Jon Stewart used to hang out at Dewey Beach, Delaware with Anthony Weiner back in the day. He says NO WAY to that picture. In fact, he says there’s just a lot more Anthony than Weiner.

Anything advanced by Breitbart has to be suspect.   Let us not forget the man with a plan.  According  to

Breitbart was the man responsible for taking Shirley Sharrod’s words out of context and labeling the federal worker a racist, costing the USDA official her job after he spliced and diced her words about helping a racist farmer out despite her past experiences with racism. Breitbart ran to Glenn Beck with doctored “evidence.” The rest, as they say, is history

Rep. Weinerhopefully will call in the FBI and get the entire matter resolved.  Guilty or innocent?  Hacked or perv?   Twittered or Weinered?  It sounds to me like Breitbart and company are up to the dirty tricks again. 

Full Story:  New York Times

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  1. Wolverine

    Well, if Jon says that Anthony is…ahem…inadequately endowed, could it be that Anthony might have sent the girl a picture of somebody else’s weiner? Same charge? After all, if it wasn’t actually HIS weiner……In any case, during the confrontations with the media, Anthony didn’t sound too anxious to call in the FBI. How would you like to be the special agent in charge of Weinergate? You’d never live it down in the field office.

    1. @Wolverine,

      This brings a new meaning to mystery Weiner. I would be more suspicious if the source of the story weren’t Breitbart, who has zero credibility. We know his intentions and his past charlatan news habits.

      Something happened to this blog on May 22, 23, 24, 25. No way we are going to have nearly 5,000 visits. Hacking? I don’t know what it was but something was sure going on that wasn’t supposed to. Look at the sitemeter. Visits past 30 days. It makes no sense.

  2. Fonda


  3. Elena

    “leans to the extreme left” freakin’ hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Breibart is a scumbag who has no care for the destruction he leaves in the wake of lies, just ask Ms. Sharrod.

  4. Steve Thomas

    I don’t think this situation is funny at all. I think the FBI should investigate this and establish what, in fact, happened. If his accounts were hacked, as his people assert, t hen Federal laws may have been broken. If his accounts were not hacked, and it was in fact sent my Mr. Wiener, then this is a matter for the ethics committee. Laughing it off and calling it a “non-story” shouldn’t fly here. If this were a GOP elected, it wouldn’t. The media would be on this like a pack of dobermans on a stack of porkchops. If we have electeds doing this sort of thing, then they should be held to account. If he is an innocent victim of a hacker, then his good name should be returned to him, and the perps prosecuted.

  5. Elena

    Hi Steve,

    Well, from the perspective of Jon Stewart’s satire, it was hilarious.

    It is clear this was a prank, a silly prank. Why should Weiner give the prankster all that much press. Seriously, does anyone think that a tweet to a college student would be hidden from the public eye? His office has looked into pursuing the matter. Weiner is done discussing the juvenile behavior of this tweet. If this were a tweet for Romney I would also say the same thing in his defense. That Briebart first reported it all I need to know to question the “authenticity” of a tweet of a guys large penis from a congressman named “weiner” !

  6. Dan Cooper

    Ah, so Breitbart made the NAACP issue a statement condeming Shirly Sherod (even though they had the full video), Breitbart was the one who fired her (without looking into the matter first out of fear that it would be on Glenn Becks show) and now Breitbart has hacked an elected officials twitter account. Boy, this guy really gets around.

    I suppose if you can’t blame Bush you can always blame Breitbart. 🙂

    Isn’t it interesting that Weiner has no intentions of calling in the FBI? Hmmm… now why would someone not want an investigation into a clear case of hacking? Could it possibly be it wasn’t hacking at all?

  7. marinm

    I’m new to the story as I’m not a fan of the low brow attacks but I do have one question.

    Has he gone on the record to deny that it was his package and that he didn’t send it? The few pieces I’ve read have not been clear on those points.

    It may be that someone cracked his twitter password and used his account but why not just give a simple “No, that’s not me.” for the record?

  8. I echo Elena.

    Stewart has also known Weiner for 25 years. The skit is hilarious.

    I agree, hacking and sexting are both serious. However, even PBS got hacked last week. Someone gave this blog nearly 5000 hits in 1 day, speaking of jokes.

    Breitbart broke this story. He is a known liar and yet people continue to listen to him. I don’t know why.

    I have defended Sarah Palin when she was hacked and I have defended other R elected people who have been victimized by similar computer issues. Actually, the last GOP who resigned didn’t get any press here. I don’t think we gave much attention to the guy who enjoyed being tickled either. Wasn’t he a Dem?

    What is Wiener supposed to do, especially given his name? Talk it to death? He should continue to ignore it and allow Fox to talk it to death, which they are doing today.

  9. @marin,

    Not sure. Maybe he doesn’t want to give the story life. I mean…I can see why the guy is embarrassed. Maybe he wishes it WERE him under different circumstances.

    He really seems too smart to get caught up in it really being him.

