Another look at the debt and debt ceiling

From the Washington Post:

Who raised the debt ceiling?

Since 1980, the debt ceiling has been raised 39 times. It was raised 17 times under Ronald Reagan, four times under Bill Clinton and seven times under George W. Bush. Congress is currently in a contentious debate with the White House on whether to raise the ceiling by the Aug. 2 deadline, which would make the fourth raise under Obama.

Its just time for everyone to pull their fingers back in from that point.  Clinton gets the atta boy award.  Republicans need to man up and take their fair share of the blame for debt and move on. 

Reminder:  We are still paying for World War II. 


After WWII, the debt was a greater percent of GDP.  We have had 2 wars and a Great Recession. 

We need to raise the debt ceiling without histrionics, blame gaming or politics.  Just do it.  This is no time to play Russian roulette with our economy.