so sorry for his wife, I can maybe buy one photo being sent via being hacked but wow. This doesn’t look good for this slimy P.O.S.. This shows that not only did he send the first pic but that he is a flat out liar.


  9. Why, oh why can’t some good looking female politician email bare nekkid pics? Now that would be interesting news!

  10. SlowpokeRodriguez

    Actually, another female is coming forward with what she claims is over 200 explicit messages from Tony Weiner. Weinergate gets bigger and bigger. You don’t even have to try make jokes about this!

  11. SlowpokeRodriguez

    Question: Does Anthony’s Weiner have its own twitter account or facebook page? That NEEDS to happen! It can “friend” Obama’s teleprompter and the robo-pen!

  12. Dan Cooper

    Oh boy, this isn’t good… for anyone, right or left. CBO hires Obama Administration official, who played a key role in getting Obamacare passed, to provide ‘objective’ healthcare budget numbers.


  13. marinm

    Before Rep. Weiner admited that the photo was him AND that he’s sent out other photo’s before AND that he does not intend to resign.. This is just fresh sea salt on the open wound.


    Andrew Breitbart takes over Anthony Weiner news conference

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0611/56359.html#ixzz1OWx72FOa

  14. @marinm

    I am going to agree with you about the mentality in this country where everyone has to go to college. First off, nationally we have about a 25% high school drop out rate. That is horrible and says to me that high school is irrelevant to many people.

    I think the biggest short coming in education is the lack of vocational training. Not everyone can or should be in college. Many people cannot afford it. Bring the technical training down to high school level for those kids who don’t like or want post graduate academic training.

  15. @Dan Cooper

    Just remember that Rep. Weiner being a scum bag does not make Andrew Brietbart any less of a POS. He is not exonerated.

    Breitbart should recognize a liar anywhere since he has had so much practice at weasel wording and yellow journalism.

  16. Read the whole thing! Hilarious! The comments too!


    So and So is the true RINO!

    So and so has changed positions on more issues than my favorite candidate. Sure, my favorite candidate has changed positions as well, but their changes were the result of experience and wisdom gained while my favorite candidate went through their singularly unique path to the presidency. Reagan is a good example.

    So and so, on the other hand, is merely showing their opportunism when they change positions. Reagan would never do such a thing.

    So and so compromised their principles while they were in a prior leadership position. I disagree with things that happened during their time. This is analogous to what George Bush did. Ronald Reagan, on the other hand, would never do such a thing.

    My favorite candidate, on the other hand, never compromised their principles while in a prior leadership position. Every piece of legislation during this time period is agreeable to me. And even those that are not agreeable to me, were necessary and/or out of the conceivable control of my favorite candidate. Ronald Reagan sometimes found himself in just such a situation.

  17. Wolverine

    Moe, you just gave me my laugh for the day. I swear. Every time I have surfed the web to find some of your postings, I run into Professor Morris Davis. Now I find that he is a friend of yours. Small world. Thanks for the chuckle.

  18. Why I’m skeptical of AGW.

    I’m not denying that the world MAY be warming, but that I’m skeptical that WE are the cause.


    Scroll through, take your time, and read the comments. Excellent stuff.

    There is no consensus.

  19. @Cargo, you might want to replant that last comment.

    Why on earth wouldn’t we be the cause? Factories, cars, coal, etc?

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