Open Thread……………………………………..Friday, July 22


                                                                             The Cavalry joins the parade


It is still sweltering and the Sesquicentennial is going full blast.  Mr. Howler had to go up to Prince William Hospital and he said this evening there was a fleet of ambulances bringing in the war wounded…from the heat.  Many of the friends are in period dress.  I asked him if Robert E. Lee was up there and he said, no, he wasn’t at first Manassas.  Geez!  So much for my attempt at humor.  

JEB, Jackson and Mosby are all asleep still and enjoying the AC. 


McDonnell gets a reality check on the debt ceiling

Rachel Maddow has given us a little history on Bob McDonnell’s tenure in Virginia and how he has gravitated towards the centrist position on raising the debt ceiling:

 It isn’t so much that McDonnell is a centrist. It is that he got kicked in the teeth with the reality of what will happen to Virginia should August 2 happen without legislation. 

Are you prepared for Virginia, with its pride in fiscal responsibility, to be one of the first off the cliff and lose its Triple A bond rating?  I, for one, am not. 

Tea-jaddists are not winning the war of words with anyone but their base and I hear that is getting a little shakey.  There is a certain arrogance in assuming that one knows all the answers to not just the US economy but also to the global economy. 

Dodd-Frank, a year later…and the debt ceiling

What’s to not like? This questions is usually answered as ‘job killer.’ I have been thinking about this ‘job killer’ on every street. I have been told that if income taxes go up just 1% on millionaires, it will kill jobs. Instead, I am supposed to like having the budget cuts on the backs of the middle class and on seniors with both medicare and social security.Read More