It’s going to be a scorcher this week, if the weatherman is to be believed.  The end of the week is going to usher in 100 degree weather.   Out of town visitors and Civil War participants need to use extreme caution outside.  Hydration is critical!


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  1. Michele Bachmann is even getting sympathy from people like Ed Schultz over the headache inquisition. No one could disagree with Bachmann over policy more than Ed. (except me)

    Pawlenty started all that, didn’t he? He and West both need to be sent to the corner for time out. When they come out they need to just admit it is the 21st century.

  2. Hot enough for you out there, big dog? Will we have another good day in the stock market?

  3. @Pat, the whole way the fed. govt. is set up encourages sending to the last penny. Throw in use it or lose it and it is easy to see why things are the way they are.

    Additionally, more people than ever are on the dole of some sort because of the jobs market.

    This is just all political. 🙄 They announced a while ago that the chief objective was to get rid of Obama and to put a Republican in the White House. I’ll hand them an A for transparency at least. I just wish the R’s weren’t wrecking the economy and country in their attempts to do it.

    This is just one I will never forgive.

  4. Big Dog

    “Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”.
    – Noel Coward

    Big Dog, attired in period dress, no doubt looked like a panting
    Mad Dog yesterday by the end of the Peace Jubilee yesterday.

    M-H, The market has been kind the last few weeks, but fear the
    raging zealots of the Tea Party may blow us all up. The
    wise heads on Wall Street and in Washington think it is
    chest pounding and the TP will finally see reason before
    the fuse is lit – but I’m not so sure.

  5. Cargosquid

    95-105. Humidity is only around 80%

    A fine summer day.

    I grew up with 100+ and 100% humidity. I don’t understand why everyone is having problems. They just have to pretend that they’re on vacation in New Orleans.

  6. Channel 5 says that many First Manassas activities are cancelled for this afternoon because of the heat.

  7. Lafayette

    Big Dog-I thought you looked great. I tried to get a picture of you, but missed my chance. It was great afternoon in spite of the heat. We are ready for the parade and baseball game today in the CoM. 🙂

  8. @Big Dog

    I am not so sure either, Big Dog. Great worry over here about it.

    Too much of my income relies on things the TP types want to take away from me.

  9. @Cargo, I knew there was a reason that I never wanted to go there!!!!!

  10. Cargosquid

    Well, the Democrats lied again. This is my shocked face.

    Many Democrat Senators paid lip service to a balanced budget in years gone by. But they voted party line to defeat it when they actually had to put their money where their mouth is.

    If we can’t cut spending now, when can we get this budget under…oh, wait..that’s right. The Democrats have failed, nay, refused to do their Constitutional duty, and submit a budget. For over two years.

    Any yet, there are people that still listen to what they have to say….. sad, really.

    1. A balanced budget amendment is a really BAD idea.

      When you say ‘the democrats’ exactly who do you mean? Is there a giant Democrat out there who speaks for all?

      God, hate must consume a lot of energy.

  11. punchak


    The guys are running scared! Dirty pool IMHO.

  12. punchak

    I remember them good ol’ days in San Francisco. Today’s temp is abt 66, humidity 67.
    The wonderful fog rolling in through the Golden Gate keeps the city naturally airconditioned.

    Tourists come there without jackets and freeze when the wind hits them around the street corner.

  13. Cargosquid

    Was I unclear?

    The democrats that PREVIOUSLY had supported the idea of balancing a budget did not vote for a balanced budget amendment. Their true colors came through. They were lying then. No democrats voted for the bill.

  14. Cargosquid

    Oh, and Moon,

    Why do insult me by ascribing hatred as my motive? Cannot my motive be a principled belief in smaller government, a need for honesty in politicians, and more freedom?

  15. punchak

    Horrible bomb attack in Oslo, Norway plus fatal shootings at a youth camp.

  16. Cargosquid

    The shooter is described as a blond man. Muslim jihadists are taking credit.

  17. Pat.Herve


    I would not vote for a BBA – although I would want a balanced budget, reduced spending, and tax reform – I would not want to restrict the ability to go off budget if needed. Why do we need an amendment for 536 elected officials to do their job – it is POLITCAL GRANDSTANDING – is all it is.

  18. Big Dog

    Thanks Lafayette, folks seemed to enjoy the Peace Jubilee – despite the heat.

  19. Pat.Herve

    Great – Boehner is not going to negotiate with Obama to raise the debt ceiling. So, I guess Boehner thinks that there is no room at all for tax reform – that every loophole enacted (on purpose or inadvertently) is warranted. We suffer, not them.

    1. I am just getting angrier and angrier over this. They just need to raise the debt ceiling and worry about the other stuff later. Negotiate it like a budget after we aren’t in danger of default and downgrade of bond rating.

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