    Considering there is no face involved, I think the chances that it is Rep. Weiner are pretty remove. I am of the thought that people can hack into anything.

  10. marinm

    I guess but I think the way to kill the story is say, “you’re barking up the wrong tree. it’s not me. now that i’ve gone on the record to say it’s not me I won’t entertain anymore comments about this dead issue.”

    By him not coming out and denying it I think the story has legs.

    I think I’m more a fan of the David Boreanaz school of thought here. If you know you did it and you’re caught. Admit it quickly. Go public. Control the message. Throw out the mea culpa and do the damage control. The story will die because you take the juice out of the story.

  11. marinm

    USA Today said he denied it. It’s done in my eyes.

    Hope the guy becomes Mayor of New York and out of the US Congress. 😉

    1. @marin
      Works for me unless something else pops up that proves otherwise. 😈

  12. Steve Thomas

    Elena and Moon,

    If this was his doing, hold him accountable. If not, clear him and give him his good name back.

  13. Can I say that I really, really, REALLY don’t care about this issue at all? I sooooo don’t care. Honestly, why is it any of my business if the guy sent a photo of his privates in underpants to a college girl? It might be of interest to his wife, but not me.

    We have so many big issues facing this country – immigration reform; taxes, spending and debt; education; wars coming out our ears; energy policy and gas prices; jobs…….This is so stupid! Why are we even discussing it?

    Grumble grumble grumble………

  14. Wolverine

    I haven’t laughed this much since Wilbur Mills fell into the Tidal Basin.

  15. Wolverine, I am with you. And Elena and I both howled over the Jon Stewart handling of it.

    KimS, I am laughing too hard.

    The guy is between the devil and the deep blue sea. In the first place, his name is Weiner. Jon Stewart makes it more than clear that the photo enhances him. Maybe he doesn’t want to tell anyone that there is NO way it could be him.

    The news is consumed with it. Considering some of the other things they talk about, it is actually an improvement.

  16. Sooooo……would this just be a cock and bull story? 😈 👿

  17. Wolverine

    Actually, I am wondering if Jon might not have plagarized a bit with that story of the adventures at Dewey Beach. I seem to recall an episode of Seinfeld where the gang all went out for a weekend at a beach house on Long Island. George Costanza had been in the pool and went back to his room to change out of his swimming trunks. A girl walked in on him while he was stark naked, stared at his package, and left the room laughing in mirth. George kept trying to explain to Jerry that what the girl saw was not the real deal, that the thing always shrinks when it has been in colder water. In walks Elaine, and George seeks her confirmation of his shrinking theory. Elaine looks quizzically at Jerry and at George and exclaims in wonder: “It shrinks?!!!”

    Also, having once lived for a spell in the Borough of Queens and Jon and Anthony being New Yorkers, I am sorry that Jon missed the one about comparisons between a Vienna sausage and a Nathan’s Famous foot-long.

    1. @Wolverine,

      I am dying of laughter here. I don’t think Seinfeld owns that one.

  18. SlowpokeRodriguez

    I think the issue has been thoroughly pinned down here. The issue is clearly that Breitbart has not provided sufficient “context” to the Wiener Photo. It’s all about lack of context. If you knew all the OTHER info surrounding the underdrawers photo, you’d realize how innocent it is.

  19. Cato the Elder

    This man’s poor wife is named Huma Weiner.

    Say that three times fast.

  20. Elena

    STOP Cato!

    I’m with Moon, Weiner is stuck between a rock and a “hard” place. He denies by saying, “no way, my penis is the size of my pinkie, that is definately not me!” How can a guy do that??? Apparently there is concern that photos may have been hacked from a computer, could this be a photoshopped picture of only his underwear and then “enhanced”? He has said he really thought people would think of it as a silly joke and move on to more important news.

  21. Elena

    I’ll tell you what, I’ll buy dinner for you if Congressman Weiner ends up being guilty of tweeting this pic. If he did indeed do that, he should resign, but at this point, it reall seems like a total hoax.

  22. marinm

    yup, the story will never die now. 🙂

    Weiner’s Office Calls Police After CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer Asks For An Interview

    For what it’s worth it’s interesting that he now isn’t claiming that it’s not him only that he didn’t send it to her. Interesting…….

  23. Cato the Elder

    If Congressman Weiner and the Attorney General ran on the same ticket for President, what would we call them?

  24. Why should he resign, Elena? There is a faceless ‘junk picture’ with a life of its own. I understand the woman never even saw the picture.

    I think its time for everyone to get off the moral high horse and look at it for what it is. At worst he was set up by none other than Barfy Breitbart. At best, a guy named Weiner tweeted his……fully clothed ……

    I have posted new JS material on this subject.

  25. Cato, too funny!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, I just can’t get serious over this one.

    Old ERic Cantor threw him under the bus right before he went on record about people in Jplin sucking it up and paying for their own clean up…something about use the $10k in savings for a new car to clean up your tornado torn property. What an ASS. I am embarrassed that he is a Virginian.

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