Thanks to Chris Pannell for the use of the black and white  pictures.  I saw some of this with my own two eyes.  Lake Jackson was also horribly impacted.  I had a friend lose her entire house on Old Lake Jackson Drive.  To those of you who came to the area after Agnes, nothing will ever be the same. 

The Flatbranch Project still is a work in progress–Westgate’s own version of never again would its residents have to be picked off of roof tops.  Much of the credit for the project being re-energized goes to Ed Wilbourn.  He is a former resident of the area although I am not sure if his family was there during Agnes. 

First of all, meet Hurricane Agnes:







Hurricane Agnes meets Manassas:

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3 Thoughts to “Hurricane Agnes 1972–UFB!”

  1. SlowpokeRodriguez

    Dude, are those bell-bottoms on Mr. Flatbranch? That’s AWESOME!! I remember fields flooded heading out of New Windsor, MD. I have never since (and that’s my WHOLE life) seen anything like it.

  2. You just missed the good times, pokie. Those were the days. You would have had a person on TV you could relate to. :mrgreen:

    All of us looked like that….even Toddler Chris who wore bell bottoms for toddlers.

  3. Chris

    A friend of mine spotted him and his big sister in the picture on Todd Pl. My sister was a teenager then. I definately wore bellbottoms, but they were polyester made by mom and/or grandmother. Then add to the fact I was trying to patch ’em up when they didn’t it, so I could look like the hippies with their patches. I still remember looking out our back window while sitting on the kitchen counter. I also, had a pair of go-go boots. OMG!

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