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  1. SlowpokeRodriguez

    Soooo, how’s the Obama-economy treating everyone’s portfolios these days 🙂

  2. Big Dog


    Give him hell Frank!!

    I’m proud you are my congressman.

  3. Ray Beverage

    Big Dog :http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1011/65104.html
    Give him hell Frank!!
    I’m proud you are my congressman.

    Frank Wolf sometimes makes me a bit flustered with his actions, but this one – drive on, Congressman Wolf!!! Rip some!!!

  4. cargsosquid


    Want to know why there are no jobs? Because the ones in charge believe this:

    “You don’t have some inherent right just to– you know, get a certain amount of profit.”
    – Barack Obama

    And, of course, HE’s the one that knows what’s fair.

    Here’s some other lines…..some outright lies…some idiotic. Infrastructure? What was that FIRST stimulus for?

    “Well, I don’t think they’re better off than they were four years ago. They’re not better off than they were before Lehman’s collapse, before the financial crisis– before this extraordinary recession we’re going through. I think that– what we’ve seen is that we’ve been able to make steady progress to stabilize the economy. ” (According to him, the recession ended already…..or did it? And what stabilization?)

    “And the American Jobs Act,…..Because what I’ve done is put forward what economists say can increase our growth by close to two percent and put 1.9 million people– ultimately back to work. ” (The same economists that said the same thing about the other stimulus bill? 8% unemployment, saved or created jobs, etc….1.9 million….really?)

    “GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: As you might have heard in the last hour, the Republican leader in the house, Eric Cantor, said he’s not going to schedule a clean bill– this all or nothing approach, he said, is unreasonable.

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, look, what he needs to do is to tell us what exactly he’s for.” (Ummmm, he already has. There are bills already in the House. Maybe the President should worry about SENATE DEMOCRATS sponsoring the bill before worrying about Cantor.)

    “….the American people are gonna have the say about where we want to go, you know? They’re going to have a decision to make. And they’re going to say to themselves, “You know what? President Obama wanted to reduce the deficit by not only cutting spending, as he’s already done,…” (BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA hahahhahaha whhhhoooooo….. as he’s already done? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!)

    “but also by making sure that– the most fortunate in our society are paying their fair share. That we’re closing corporate loopholes that small businesses don’t get” (Really? $200,000 income is rich? And two words. G. E.)

    GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: You might have a new issue on your plate over the weekend. Bank of America now is doing a $5 service fee for using your debit cards. …..”These are the types of things government should get involved in and (put a stop to..” Can you put a stop to that? (the DEMOCRATS caused this with the DURBIN Amendment in Dodd-Frank. Oops. But let’s blame the fiduciary responsibility of earning a profit, instead, like a true socialist.)

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: “And so– Well– what– what the banks are saying is– that “Rather than take a little bit less of a profit. Rather than paying multimillion dollar bonuses. Let’s treat our customers right.” And this is exactly why we need this consumer finance– protection bureau…” (Customers can’t just, you know, change banks. Apparently its wrong for the banks to make a profit on card transactions and if they can’t charge the merchant, they’ll charge the customer. Good thing Dubin decided to help Wal-Mart and the Retailers Association out by getting that law passed helping the little guy…..)

    On Solyndra: “You really held it up then as a model for jobs and clean energy. Do you regret that?”

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: No, I don’t, because if you look at the overall portfolio of loan guarantees that have been provided– overall, it’s doing well….It went through the regular review process. And people felt like this was a good bet. (A GOOD BET?! WTF? We lost half a BILLION dollars. $500,000,000. And its gone. With NO explanation. The execs took the 5th. YOU WERE TOLD THAT IT SUCKED! And not to do it. Even that evil capitalist Bush refused to loan them money.)

    (Then he says stupid stuff about battery manufacturing and the cars of the future…..and how much other countries are spending on “green energy” without mentioning that in every case, THOSE countries are getting OUT of it. Btw…Chevy Volt…$41,000. New Lexus Sport $37,000. Just sayin…..)

    “And said that every single American deserves to be treated equally in the eyes of the law. Is that possible without legal gay marriage?” (Uh…uh…uh….LOOK! A SQUIRREL!)

    Thought I’d bring a little analysis to the latest interview for y’all since I’ve been gone so long.

  5. Second Alamo

    Unfortunately Cargo, it will not penetrate the great wall of Obama. His supporters, although few in number, will tell you green is orange with a perfectly straight face if Obama proclaims it so.

  6. Emma

    What I would like to understand is what is the threshold of waste and abuse that will get those supporters’ attention? It’s interesting to read out there so many of their comments waving away the Solyndra $500 mil because of what they feel were the excesses of the Bush administration. Exactly what figure would make them stop waving and feel just a little outrage? Or does it have to rise past the level of the Bush-years war spending to get them to care?

  7. @Second Alamo

    SA you only wish there were a few.


    I suggest you not vote for Obama if you don’t like him. You aren’t going to sell us.

  8. Where is Pokie? I want to talk geek with him about iphone 4s.

  9. cargsosquid

    Not trying to sell you.

