ABC Stores host tasting events

From the VA ABC website:

ABC Tasting Events

In keeping with our mission to provide excellent customer service, Virginia ABC is proud to present tasting events at store locations across the state, allowing customers to sample select products before making a purchase. Each sample is limited to ½ ounce of distilled spirits, with a maximum of three samples per person, or up to a total of five ounces of wine. Please check back each week for new event postings.

ABC projects that approximately 240 tasting events will be held each month at select store locations. During the first year of tasting events, more than 2,850 tasting were held at approximately 195 ABC store locations. Tastings are mainly held on Fridays and Saturdays.

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As required by law, a person must be 21 years of age to participate in an ABC store tasting or to purchase alcoholic beverages.

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McCain tells conservatives they are lying to America

According to The Plum Line at the Washington Post:

There are Republicans in both the House and Senate who are still pushing for another vote on the balanced budget amendment, even though “cut cap and balance,” which contains such an amendment, has already failed in the Senate. Tea Party GOP Senators such as Jim DeMint and Rand Paul are calling on colleagues to reject John Boehner’s proposal for a two-tiered debt ceiling increase, and are instead demanding another vote on “cut cap and balance.” Meanwhile, House conservatives such as Mike Pence are also urging another vote on a modified version of a balanced budget amendment.

To such conservatives, McCain offered a simple answer: You’re in fantasy-land, and you’re doing your constituents a disservice by perpetuating the falsehood that such a thing can ever happen.

“What is really amazing about this is that some members are believing that we can pass a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution in this body with its present representation — and that is foolish,” McCain said angrily. “That is worse than foolish. That is deceiving many of our constituents.” McCain went on to rip the idea as “bizarro.”

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