An 18-year-old Stonewall Jackson High School student was charged Thursday with sexual assault, police said.

A 14-year-old student at the school told police that Phillip Andrew McNuss, 18, a person she knows, sexually assaulted her in a stairwell inside the school, which is located at 8820 Rixlew Lane, more than one time between April 11 and April 15, Prince William police spokesman Jonathan Perok said.

Perok said the victim reported the incidents on Wednesday afternoon to school authorities, who then contacted police.

McNuss, of the 10200 block of Jamaica Lane, in the Townes of Ashleigh neighborhood, was charged with sexual battery, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and carnal knowledge, Perok said.

McNuss was held without bond.  Police did not have his court date immediately available.

We don’t usually cover crime.  However, this story affects many of our readers.  Maybe it’s time for some of the curtains to come down.  A 14 year old is  sexually assaulted, (whatever that means) inside the school in a stairwell during school hours?  Where were others?   Teachers, students and administrators?  Were  both students out of class?  What about security cameras?  Don’t they have those in stairwells?   How does something like this happen?

The alleged attacker lives off of Williamson Blvd.  That is a little too close for comfort.  Additionally, this is certainly not the first time that a student has been viciously attacked at SJHS.   If this kind of illegality is going on at Stonewall then security must be upgraded.  Prince William County citizens don’t send their daughters, sisters, granddaughters, and nieces to school to be sexually assaulted any more than they send their sons, nephews, brothers and grandsons to school to be brutally attacked. 

Hopefully the school will have some explanation of how this was allowed to happen on their watch. 

And if  someone is accused of sexual battery and they go to school with my family members, then I guess they should know I will plaster their  face on my blog: 

Reminder: (mainly for Moon)  Everyone is innocent until convicted by a jury of their peers. 


11 Thoughts to “Stonewall Student Arrested for Sexual Assault”

  1. Wolverine

    You know, Moon, it seems like this kind of stuff or something similar hits me in the eye every time I turn on the computer these days. I’m at the point where I just don’t know what to say anymore — except maybe for some things that are not fit for the blog.

  2. @Wolverine, I had a similar feeling. This one was sort of the straw that broke the camel’s back. I am so tired of reading about some sexual predator every time I look at local papers. And I mean EVERY time. This time it got too close those those that are the most important in my life.

    I had a hard time also, Wolverine. This thread was an exercise in keeping my temper and using civil discourse.

  3. Raymond Beverage

    Moon, all the big high schools, to include OHS here in Manassas, have stairwells all over the place where these things can happen…and to my knowledge, not one has security cameras. Cost of having them and having someone sitting and monitoring them all day is just not affordable, or so I was told once upon a time.

    By the way, you wrote: “A 14 year old is attack and sexually assaulted, (whatever that means) inside the school in a stairwell during school hours?” Assault in Virginia is basically penetration has been made. Versus “sexual abuse” which is basically anything not involving penetration. “Battery” if added as an additional charge to assault, would be just the same as any other battery case, just occured during the act of sexual assault.

  4. Lafayette

    This dude is way too close for comfort. I know the Stonewall students at my house recognized this Drew Carey look alike. This story broke on the day that I’d graduated 25 years ago from Stonewall. 🙁 Perverts are everywhere. Hell, I still would like to the legal status of the 30 pervert that raped the 17 yr old two blocks over at 2:45pm on Mother’s day at a family gathering. I believe these sorts of things happen everywhere. We hear about them all now, due to technology.

  5. Classes and ISS are held in some schools in PWC in stairwells.

    Security cameras aren’t that expensive that some can’t be added to stair wells. Obviously they are a problem and have had one.

  6. Children should be safe in school. The district needs to investigate this crime to determine how it happened and take real concrete steps to ensure that such a crime never happens again (not the typical white-wash BS they try to pass off on us).

  7. KimS, I agree with you on this one.

    I am hearing rumblings that there is more to this case…involvement wise. I guess we will find out.

    Let the white washing begin.

  8. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    C’mon, all one needs to do is sit at a traffic light in front of SWJ High School in the morning and look around to figure out you’d be sending your kids into a meat grinder.

  9. Lafayette

    Here we go again!! Doesn’t ever end around here? There’s way too much of this going on. Looks like it’s SJSHS turn this week.

  10. Pat.Herve

    THey are charging the teacher with a crime that happened back in 2004, 2005 – why did the victim wait so long to go to the authorities? It will be a he said-she said case, as I am sure most people’s memory will be forgetting on something that is 6 or 7 years ago. Not trying to defend the bastard, but if there was a case, it should have been brought sooner.

    1. @Pat, and I agree this should have come forward sooner. I do know this. Not all things surface when they are happening. I know of a situation that surfaced almost 10 years later. It was because someone let the cat out of the bag in the case I know about. It might not even be the female that ratted him out. It might have been a case of someone who knew.

      It should have come out sooner and if he is guilty, then he should be fired and stand trial. This has to stop. I guess some of these teachers think that they are the big Kajuna. Sort of a scaled down version of the arrogance and narcissistic behavior that got Weiner in the pickle he is in. It seems to afflict coaches more than classroom teachers if we are to believe the news.

      @Steve, That is what they call ‘disappearing to the Hill.’ That’s when they find themselves counting textbooks.

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