    Just shedding more light on incompetence. Personally I hope he DOESN’T get primaried. He’s easier to beat than another Democrat that won’t be blamed for these failed policies.

    1. @Cargo, you only think that because you don’t hang out with moderates and liberals. Just who is it that you think can beat out Obama? First you have to have a candidate. You gotta sic Bachmann on Obama? Bwaaaaahahahahaha!!!

      And if you sic Romney on him, than all those who think Romney is a RINO will stay home.

      I wouldn’t be doing the victory lap yet.

  10. cargsosquid

    Btw, IF you WERE to vote for one of the Republicans, which would you like best? I predict Romney or Huntsman. And if Romney is the candidate, would you vote for him instead of Obama?

    1. @Cargo, if that was directed at me, re Romney the answer is yes. I like Romney and Huntsman the best out of those others. Would I vote for Romey rather than Obama? I seriously doubt it, for 2 reasons. I don’t like his new stand on the social issues and after what I saw happen over the debt ceiling,, I would probably stay home from the polls before I voted Republican. That business was absurd and childish. It was a goose cooker with me.

  11. cargsosquid

    Here’s a great site on a variety of political topics.


    Here’s a good one that Morris might like.


  12. Dan Cooper

    Hold on…. going to change my IP and come back as someone else soon.

    Being censored just for your views on a site that started because of “being censored just for your views” on another site and that is “A Place for Civil Debate: not your typical ideologue blog”…. just as long as you agree with what I say and have the same ideologue type views, isn’t working.

    See ya soon as ??????

  13. SlowpokeRodriguez

    So the kiddies are going to skip class to protest…hey professors! Can you spell “F”?

    1. Are we sure they are students? How many classes can they cut before an automatic F?

  14. Morris Davis

    Pew survey highlighting the civilian-military gap. One-half of one percent have served in uniform since 9/11. One in four of the general population say they pay attention to the decade-long wars we’ve been fighting.


  15. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    The idea is for the students to intentionally get up and leave during class and go out and protest over having to pay their student loans back.

    1. Well that sounds sort of silly of them. Surely there is more to their protest than that?

      They have not broadcast their message well.

  16. Cato the Elder

    Breaking: Steve Jobs R.I.P.

    Travel well Steve.

  17. marinm

    Cato, beat me to the punch. Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs. You were a great visionary capitalist.

  18. Cato the Elder

    Statement by Steve Jobs’ Family PALO ALTO, Calif. –(BUSINESS WIRE)– October 05, 2011 —
    Steve Jobs’ family today made the following statement regarding his death:

    Steve died peacefully today surrounded by his family.
    In his public life, Steve was known as a visionary; in his private life, he cherished his family. We are thankful to the many people who have shared their wishes and prayers during the last year of Steve’s illness; a website will be provided for those who wish to offer tributes and memories.
    We are grateful for the support and kindness of those who share our feelings for Steve. We know many of you will mourn with us, and we ask that you respect our privacy during our time of grief.

    Statement from the Board of Directors:

    We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today.
    Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.
    His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts

    1. There is Steve Jobs thread up now. Please put your comment there too.

      I feel like a huge chunk of humanity is missing.

  19. marinm


    Ok, I thought this was too funny not to share. +1 for the Wall Street people eating cake while the protest goes on.

    Only thing that could’ve been this even better would’ve been if they would’ve been throwing colored plastic beads down on them (and chocolate “gold” coins!)

    LOVE IT!

  20. Cindy B

    Genthner – Marshall debate.


    Sorry if this has already been posted.

    RIP Steve Jobs.

  21. Starryflights

    Sarah Palin says she will not run for president
    By CHARLES BABINGTON – Associated Press | AP – 3 hrs ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Wednesday she will not run for president, leaving little doubt that the eventual Republican nominee will come from the current field of contenders.

    After months of leaving her fans guessing, Palin said in a statement that she and her husband Todd “devote ourselves to God, family and country.” She said her decision maintains that order.



  22. Morris Davis

    Article from Stars & Stripes:

    Tomorrow marks the 10th year since the start of the Afghanistan War. The Iraq War began two and half years later. In that time more than 2.2 million troops have deployed to a war zone – 42 percent of whom have gone at least twice.

    Here’s how some of the impact of a decade of war shakes out by the numbers as of September, according to VA and DoD data compiled by Veterans for Common Sense through a series of Freedom of Information Act requests.

    – 6,211 dead

    – 45,889 wounded in action

    – 367,749 veterans with a mental health condition

    – 1,442,987 million veterans eligible for VA healthcare, but only about half have been treated.

    – 9,700 new patients at the VA each month, on average

    – 624,266 veterans who have filed a disability claim

    – 107,718 veterans with an approved PTSD claim, about 17 percent of total claims

    – 2,293 active-duty suicides since January 2001, including 298 war-zone suicides

    The veterans group estimates that by Dec. 31, 2013 – a year before all combat forces will be pulled out of Afghanistan — there will be almost a million new veteran claims at the VA.

  23. cargsosquid

    If you know a vet, make sure that he knows to REGISTER with the VA. Even if they got out long ago.

