Murdoch gets rescued by his wife

Rupert Murdoch interrupted, was humbled, had someone attempt to throw a pie in his face and got saved by his 42 year old wife.  Murdoch is 80.  Apparently he slept through some of the hearings.  I don’t blame him.  So did I. 

Jon Stewart was all over this one.  Amazingly enough, he picked up on the same things I did.  This has to be one of his funniest:


And let us not leave the Faux Friends and their ‘pile on’ out of the story:

Common reading at the White House? Now THAT was a pile on. No one knows pile ons like the Faux Friends. 

Florida Dust-up? She said, He said

She said:

“The gentleman from Florida. who represents thousands of Medicare beneficiaries, as do I, is supportive of this plan that would increase costs for Medicare beneficiaries, unbelievable from a Member from South Florida,” Wasserman Schultz said, saying the legislation “slashes Medicaid and critical investments essential to winning the future in favor of protecting tax breaks for Big Oil, millionaires, and companies who ship American jobs overseas.”

He said:

From: Z112 West, Allen
Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 04:48 PM
To: Wasserman Schultz, Debbie
Cc: McCarthy, Kevin; Blyth, Jonathan; Pelosi, Nancy; Cantor, Eric
Subject: Unprofessional and Inappropriate Sophomoric Behavior from Wasserman-Schultz

Look, Debbie, I understand that after I departed the House floor you directed your floor speech comments directly towards me. Let me make myself perfectly clear, you want a personal fight, I am happy to oblige. You are the most vile, unprofessional ,and despicable member of the US House of Representatives. If you have something to say to me, stop being a coward and say it to my face, otherwise, shut the heck up. Focus on your own congressional district!

I am bringing your actions today to our Majority Leader and Majority Whip and from this time forward, understand that I shall defend myself forthright against your heinous characterless behavior……which dates back to the disgusting protest you ordered at my campaign hqs, October 2010 in Deerfield Beach.

You have proven repeatedly that you are not a Lady, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me!

Steadfast and Loyal

Congressman Allen B West (R-FL

The she and he are Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, on the floor of the House and Allen West.  West seems to have gone way over the top.  He moved from a disagreement over policy to a very personal attack which included words like ‘vile,’ ‘unprofessional,’ and ‘despicable.’  It sounds to me like West is no gentleman. 

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Cut, Cap and Balance or Duck, Dodge and Dismantle

The Tea Party backed “Cut, Cap and Balance” fiscal plan has passed the House by  234 to 190, on a largely partisan vote, but has no chance of becoming law.   The bill will probably not pass the Senate and the President has promised to veto it.  According to Huffington Post:

Five Democrats, including Reps. Jim Cooper (Tenn.), Health Shuler (N.C.) and Dan Boren (Okla.), sided with Republicans in passing the measure. Nine Republicans opposed the bill, including Tea Party favorite and GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). In a statement issued after the vote, Bachmann said the bill “does not go far enough” and should have included provisions to defund health care reform.

Other Republican defectors included Reps. Walter Jones (N.C.), Francisco Canseco (Texas), Scott DesJarlais (Tenn.), Connie Mack (Fla.) and Ron Paul (Texas). Paul said he has never voted for a debt ceiling increase and never will. In addition, he took issue with Republicans for not including defense cuts in the mix of discretionary cuts.

“All spending must be deemed discretionary and reexamined by Congress each year,” Paul said in a statement. “To allow otherwise is pure cowardice.”

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