Corey Stewart begs for money


An email from Corey Stewart:

For the past couple of weeks, liberal DC politicians have been flirting with a national default and the prospect of a declining credit rating. With such an irresponsible approach to take care of the nation’s debt, we are fortunate that in Prince William County our AAA bond rating is stable.

Our AAA bond rating and steady financial outlook are a result of my willingness to make hard decisions and stick to my convictions.  In tough times we kept taxes low and reduced government spending while still making critical investments in our schools and roads.

These same DC Liberals that are spending our children’s future away are attempting to bring their reckless policies to Prince William County and we need your help to keep proven conservative leadership right where it belongs. Will you help us by donating $5, $10 or $20 to our campaign?

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McDonnell eyes Asian schools as a model for Virginia

Gov. McDonnell wants to make some changes to the Virginia educational system.  In particular, he has been impressed by what he has seen in Asian schools.   According to

Driven by what he’s seen of education programs in Asian countries and other parts of the world, McDonnell said Virginia needs to step up its efforts. Those nations, he said, have “phenomenal education systems training people in math and science and technology.”

“I want to raise the bar,” McDonnell said. “I’d like to have more competition. I’d like to have more charter schools, more college laboratory schools, and more virtual schools. I’d like to find ways to increase our teaching of important life skills, from financial literacy to civics to business, so young people will have a sense of the broader things that are going to make them good citizens,” he said.

More money for K-12 schools isn’t necessarily the way to achieve his goals, he said.

“I am suggesting we may want to look at the ways we allocate that (money for K-12) and put it more directly into instructional programs and less in non-instructional ones,” he said.

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