  24. Starryflights

    42% of Democrats agree with Occupy Wall Street (77% of Republicans do)
    October 6, 2011 by Don Surber

    UPDATE: Rasmussen has released more polling data this morning that shows that Republicans are even harsher critics of Wall Street than the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

    77% of Republicans say it was a “Bad Idea To Provide Bailout Funding to Banks And other Financial Institutions.”

    Only 42% of Democrats agree.

    Isn’t that the whole reason (well, stated reason) for this Astroturfed uprising?

    Among investors, 72% agree that “Most of the Bailout Money Go To The People Who Created the Economic Crisis.”

    Only 63% of the non-investors do.

    In other words, the protest of the Tea Party crowd is closer to the occupiers than those phonies in the media and in the Obama administration who defend and promote this protest. Kick back and watch the liberals hoist themselves on this petard.


  25. Rick Bentley

    “Or does it have to rise past the level of the Bush-years war spending to get them to care?”

    Bush probably did help to innure the public to waste, deficit spending, recklessness, and incompetance.

    So … now we know that we can each be executed if and when a secret panel decides so, with no judge or jury trial? Does this bother anyone else?

  26. Cargosquid

    @Rick Bentley
    You beat me to it.


    “n an ironic turn, Obama, who ran for president denouncing predecessor George W. Bush’s expansive use of executive power in his “war on terrorism,” is being attacked in some quarters for using similar tactics. They include secret legal justifications and undisclosed intelligence assessments.”

    So….is the HOPE or the CHANGE?

  27. Cargosquid

    Oops. Is this the HOPE or the CHANGE?

    Fixed it. Read, edit, THEN submit.

  28. Cargosquid

    Did the gravatars die? Mine looks like a reject from the SPACE INVADERS game. Though the pink is very becoming.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…..

    1. Spell your email correctly for it to link to your original gravitar.

  29. punchak

    @Cato the Elder

    Yea, after we die, we are faultless.

    I’d love to be at my own memorial service, should there be such, so I could
    hear how great I was in life.

  30. @punchak, and who is to say you won’t be….?

  31. Cargosquid

    Spell check my email…Hmmm…I see other gravatars acting up too.

    Aha! email spelled wrong. At least, though, the site remembered me this time.


  32. Cargosquid

    Yay! I’m back in all my squiddly glory.

    Yes, I know its an octopus.

  33. Does anyone know someone who wants or needs a giveaway hospital bed in good condition?

    Who takes this sort of thing? My friend’s aunt died and it seems like this bed would be a good giveaway.

  34. Pat.Herve

    Can we somehow get rid of the notion that a high income earner is a job creator? Sure, some high income earners are job creators, but so are some lower income people too. Those small business owners often do not make large salaries, as the income from there small business is plowed right back into the business. Also, when you look at many companies, the very highly/overly paid CEO is often laying people off, instead of creating those jobs.

    1. Totally agree Pat. That term ‘job creator’ is just BS to protect the 1-2% of the wealthiest.

  35. Cargosquid

    So, how much of their income or assets should be taxed?

    50%? 60%? 90%? Should there be tax shelters like in the 50’s and 60’s?

    How would higher taxes help, when the President wants to add billions to the deficit right after we had a huge fight trying to figure out how to CUT the deficit?

    Higher taxes do not pay for ANYTHING if we keep ADDING to the spending. So, lets cut spending FIRST, THEN we can talk about raising taxes to actually PAY for something. Because everytime we try to “raise revenue” we add more spending programs on top of the programs that tax increase was created to pay for.

    And since we can’t just tax the non-job creators, we WILL tax the job creators. If Buffett or Obama feels that the rich need to pay more taxes, let them go first. They are both rich. They can cut a check…oh, wait. Buffett has been fighting a $1 billion tax bill for years. Why hasn’t he paid that? He can afford it. Heck, he can afford it out of his personal fortune.

    If we MUST have an income tax…. low FLAT tax, no exemptions. Start taxing all income over a poverty level.

  36. How about just going back to the Clinton taxation brackets for the upper 2%? Seems fair to me. I think 50% is way too much.

    There are also some other tax tweaks that could be done. Mortgage deductions over a million could also be discontinued. Capital gains over a million could be considered differently also.

    Hedge funders could have to follow the same tax codes that mutual funders have to go by.

  37. PS I dont even look when I see the words ‘Buffett’ and ‘cut a check.’ Don’t be absurd.

  38. Cargosquid

    Actually, I don’t have a problem with your ideas on taxes if we FIRST cut spending. Otherwise, any tax increases are wasted and will be used for increased spending.

    Why don’t you look when Buffett and cut a check are mentioned. He is in a fight with the IRS right now for taxes. He’s fighting tooth and nail. He’s a hypocrite. He uses the tax laws to increase his business. He loves the inheritance taxes. A large amount of his business is insuring rich people to cover those taxes and he has acquired business that had been privately owned but couldn’t pay those taxes without liquidating the business.

    He’s brilliant. But he’s a hypocrite. And now he’s walked back the Buffett plan by stating that he was only talking about the “hyper rich” with 10 million in assets/income.

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